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  • 1. Company Overview An enterprise class business intelligence platform delivering real time analytics and complete monetization solution for games and apps
  • 2. Analytics is Evolving Analytics 1.0 was about viewing data and figuring out what happened…. .. and then revising the app and see if what you did retained users and made money.
  • 3. Analytics is Evolving 101101010 101101010 101101010 101101010 101101010 101101010 101101010 101101010 101101010 Analytics 2.0 is about providing actionable data from a number of sources… …and engaging users automatically and letting the platform do the work!
  • 4. We Do More Than Just Collect Data Enterprise level business intelligence. Streaming live data shows all metrics in real time No waiting for processing like some other providers Collect hundreds of data sources automatically all in one platform Unlimited push notifications to drive user retention and engagement A complete monetization solution for games and apps. Flurry, iTunes, Google Play, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Chartboost, HasOffer s, Mixpanel, Site Catalyst, Oracle and many more Schedule individualized notifications based on behavior 120+ ad demand partners and networks Localized messages in any language 85% revenue share is highest in industry One SDK Unlimited custom events No need to pull data from multiple dashboards saves time and money Use push to drive organic user installs and purchases for free Track user LTV by ad channel
  • 5. We Automate and Simplify Collecting Big Data Mobile App (iOS, Android) Apmetrix Cloud Alerts, Automated Reporting
  • 6. Example Reports • Easy to Use Dashboard • Executive Summaries • Retention and Sessions • App Store Revenues • Social Media vs. Revenues • Revenues vs. Levels Comp
  • 7. Example Reports • User and Device Demographics • Virtual Economy Flow • User Acq. Campaigns By Vendor • Display Ad Revenues By Vendor • In-app purchases and conversions • Unlimited Custom Events
  • 8. Automated Messaging & Rewards GOAL: Show a list of all the users who have reached level 5, spent no money and are about to drop off forever ACTION: Automatically send a message inviting them back to play and re-engage with the app BattleBots This weekend only buy BattleBots for 50% Off!  Users receive relevant messages due to analytics proactively monitoring Message Received! Sent  Send offers to buy as part of notification messages delivering organic installs at no extra cost
  • 9. Segmentation and Funnels Real-time funnel tool allows for the ability to drill down and easily define user segments such as minnows, dolphins, whales etc... Send customized push notifications immediately or on a set schedule Message all current users or just new users when they exhibit this specific behavior.
  • 10. Installation is Easy What used to take 5 hours can now be done in 5 minutes. Basic integration is 1 line of code. 90% telemetry achieved immediately
  • 11. Ad Exchange
  • 12. Typical Ad Network Model …if it can’t then it offers it up to other networks and affiliates, cutting a deal More Ad Networks Advertisers / Trading Desks • • • • • Demand Side Platforms Networks need to maintain lots of partnerships. The more networks, the longer it takes to serve ads Difficult to get the best price. Networks have to guess which one is best. Lack of transparency to publisher. Little or no control over ad quality. Lots of commissions unnecessarily paid. Publishers net 50%-70% Ad Network (25-40%) Ad network tries to match inventory with advertiser... Publisher/Developer Game/app provides inventory to ad networks
  • 13. Ad Exchange Model Ad Networks All advertisers and networks receive data about user/app and bid in real time Advertisers / Trading Desks Publishers net 85% Game/app notifies exchange that ad unit is available for bidding Demand Side Platform Publisher/Developer Winning bid notifies network and sends content to app. in ~3/100th of a sec.
  • 14. Apmetrix Ad Exchange RTB AD EXCHANGE Super auction w/ 120+ advertisers, networks and demand partners all bidding in real time 85% PAYOUT We are the only exchange that offers this (other networks pay 50%-70%) ONE SDK Only one SDK is required for all advertising and demand partners HIGHER eCPM’S Publishers receive significantly higher eCPM’s due to many demand partners bidding on inventory
  • 15. Apmetrix Ad Exchange AD FORMATS All supported including video, interstitial, full screen and thumbnail banners. PLATFORMS All major ones supported; iOS, Android, WP7, Corona, Unity, Blackberry, J 2ME, Symbian HYBRID MEDIATION Full control over all ad partners (manual or automatic optimization) using slide controls IMMEDIATE RESULTS Full transparency, which ad networks deliver the best results
  • 16. Effective User Acquisition TARGET SPECIFIC MOBILE USERS Lots of inventory available. Serving over 20 billion ad requests each month Marketing managers can target specific types of users effectively by choosing from over 130 categories of games and apps as well as geo loc, zip codes, countries and platforms. Upload creative ads in many formats. PAY ONLY WHEN THERE’S A MATCH No wasted money spent on low converting traffic. Ads are only served when the profile is matched with bid. AdTruth Certified IMMEDIATE RESULTS Full transparency on which ad networks deliver the best user traffic to game/app, get data in seconds, not hours or days. Shut off bad traffic.
  • 17. A Few Ad Agency & Demand Partners 120+ AD PARTNERS New agencies and networks are being added as RTB is the next generation in mobile ad monetization
  • 18. Pricing FLEXIBLE PRICING MODEL Our success is tied to our clients, pricing auto adjusts every 30 days NO CONTRACTS No quarterly or annual agreements unless we provide tools for FREE BASED ON UNIQUE USERS Pricing is based on total no. of unique users, NOT per event as this adds up fast and discourages data collection
  • 19. How we Stack Up FEATURES Collect basic analytics and custom events Show real time ARPU and key metrics iOS and Android native apps to view real time data Unlimited push notifications and scheduling of messages with reporting Social collaboration module for sharing reports across studios and users Collect data from any third party source Custom Excel add-in to seamlessly download and upload data Fully customizable interface and dashboard for unlimited report variations Integrated Advertising RTB Exch – 126 partners RTB Exch - 20 partners Number of Languages Supported Avg. Monthly Cost for 500k Users 1 $0 1 $7,500 1 $5,000 8 $999
  • 20. Summary CROSS PLATFORM AD EXCHANGE Automatically collects data from anywhere, fully customizable, no programming required Fully integrated, RTB exchange, access to 120+ networks with one SDK, keep 85% of all revenue, robust user acquisition targeting CUSTOM FUNNELS Easily segment users based on their behavior, create custom segments and query’s PUSH NOTIFICATIONS FAIR BUSINESS MODEL We are only successful when publishers are, significantly less expensive than other high end analytics solutions Built-in unlimited messaging, engage user segments (current and future) automatically.
  • 21. How Can We Help? VIEW PLATFORM View the live platform demo anytime at apmetrix.com SCHEDULE A DEMO Schedule a demo with one of our client support engineers at support@apmetrix.com SIGNUP FOR FREE No charge for basic account for companies with under 100k monthly unique users