Vyra Launch- Case solution submitted by CS Gang from IIM Indore


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Case solution: Vyra Launch submitted by Roopali Chug and Sumeet Gaikwad from IIM Indore

The Case Study:

About Vyra:

Vyra Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an IT start up based out of Bangalore, India; Vyra has developed a new age mini browser for mobile phones, as it sees a great potential in its relevance in coming 5 years. Vyra has a team of 5 geeks working on it and they are planning to launch the browser in the next 2 months.To promote Vyra, they need to hire a digital agency to help them in launching their product on social media channels.

Vyra wants their mini browser to become a hit amongst the age group 20-45 and hence want a digital marketing strategy targeting the same! Vyra would be available on every famous app store like iTunes, Google Play and Windows!

Salient Features of Vyra:

The New Age Mini Browser for Mobile Phone
- The developers chose to make this browser available only in one format – Java MIDP 2.1 – as it
is compatible with every modern cell phone.
- Full text select and find text function just like desktop browsers.
- Tabbed browsing with thumbnail images and page zoom
- Download function to help users download files from the phone,
- Email service which supports many online email mailboxes and different types of attachment
- Feed Service which you can sync with your Facebook account, giving you relevant news all day
long from across the web.

The Assignment:

Vyra Technologies wants to create online conversations around “Vyra” by engaging relevant people in order to create familiarity for the product. They want a marketing campaign which will correctly position Vyra in their niche thereby challenging rivals like Opera Mini, UCWEB etc.

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Vyra Launch- Case solution submitted by CS Gang from IIM Indore

  2. 2. VYRA –Mini Browser  About Vyra   They foresee a huge potential in their newly developed Vyra mobile mini brwoser post 5 years  The company wishes to develop a digital marketing strategy to challenge the major competitors in the market namely opera mini, Safari etc, and position it self as a youth brand   Vyra Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an IT startup based out of Banglore, India They basically want to target students and tech professionals in the age group of 2045 Problem Statement  Developing a social media mareting strategy taregting the target audience  Increasing the brand awareness amongst the target group  Increasing the number of downloads to 10000 thereby grabbing market share
  3. 3. Market Potential of Mobile Web Browsers in India Mobile internet penetration is presently 7.5 % and is expected to increase at a very high rate that poses a very bright future for mobile web browsers as per the projected sales . In urban areas, the only mobile internet users lie in the age group of 25 years. The prime purpose of segment is entertainment and information search Market Potential Total Indian Population 1210 mn % Population in the TG(20-45) 36.3 Number of Internet users in India Mobile users(urban + rural) 904 mn Mobile internet users(June‟13)+tablet users(Dec „12) 91 mn+6mn Mobile internet users in the age group (20-45)* 35.21 mn** Internet users in urban 71 mn(25.56 mn belong to the TG) Internet users in rural areas 20 mn(7.2mn belong to the TG) Due to high costs CAGR of mobile internet users 47% associated with the Forecasted Number of mobile internet 624 mn purchase of PC, the users(Jun‟18)*** rural penetration of Number of mobile internet users in the TG **** 224 mn mobile internet users is *Assuming mobile internet users are proportionally spread as the demographics of India also expected to **Mobile users in the age group(20-45)=36.3*91 mn increase. ***Forecast =91*(1+.47)*(1+.47) ****Assuming a similar demographic dividend as now Source :IAMIA report’13
  4. 4. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths Weaknesses A wide range of integrated and builtin services Can run on variety of mobiles. Potential market of 59.53Mn customers. Includes News feed service, Email service , browsing and download. website content remain static for several years Continuous new innovations owing to high competition Late entrant in the industry SWOT analysis OF “Vyra” Opportunities More integrated offerings and services Increasing usage of Mobile phone internet Acquiring integrations or partnerships with software companies(app/app stores) ,internet service providers, handset Threats New entrant as compared to operamini , UCWEB ,Safari, Android browseretc. Newly emerging competitive web browsers as the entry barrier is low due to low capital cost involved Malicious threats leading to browser
  5. 5. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Segmentation • Segmentation is based on demographics as well as behavioral • As per the analysis, 35.21 mn users use internet on phone and tablets. Urban India forms 77% of the mobile internet usage • Also, only mobile internet users generally fall under the age of 25 years Targeting • India has 70Mn smart phone users, Out of which 24.32 Mn users are in age group of 20-45. Thus, There are 35.22 Mn users using non-smart phones. • Non-smart phone users don‟t have special browsing software in their phones.ost of the Smart phone browsers don‟t function on such phones. Java MIDP2.1 based browser will support all types of phones. Thus, 35.22Mn non-Smart phone users will be our prime target segment. • Also, 24.32 Mn smart phone users are representing attractive target segment POSITIONING Vyra” can be positioned as a efficient web browser compatible with every phone model. It can also be positioned as advanced web browser. • TAGLINE •INNOVATION IN THE WORLD OF WEB BROWSER • USP •MOST ADVANCED WEB BROWSER • POSITIONING STATEMENT •TO 20-45 TECH PROFFESIONALS AND STUDENTS,VYRA IS THE MOSTADVANCED MOBILE WEB BROWSER AS IT HAS JAVA MDIP 2.1 SEGMENTATION,TARGETING,POSITIONING
  6. 6. PLAN OF ACTION FOR RESEARCH  After STP , we will carry out research to understand detail knowledge about the targeted segment  Top m-tailing( Facebook, twitter, you tube etc.) players by mobile web visitors  Analysis of current web browser user activities( social networking, travel booking, eshopping etc.)  Statistical study of geographical distribution of mobile phone internet user in India( this will help in deciding marketing plan of action)  Research on high web-usage hours( This will help to understand high traffic time period, so that precautionary measures will be taken to avoid breakdown due to heavy web usage traffic).  Behavioral analysis of web browser users  Survey of customers professions and education to understand web usage area(political, social, entertainment etc.), this will help us to design web browsers to support such websites.
  7. 7. Snapshot of India on Social Media Facebook is majorly used by viewers for sharing photos and viewing and playing games.30% of Facebook users in India are mobileonly Internet users and 30% of new registrations are coming through mobile(2012) YouTube is used for viewing videos ( educational as well as entertainment).It offers to reach audience in a engaging way providing a platform for significant brand interaction and awareness building .A typical Indian watches 5.1 hours of videos /viewer as compared to 18 hours in UK Twitter is mainly utilized as a blogging and information sharing platform Youtube 54 mn 44% Facebook 114.8 mn 7.11% Social Media Users in India Pinterest 8.12 mn Google + 20mn Twitter 33mn 19.41% LinkedI n 20.12 2.02% India presently has 78 mn social users in urban india(Jun 2013) as per IAMAI,and IMRB international and with CAGR of 17% it expected to reach 91 mn on account of rising internet penetration LinkedIn is used for research, blogging and finding people and people primarily form professional relationships on LinkedIn. LinkedIn ranks India among its top 4 growth markets for mobile usage Google+ is primarily used as a social network where one finds friends and share photos
  8. 8. Age Demographics of Social Media Users 14.90892 55+ 7 9 7 10.5 11 facebook 14.6 twitter 4554 12 17 11 15 google+ 25 Age profile linkedin facebook 3544 18 27 15 24.8 23.1 80.36 twitter 28 google+ linkedin 2634 23 1825 29 1317 30 35 31.2 28 pinterest 11 4 9 0 3 13 23 18.1 6 Fig1: Age Demographics of Social Networking Users ( in %- # of Users in age profile(18-44) using various social media channels (in million 2012-derived from Fig-1) Demographics with age profile 18-44 form the major segment of social media users and maximum number of users (with age profile 18-54 ) use face book followed by LinkedIn.
  9. 9. Mix of Social Media Channels    Keeping in mind the target audience i.e. students and tech professionals, following social media channels can be focused based on the type of marketing : B2B or B2C B2B  Web browser can reach the end customers by tie ups with the mobile/tablet handsets , play stores and apps .thus , LinkedIn and Twitter are the best platforms for sharing information and giving reviews about the web browser .  Twitter could be specifically used with its hash tag for running engaging campaigns and compelling the target group to discuss and promote its usage  Since LinkedIn captures significantly the target audience we are looking for, it can be a good platform for marketing the web browser.  By improving the Search engine optimization opportunities , it will easier reaching B2B customers B2C  Image Sharing : Viral image campaigns can be run through Facebook leveraging the wide reach of the  Videos Sharing : YouTube along with Facebook can be used for running video sharing campaigns  Information Sharing : LinkedIn and Tweeter  Social Networks : Facebook is the best platform as generally people like what their friends like. Also, it allows one to make dedicated pages for the web browser
  10. 10. WHOM TO TALK FOR SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING  Mobile Phone Manufacturer  We have to target mobile phone manufacturers. Convincing and signing contract with them to install Vyra at the time of software installation. So that Vyra will be available as inbuilt web browser.  Social Media Players  Forming communities of Vyra on social media platforms, will help to interact with targeted customers effectively  App Stores  Tie up with app stores namely Google play, ITunes and Windows  Tie up with other apps so that the when one downloads the apps => download of the web browser  Others Tie ups  Tie-ups with restaurants like CCD, MCD other restaurants and cafes. Publicity of “Vyra” out side such restaurant will be useful  College events like Rendezvous IIT Delhi, Waves, BITS Goa, Mood Indigo IIT Bombay, CHAOS IIM A etc. will be an great opportunity to attract attention of youth towards Vyra.  To reach out to the rural customers and make them aware about “Vyra”, post office should be targeted. As this is the only place in rural India, where every person visits. Thus, eye-catching publicity at post offices will help to create presence among people
  11. 11. Conversations Engaging Your Audience      College festivals like Waves ,Mood Indigo provide a good platform where arranging a crowd pulling event is very easy task . We will show live demonstration of “Vyra” to students. This is a good opportunity to make youth aware about “Vyra” Social media communities can play a huge role in grabbing attention of social media users towards “Vyra”. Social media can be used as means of viral marketing. A message regarding Introduction of “Vyra” can be circulated instantly with Facebook, Twitter and You tube etc. Arranging live contest on such social media community pages can keep people engaging towards “Vyra”. Initial contract with mobile phone manufacturers to install “Vyra” browser can fetch monetary benefits to manufacturers. People in rural India have increased usage of mobile phones. Most of the phone models are of basic models. Publicity of “Vyra” outside of post offices and advertisement in local news papers can make people aware about the web browser which is compatible with basic mobile models. Information about such browser will increase interest of people in “Vyra”. A short time deal with CCDs, MCds , Barista cafes and other restaurants to get some place for publicity of “Vyra” can help to grab attention of people towards this browser.
  12. 12. Metrics to Measure Success of Social Media Campaigns  Twitter Analytics  With Twitter Analytics you can track timeline activity, including tweets that were favourite, retweeted, and replied to. The tool also tracks number of mentions, new followers and newly followed.  Number of times Vyra has been mentioned on the  Facebook Insights  The Facebook insights dashboard gives you all of the analytics data for your Facebook page. The insights allow you to understand your audience, what they are reacting to, and adjust your content to meet their needs.  Metrics includes the likes and shares and comments on the images, videos and how often the customers like the status updates of fan following pages  LinkedIn  Number of followers of the page and number of  YouTube   Number of views of the YouTube videos and number of repeat visits Downloads  Number of downloads of the browser from PC/apps/app stores