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Healthier Together Conference 6th march 2013

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Involve ne for case kent

  1. 1. Here’s Looking at You:The NHS and the VCS Lin O’Hara Involve North East 6 March 2013
  2. 2. NHS Reform: Winners and Losers in the Voluntary Sector‘The largest and most vibrant social enterprisesector in the world’? ‘No decision about me without me’: What do patients and health service users expect?? What do GPs think of the VCS in Newcastle?? What are the expectations (and experiences to date) of VCS providers in Newcastle?
  3. 3. Choice and Control Patients, Carers and the Public Delighted. Good to see doctors using local groups and charities I have used charities in the past and they have been very good If it was best for me, why not? And if it was quicker than an NHS service, all the better Great, as opposed to the private sector
  4. 4.  Great as long as they were not expecting the charity to do it free Disgusted because why should charities do the work of the NHS?! Charities are there to support, not provide treatment. The NHS shouldn’t pile responsibility on to volunteers
  5. 5. The view from the surgeryDo you think the VCS has a role to play in your practice? 83.9%Would you consider working with VCS organisations in the future? 87.1%Do you know enough about the VCS to be able to work with themnow? 6.5%Do you know how/where to find out more about the VCS in Newcastle? 25.8%
  6. 6. Past ExperienceHave you worked with VCS organisations in your practice? Number % Yes 17 54.8 No 12 38.7 Don’t know 2 6.5Did the practice pay? Number % Yes 7 28.0 No 15 60.0 Don’t know 3 12.0
  7. 7. Feedback• Excellent, brilliant, invaluable . . .• The practice and patients loved it. It’s a shame the funding ran out• Fine as far as I know, never heard much back• As far as we are aware, really goodWould you use them again?Yes 100%
  8. 8. How would you like to find out more about the VCS and what it can offer? Number of % of respondents respondentsOnline directory 20 39.0Leaflet in the post 12 23.0Face to face meeting 12 23.0‘Speed dating’ event 8 15.0Telephone call 0 0
  9. 9. Any other suggestions?• Information at Clinical Commissioning Group time out events• We hold short weekly education meetings in the Practice. And the consortium holds longer quarterly meetings. It would be useful to hear from organisations at those meetings• It would be good to arrange for voluntary organisations to come to our regular practice meetings. Three practices meet on Friday lunchtimes
  10. 10. The other side of the coin: VCS experiences
  11. 11. Participants• 31 organisations• 25 currently receiving PCT funding• Mixture of local, national, regional focus• 12 currently working with GP practices in Newcastle• None receiving payment from GP practices
  12. 12. Negotiations• We spoke at one of their regular sessions, and they were very enthusiastic – but then you come away and you don’t hear anything afterwards• Still in negotiations but it’s all dependent on funding!• A Practice Manager approached us, but although we were interested nothing developed from the GP side
  13. 13. For example . . .‘We were approached by a practice a few months ago andwe went out to talk to them and they were veryinterested . . .. . . but they didn’t have any money . . .. . . we could have worked together to put in a funding bidsomewhere. . . but then I’d have used one of my potential fundingsources for something that’s not essential to myorganisation.’
  14. 14. What could the NHS do?• Be clear about the outcomes needed – including ‘soft’ outcomes• Proportionate way to identify, evaluate and commission smaller providers• ‘Joined up’ processes and systems with City Council• Consider grant aid to replace some PCT funding
  15. 15. What could the VCS do?• ‘We should cost out the true cost of our services so they know, each time we have an intervention with a young person or an adult, how much the true cost is’• Report back on referrals: what was done, what its effect was, what resources were involved. Raise awareness• Work with GPs to develop a common template for describing organisations and their work and its impact
  16. 16. NESTANewcastle West CCG: One-year funding for socialprescribing project with VCS‘The CCG will continue to work with the voluntarysector through Newcastle CVS and Involve North Eastto further improve partnerships and e.g. to considerhow to take forward specific recommendations inrecently commissioned reports’
  17. 17. And finally . . .Don’t all rush at once . . .One stop shop: central, independent conduit forinformation between the voluntary andstatutory sectors
  18. 18. The reports “My Body, My Life”Views of patients, carers and the public in Newcastle upon Tyne “Time and People that we don’t have” Views of GPs in Newcastle upon Tyne Here’s Looking at You Reflections from the Voluntary and Community Sector NHS change: Winners and losers? Summary report