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Employment Branding Checklist For Success
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Employment Branding Checklist For Success


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This slideshow is a guide teaching you the difference between a good employment branding campaign and a bad one. With proper employment branding you can hire top quality employees while minimizing …

This slideshow is a guide teaching you the difference between a good employment branding campaign and a bad one. With proper employment branding you can hire top quality employees while minimizing your recruitment costs.

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  • 1. DRAB TO FAB: How To Create A Smokin’ Hot Employment Brand Checklist For Success Using LinkedIn Follow this guide to create a great employment branding campaign and hire top quality talent while minimizing recruitment costs
  • 4. EMPLOYMENT BRANDING 1.0 VS. 2.0 The 1.0 strategy is like playing checkers. The 2.0 technique is like playing Monopoly. Which one involves business? 2.0 ● Treat applicants like potential customers. ● Use social media (like LinkedIn) to find candidates. 1.0 ● Post openings on many job boards. ● Post the same jobs on your company website.
  • 6. Include a header image that catches the visitors’ eye. ● Bright colors draw attention; use different colors to evoke different moods. ● Action forces people to carefully examine what is happening in an image. ● People automatically make photos more interesting to us. We’re social creatures after all!
  • 7. Have a description of the company that shows how it makes a difference in the business world. ● Don’t use industry terms, because even when used correctly, they can sound stuffy. ● The best employees want their work to have a purpose. Show them yours. ● Use simple, clear language, and make it brief.
  • 8. Post status updates that teach visitors about the company, its news and the values it holds. ● Each update is a chance to show the world what your company is like. ● If you provide value in an update, you’ll earn the trust of your readers. ● Post regularly to stay on your followers’ minds & reach a larger portion of your audience.
  • 10. Add an intriguing image to engage job seekers. ● Most people are visual learners, so give them something stimulating to look at. ● Tell a story with your pictures. ● Sneak your logo into the image if you’d like.
  • 11. Include a title that shows how visitors would fit in well. ● Talk about the importance of great employees. ● Share the impact they can have on your company. ● Boil your company’s goals down to just a few words.
  • 12. Write a description that shows what the company does without using corporate jargon. ● Don’t give every detail you have. ● Share the details most important to your current employees. ● Chances are, they’re what’s important to potential employees.
  • 13. Use Strong visual elements (a video, slide deck or infographic). ● You can say much more with photos than text (and even more with videos than photos). ● Viewers are 144% more likely to buy from you after seeing a video. ● Why wouldn’t employees be the same way?
  • 15. Craft clear job postings, not fancy titles or descriptions. (No ninjas!) ● For LinkedIn to show your openings to the right people, you need to label things clearly. ● Play Family Feud with your descriptions. ● Make it easy to search, so great applicants can find you, and LinkedIn can find more great passive candidates!
  • 16. Make status updates that teach visitors about the company, its news and its values. ● We’re repeating this for a reason. ● Status updates are the building blocks of great branding. ● Don’t take 45 days to write ONE, but still take them seriously.
  • 17. Choose a title that is concise. ● If there is a commonly-used title for the job, use it! ● There’s nothing wrong with an, “Account Executive” opening. ● It’s much better than, “Sales Guru.”
  • 18. Produce a job description that is easy to read. ● Bullets and numbered sections are good. ● White space makes it even better. ● Easy to read = easy to consider applying!
  • 19. Craft an about this company section that explains the company’s strengths, purpose and goals. ● Mention how important employees are to your company’s success. ● Include some visual content (a photo, video, infographic or slide deck). ● As usual, telling a story is better than listing facts.
  • 20. Regular status updates are baaaaack… ● Pepper the jobs you have open in with your other updates. ● Be cognizant of when & how often you promote open jobs to get a good mix. ● Even if they like your company, followers won’t join your team if you don’t ask them to!
  • 22. Pick a catchy header image. ● There are fewer words allowed in a Showcase Page description. ● The image needs to be powerful. ● Like the other photos you have, use bright colors, action, and people.
  • 23. Show a description of the product/service you’re promoting. ● Use a brief description of the product/service that shows how it makes a difference in the business world. (You only have 200 characters or less. This bullet is 177 characters.) ● State the purpose of the showcase page as quickly as possible.
  • 24. Status updates are even more important for Showcase Pages! ● You thought that wasn’t possible, didn’t you? ● Treat your Showcase Page (and its updates) as a chapter in the “book” of your company’s LinkedIn pages. ● Make sure the updates shared here add up to a consistent story.
  • 25. CONTENT
  • 26. Select the content format carefully. ● Each content format has its own strengths and weaknesses. ● Videos are great for introductory info if they’re short. ● Whitepapers can provide lots of details in an organized manner. ● Quotes and photos are especially shareable.
  • 27. Make it easy to navigate from one piece of content to another. ● Connect every piece back to other content. ● If someone is reading introductory content, link to more of that, or link to what the next step might be. ● Don’t introduce yourself to someone then immediately ask them to apply.
  • 28. Talk about your employees and what they’re able to achieve with their teammates. ● Google chooses rock stars and makes them rock legends. ● Show how you treat your employees. ● The more genuine (or funnier), the better.
  • 29. Give evidence that your company is a thought- leader/value provider. ● If you create it, it may sound arrogant. ● If we create it, it is more credible by default. ● A major publication attracts major attention. ● We average more than 1 Million pageviews/month.
  • 30. Call for applications & referrals for your open jobs. ● Include your employees in the search to amplify your reach. ● LinkedIn’s forte is the strength of networks. ● Each person that encounters your brand has a network you may not have tapped yet!
  • 31. Employment Branding can reduce your hiring costs (especially if you’re currently using a recruiter), AND it doubles as great PR! Are you ready to get people like Mary and Paul interested in working for your company?
  • 32. CLICK NOW for a free Employment Branding consultation with us today by using the code “eebee101” at the link above. It’s normally $500! In the 30-minute consultation, we’ll discuss your current branding situation and suggest a course of action. We look forward to speaking with you!
  • 33. Thanks for attending today’s webinar! Got questions? Enter them in the chat box below or email us at Happy Branding!