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Our Career HMO is giving frustrated job seekers the inspiration, education, and connection they need to finally find career success and satisfaction in today's competitive market.

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  2. 2. CAREEREALISM Club Welcome What is a Career HMO? CAREEREALISM Club is a 24/7 on-line career center staffed by approved, proven career experts designed to give you instant advice and one-on-one support when you need it.
  3. 3. CAREEREALISM Club What we offer CAREEREALISM Club offers the 3 things every person needs to shorten their job search and advance their career.
  4. 4. CAREEREALISM Club Inspiration Number 1: Inspiration We offer 4 ways for you to interact with our professionals who will focus you on the right steps to achieving your goals. C-REAL-TV Forum Coffee Talk Private Chat
  5. 5. CAREEREALISM Club C-REAL-TV C-REAL-TV Participate in webinars presented by our experts on a wide range of career topics. Talk with an expert during a webinar. Live video and audio from an expert.
  6. 6. CAREEREALISM Club Forum Forum Post a question in our forum and have it answered by the expert community. Post your question here. Check back for responses.
  7. 7. CAREEREALISM Club Live chat sessions Coffee Talk Attend a live chat with an expert and get real-time feedback. Ask questions and get real-time answers.
  8. 8. CAREEREALISM Club Private chat Private Chat Set up a one-on-one appointment with an expert to discuss your situation privately. Schedule a meeting with an expert.
  9. 9. CAREEREALISM Club Education Number 2: Education No other career center has as much timely information and cutting-edge resources as we do! We research and bring to you only the most relevant materials to ensure you don't waste your time.
  10. 10. CAREEREALISM Club It’s easier with us Using videos and other on-line tools, we make it easy for you to find answers and stay on top of the best practices for job search and career development.
  11. 11. CAREEREALISM Club Career selection Career Selection Determine the best direction for your career.
  12. 12. CAREEREALISM Club Personal branding Personal Brand Build your personal brand to present yourself to employers.
  13. 13. CAREEREALISM Club Resume help Resume Design Create an up-to-date resume less than 1 hour.
  14. 14. CAREEREALISM Club Cover letter help Cover Letter Design Write killer cover letters that actually get read.
  15. 15. CAREEREALISM Club Interview prep Interview Prep Prepare for interviews to ensure you get the job offer.
  16. 16. CAREEREALISM Club Job search engine Job Search Engine Use our exclusive job search engine to find hidden job opportunities.
  17. 17. CAREEREALISM Club Research employers Company Research Research employers in less than 15 minutes.
  18. 18. CAREEREALISM Club Dress for success Dressing for Success You can prepare to make a great impression on your new employer.
  19. 19. CAREEREALISM Club Manage your boss Managing Your Boss Learn how to manage your boss and ask for a raise.
  20. 20. CAREEREALISM Club Resignation Giving Resignation Even learn the best way to resign!
  21. 21. CAREEREALISM Club Connection Number 3: Connection Managing our careers, especially a job search, can feel overwhelming and lonely. Ultimately, slowing down our ability to succeed. Being a member of our club will help you stay focused and positive so you can take action and get results. As we say at CAREEREALISM Club, "Nobody Should Job Search Alone!"
  22. 22. CAREEREALISM Club Team up Join Groups Join groups to get to know other members who are focused on the same goals.
  23. 23. CAREEREALISM Club Become friends Friend Others Invite members to connect with you directly to exchange ideas.
  24. 24. CAREEREALISM Club Talk with experts Expert Help Reach out to an expert when you’re feeling frustrated to get one-on-one feedback.
  25. 25. CAREEREALISM Club Get certified Plus, we offer a one-of-a-kind professional certification designed to attract and impress the best employers! CAREEREALISM University is a step-by-step course you complete at your own pace.
  26. 26. CAREEREALISM Club Simple to use Each module is easy to follow and complete on-line.
  27. 27. CAREEREALISM Club Become exclusive Once completed, you can earn your certification and display it proudly on your career materials for employers to see (i.e. resume, social media profiles). You will then be invited to join an exclusive LinkedIn Group of CAREEREALISM University graduates we promote to all the top employers. This lets them know you are highly employable and ready to maximize your professional success with them.
  28. 28. CAREEREALISM Club Laying it out Live Sessions with Career Experts = $389 Career e-Books = $58 Video Tutorials = $249 CAREEREALISM University = $299 Total = $995 To buy all our materials separately would cost too much!
  29. 29. CAREEREALISM Club You save money Joining CAREEREALISM Club offers the added benefit of cost savings. Just like a HMO or gym membership, the members share the cost of the program.
  30. 30. CAREEREALISM Club No risk Our Career HMO = Only $75 for Professionals Plus, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, there's no risk! Student discounts available with a valid .EDU e-mail. Corporate discounts available too. Contact [email_address] for more information. Note: All purchases are tax-deductible !
  31. 31. CAREEREALISM Club Sign-up today Get the inspiration , education and connection that will advance your career...FAST! Click here to sign-up and get started immediately.