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  1. 1. 4 Ways College Career Centers Can Do More with Less Ideas, Tools & Resources to Help You Succeed in 2012 Presented by J.T. O’Donnell
  2. 2. Today’s CollegeCareer Counselor • Unmotivated StudentsDeals With… • Undecided • Unemployed Alumni • Unexpected • Unaware Internal Staff • Under- appreciated
  3. 3. Today, We’ll Discuss…• Innovate Your Culture• Engaging Students• Job Search 2.0• Alumni Support
  4. 4. Innovate Your Culture
  5. 5. What Holds You Back?FundsResourcesAdministrationCo-workersStudents
  6. 6. Experiments NEVER Fail!• Innovate or die• It’s not for them… it’s for YOUR business-of- one• Think big, act small• Go from “liked” to “respected” – and respected pays TWICE as much
  7. 7. Once Upon a Time…. CINDERELLA SYNDROME: The belief being “nice” and “likeable” are what it takes to get recognized for your talent and to get what you want out of life. 7
  8. 8. 10 Years Later…CAREEREALISM.com CareerHMO.com
  9. 9. 3 Types of Leaders1. Reluctant2. Eager-to-Please3. RespectedQUESTION: Which one do you want to be? 9
  10. 10. RESPECTED… Pays TWICE as Much in Terms Of…• Engaged Workers & Administration• Exceeding Expectations• Increased Productivity• Showcase Ability to Lead• Proof of Promotability 10
  11. 11. Boiling Pot Theory
  12. 12. Pick 3 & Do ‘Em Well• Set a goal• Identify high-payoff activities• Schedule for consistency
  13. 13. Student Engagement
  14. 14. Today’s Student• Helicopter parents• Pop-behaviorism• No professional experience• Mis-guided understanding of career• Social ADD = lack of coping skills• Avoid 3Cs at all costs!!!
  15. 15. What’s Working…• Comprehensive self- assessment• Virtual coaching• Video tutorials• Incentive-based career planning• Career center internships
  16. 16. Interaction StyleEmpathizerEnergizerContemplatorCommander
  17. 17. Interaction Inventory• Which of your scores was higher between A and B?____• Which of your scores was higher between C and D?____ If your two highest scores are: A & C= Contemplator B & C= Commander A & D= Empathizer B & D= Energizer
  18. 18. TACTFUL TO-THE-POINT EMPATHIZERS ENERGIZERSWarm, tactful, avoids conflict. Like a slower Open, upbeat and outgoing. Enjoy a fast-environment that is relaxed and fun. Don’t paced environment and having fun. Like tomake rush decisions and use “gut” instinct share all information, especially “good news.”to guide the decision process. Like to share Can make quick decisions based on theirall information with others and prefer to “gut.” Always able to see the potential in EXPRESSIVEbuild friendly relationships to create and situations. Diffuse conflict with humor. Seemaintain harmonious environments. Prefer the “big picture” and share vision effectivelyteamwork over working alone. with others. Like working in teams. Enjoy competition. CONTEMPLATORS COMMANDERSCalm and reserved. Are tactful and cautious Serious and direct. Don’t share personalin sharing thoughts and feelings. Prefer thoughts and feelings often. Rely on fact andfacts and figures over “gut” instinct. Take experience, not emotion. Make decisions CONTROLLEDtime making decisions to ensure thorough quickly, don’t like to waste time. Multi-taskreview of all options. Don’t like sharing well and are good at forecasting futurepersonal life too extensively, prefer trends. High achievers with no nonsenseprofessional relationships over friendships style. Work well alone, or as team leaders.at work. Non-confrontational and prefer to Not afraid of conflict. Consistently achievework alone. their goals.
  19. 19. PROCRASTINATORS PUSHERS EMPATHIZERS ENERGIZERSBack down from conflict to avoid appearing Are passionate and will show emotion andpushy or insensitive. Will say whatever it conviction for what they believe is fair andtakes for conflict to be over. Won’t share just. Must be happy in order to makehurt or angry feelings with those who cause others happy. Speak up loudly and quicklythem. Instead, vent frustration to others. to let others know how they feel inCan give the impression of being all talk; no situations of disagreement. May say things PLEASERSaction. Been known to tell “white lies” and out of haste and emotion that are mean orcan be viewed as overly-dramatic. Also can hurtful. Can be seen as self-centered andbe perceived as gossipy. pushy when voicing personal dissatisfaction. CONTEMPLATORS COMMANDERSChoose to remove themselves from Are determined and forceful in order tosituations to alleviate conflict. Become get their way. Feel justified in “pushing”unresponsive and unavailable in stressful for their cause. Look for ways to takesituations to avoid unrest or control to ensure the outcome they PLANNERSdisappointment. Been known to frustrate desire. Are turned off by emotion inothers with their lack of urgency to resolve difficult situations, and can be seen asconflict. Use time as a way to have difficult insensitive in their pursuit for a quick andsituations pass over. Are sometimes viewed efficient resolution to conflict. Can beas too conservative. Can be interpreted as viewed as cold-hearted and selfish as theysnobby and indifferent. stop at nothing to get their way.
  20. 20. Job Search 2.0
  21. 21. FACT: You Need to Define & Promote Your Business-of-One 1. Stand out 2. Gain respect 3. Earn WOMP 4. Build up your brand’s value
  22. 22. America’s Career Crisis• 7 out of 10 Americans Are Unhappy with Work• Sensorial Assault 24/7• Professional Identity = Self Worth (a.k.a. Happiness Factor)
  23. 23. How Important is Professional Identity? (I can read your mind!)• What do you do? What do you do?• I am a ____________.• Did you pick someone with professional success?• FACT: No other society in the world puts as much emphasis on career success as we do.
  24. 24. UNIVERSAL Career Reality Taught… EVERY Job is Temporary!
  25. 25. Which one are you? Which One Are You?
  26. 26. And now? And Now?
  27. 27. AndNow!?!?!?! And now?!
  28. 28. Here’s What You Look Like to THEM! Here’s what they see!
  29. 29. Leverage & Showcase Your Irresistible Strengths! Be irresistible!
  30. 30. Marketing a ‘Business-of-One’1900’s = Brand Awareness 2000’s = Personal Branding• Features & Benefits • Strengths Assessment• Target Audience • Bucket List• Marketing Materials • Career Identity Materials• PR Strategy • PB Strategy
  31. 31. New Grad Job Search in 2011…• 25M Unemployed• 3M Just Like Me• 24% Recent Grads• 70% Lack Work Experience• 5 Job Apps in 6 Months
  32. 32. Job Search 2.0 = Personal Branding• Business-of-One Mindset• Interview Bucket List• Info Interview• Social Netiquette
  33. 33. Alumni Support
  34. 34. Alumni Today….• Unexpected Increase• Geographic Issues• Unrealistic Expectations• Different Objectives
  35. 35. CAREER LIFECYCLEBeginning End Middle Where are YOU?!
  36. 36. Middle• Same career, different job• Fine-tune personal brand• Need higher level of connections
  37. 37. Alternative Resources!• JobSpice.com• LinkUp.com• Alltop.com• Wordle.net• CAREEREALISM.com• CareerHMO.com
  38. 38. Questions?
  39. 39. Next Steps – Power of 3• 3 tools/resources you want to experiment with• 3 ways it will help your business-of-one• 3 things you can do immediately• 3 ways you’ll focus on respect of likability
  40. 40. FREE 20-Minute Consultation info@careerealism.com Thank you & best wishes!