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MoveRTK - The National Precision Standard
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MoveRTK - The National Precision Standard



Presentation given by Jean Paul Henry - 06-GPS at CAPIGI 2011 conference 4-6 April 2011.

Presentation given by Jean Paul Henry - 06-GPS at CAPIGI 2011 conference 4-6 April 2011.



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MoveRTK - The National Precision Standard MoveRTK - The National Precision Standard Presentation Transcript

  • MoveRTK The National Precision Standard Jean-Paul Henry Manager 06-GPS13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 1
  • Overview Presentation• Introduction MoveRTK• Explanation technique: Network RTK• Components and functioning• Benefits MoveRTK• Quality Management• Summary13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 2
  • Introduction MoveRTK13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 3
  • Introduction MoveRTK• GPS support in agriculture is important: – Efficiency and Productivity Necessary because of decreasing prices and increasing costs – Precision farming and Information management. Everything on the field is position related: planting, green mass, fertilization, work tracks, pest management resources. Parcels are no longer considered as one entity. – Assistance in complying to environmental protection rules13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 4
  • Introduction MoveRTK• MoveRTK is an initiative of a number of branch organisations: – ZLTO – LTO Noord – LLTB – Bouwend Nederland – CUMELA Nederland – COM13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 5
  • Introduction MoveRTK• GPS Network provider 06-GPS• Dutch KPN in cooperation with 06-GPS provides a SIM-card especially developed for MoveRTK13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 6
  • Introduction MoveRTK• LTO Nederland (Land- en Tuinbouw Organisatie) is the Dutch Federation of Agriculture and Horticulture, an entrepreneurial and employers’ organisation.• Representing almost 50.000 agricultural entrepreneurs, the cooperative arrangement of LTO Noord, ZLTO and LLTB - the three regional agricultural organisations in The Netherlands - works in support of their economic and social position.13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 7
  • Introduction MoveRTK• Bouwend Nederland (Dutch Construction and Infrastructure Federation) represents about 5.000 affiliated construction and infrastructure companies:• Highly professional trade association promoting the interests of member companies and providing them from support and advice.• Seeks to improve the image of this industry and to gain better recognition in wider society for a sector that is one of the socio- economic pillars of Dutch society.13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 8
  • Introduction MoveRTK• CUMELA Netherlands is a branche-association representing: – over 3.500 specialists in agricultural, horticultural and rural contracting, fertilizer distribution, in earthmoving and construction. – over 30.000 people are working for these companies – realizing an annual turnover of 3.9 billion Euros.• CUMELA Netherlands supports their management with tailormade business advice, industry specific insurances and up-to-date information through a website, newsletters and the monthly magazine Grondig.13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 9
  • Introduction MoveRTK• The Organisation of Mechanisation Companies (COM) is the branch organisation for the Mechanisation Companies in the agriculture and market gardening sector.• Mechanisation Companies: – trade in machinery and tools used in the agricultural or the green space sector; – offer services and do repair work; – 775 subscribed members: COM covers 90 to 95 per cent of all the mechanisation companies.13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 10
  • Introduction MoveRTK• 06-GPS is an independent, commercial provider of GNSS-data.• More than 8 year expertise in Network GNSS.• > 1000 registered users: – Governments (national, provincial, municipalities) – Engineering and surveying companies – Construction companies (road, rail, underground infrastructure) – Energy companies – Archaeologists, police, schools – Farmers13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 11
  • GNSS Satellites Reference Stations Network servers Professional support Communication Applications13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK
  • Introduction MoveRTK• Individual base stations less efficient• Situation in 2009: Network MoveRTK13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 13
  • Introduction MoveRTK• Branch organisations prefer standardised RTK correction signals – Most GPS-RTK users are using local GPS reference antennas. – Often brand depended, limited freedom in choice of equipment. – Many technical and economical disadvantages. – Branch should stimulate GPS guidance and precision farming quickly.• LTO, CUMELA and BN: – offer members a high quality standardised product for a low price. – stimulate use of GPS in agriculture and construction. – Competition over hardware, not over correction signal13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 14
  • Explanation technique: Network RTK13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 15
  • Explanation technique: Network RTK• Positioning of one single (“Stand-Alone”) GPS receiver in a GPS system• Accuracy GPS 5 – 10 m – Suitable for navigation (TomTom) – Not suitable for machine control• Maximal influence error sources13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 16
  • Explanation technique: Network RTK• Estimation total influence of error sources on a known position -> corrections• Send corrections to the rover• Apply corrections -> reduce influence error sources• Calculate accurate position WAAS/EGNOS < 1m Omnistar/Starfire dm RTK cm13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 17
  • Explanation technique: Network RTK “real” error error influence broadcast correction Distance depended error increases with larger distance distance GPS Reference GPS Rover13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 18
  • Explanation technique: Network RTK11-yearly Solarcycle:Ionosphericerrorslargestdisruptionfor GNSS http://solarscience.msfc.nasa.gov/images/ssn_predict_l.gif 13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 19
  • Explanation technique: Network RTK accuracy, reliability, availability good bad13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 20
  • Explanation technique: Network RTK accuracy, reliability, availability good bad13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 21
  • Components and functioning13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 22
  • Components and functioning• Next to the MoveRTK correction signal and the delivered SIM-card, one needs: 1. GPRS/UMTS modem to receive MoveRTK correction signal. 2. GPS/GNSS RTK- receiver. The modem (1) is often incorporated in the receiver. 3. Wheel control assistance or automatic heading system on the machine. 4. Display in the cabin for overview and programming. 13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 23
  • Components and functioning 1. The GPS-receiver in the machine connects itself to the MoveRTK control center and transmits its position. 2. In the MoveRTK control center, GPS data are received from a network of reference stations 24 hours per day. All GPS knowledge is represented in a nation wide model. 3. Within a split second, individual corrections are calculated for the location of the machine and send by mobile internet to the machine. Each second again.13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 24
  • 13-4-2011 ZLTO 24 & MoveRTK CAPIGI 26 febr. 2011 25
  • Benefits MoveRTK13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 26
  • Benefits MoveRTK (1/2)Individual base station MoveRTKHigh investment Low initial investmentLocal coverage Nationwide coverageOne type of correction data only Correction data for all brandsRadio with chance on limited High quality KPN mobile internetradius and interferenceIn case of large working area; Everywhere directly availablenecessary to move base station13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 27
  • Benefits MoveRTK (2/2)Individual Base station MoveRTKFailure single base station makes Always available due to highwork impossible. redundancy.No repeatable accuracy. Leaps in Homogeneous nation wideposition. accuracy.High replacement investments in Network always up to datecase of new satellite systems. (GALILEO, GLONASS).No check on reliability local base Central service en qualitystations. monitoring.Large differences in prices Low prices due to cooperation withhardware and rates. branch organizations.13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 28
  • Quality Management13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 29
  • Quality Management: Certification • Certification: – ISO9001:200813-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 30
  • Quality Management: Certification • Certification: – Dutch Cadastre Annual Certification Reference stations – Focus on coordinates in European Coordinate System: ETR8913-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 31
  • Quality Management: Certification • Certification: – TüV SüD / Navcert GmbH • accuracy 2cm (95%) • availability (99%) • competence en service13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 32
  • Quality Management: Certification • Certification: – TüV SüD / Navcert GmbH • dynamic accuracy 2cm (95%) • suitable for Precise Farming • suitable for Guidance Systems13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 33
  • Quality Management: Certification • Dynamic Accuracy Certification: 80 tests in 2 days13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 34
  • Quality Management: Data communication• For Network RTK, good data communication is essential – Wired connection between base stations and control center. Managed VPN KPN ONE: 24 hours per day pro active guarded. – Mobile connection between machine en control center. KPN M2M SIM-card13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 35
  • Quality Management: Data communication• MoveRTK provides a special SIM-card in cooperation with Dutch KPN• M2M (Machine 2 Machine) SIM (APN: m2m-gps)• Maximal availability Mobile Internet• Quality of Service: priority in GPRS/UMTS network in the near future• Tooling for real time guarding, service and support by MoveRTK13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 36
  • Quality Management: Data communication• Tooling for real time diagnose:13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 37
  • Quality Management: Data communication• Tooling for analysis:13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 38
  • Quality Management: Data communication• Use of mobile internet offers new applications and innovations: – Track and trace (where are the ,machines) – Online support dealer – Real time Communication with databases • central registration, planning en preparation of AB-lines, equipment, staff resources • Generation of reports • Connecting plant sensors, crop maps and background maps for variable spraying – ?13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 39
  • Summary13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 40
  • Summary• MoveRTK is brand independent and can be used on every GPS system and machine.• Open Standard important: – freedom of choice in different brands. – Stimulating use of GNSS in farming• Network RTK best suited for the job: – High overall quality – Manageable – Easy upgradable for modernized GNSS• Data communication: – is critical – makes new innovations possible• MoveRTK subscription low priced due to cooperation branche organisation.13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 41
  • Website: www.movertk.nl13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 42
  • Thank you for your attention !13-4-2011 CAPIGI MoveRTK 43