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NEW BROCHURE CALUMEX special cements and cement additives

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Calumex brochure

  1. 1. advanced calcium aluminate technology designed for the Dry-Mix Industry
  2. 2. 3 CALTRA producer of special binders committed to serve the world wide building chemistry industry. From our strategically and conveniently located production site, right in the center of Europe, The Netherlands, we distribute our wide range of products globally. Caltra supplies “full service” to her world wide customer base, having the flexibility to adept to individual requirements. We monitor the quality of raw materials and finished products in our own quality control and research center. Working according to international industrial standards: ISO,EN,ASTM,EPD.
  3. 3. 4 MARKET Within the construction industry over the past decades dry-mix building chemistry has grown rapidly. Formulators of pre mixed dry mortars are constantly searching for consistent raw materials to optimize existing dry mixed products and develop new ones. More and more research is done on rapid setting, high early strength and shrinkage compensated cement and gypsum based mortars. Increasing cost of labor, liability and demand for rapid turn around of construction pushes the market even further. Today improved mortars enhance; more robust formulation longer shelve life quick setting rapid drying high early strength no loss of strength in time shrinkage reduction stable color no efflorescence
  4. 4. 5 Through sintering a cement type clinker is produced. After calcination this clinker is cooled and milled on a ball mill to powder. It is considered an “eco friendly cement “ The amount of limestone is lower than that of Portlandcement , giving a reduction of CO2 emission. The calcination temperature is around 20% lower than of Ordinary Portlandcement. The nature of the cement clinker permits easier grinding thus requiring less energy. Both at clinker preparation and at the grinding stage industrial by-products can be added without having a reduction of the performance. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 1 2 3 4 5 Ye' elimite - Ca4Al6O12SO4 CA - Mono Calcium Aluminate CA2 - Grossite C3A - Aluminate Cubic Calcite - Calcium Carbonate C2AS - Gehlenite CaSO4 - Anhydrite Calcium Sulpho Aluminate cements have been commercially on the market now for several decades. The cement clinker consists of high purity bauxite , limestone and gypsum. Main phases formed are C4A3Š and depending on the type CS. ECO CEMENT
  5. 5. 6 Main phases formed : C4A3Š + CS Belite Is used as a binder replacing Portlandcement , or used as an addition to OPC. It is considered a stable cement with fast setting,rapid drying and high early strength.It allows working at low temperature. Belicem couples fast setting with a high strength development.The cement is stable in time and under normal circumstances it continuous increases strength. Because of high solubility it allows working at low temperatures. Belicem is a “green cement” as the CO2 emission is lower than of Portlandecement. Also the calcining temperature and cost of grinding the clinker is considerably lower than Portlandcement CALUMEX Main phases formed : C4A3Š+ CA Ye’elimite QUICK is an additive to Portlandcement. Normaly used at a 25% replacement of Portlandcement to obtain a cement binder with fast set,quick drying and a high early strength coupled to compensation of shrinkage through positive expansion. It is stable in time - with increasing strength development. QUICK further improves the resistance to sulfate attack and other aggressive substances. In using QUICK the alkalinity will be reduced making it suitable for GRC usage. The pH level remains sufficient high to protect steel rebar or fibers. CSA CEMENT ®
  6. 6. 7 CALUMEX Main phases formed : C4A3Š + CS WHITE is a calcium sulpho aluminate cement based on low iron bauxite and high purity limestone and gypsum. It can be used as a fast setting binder or mixed with white Portlandcement to control the setting. This cement combines all features of CSA-cement like shrinkage compensation, quick set and fast drying and increased early strength (3 Hour strength can reach 10 Mpa.) combined with high whiteness. The cement has a lower pH than regular white cement.A low porosity, increased density, reduced risk of efflorescence and ASR. Coloring pigments can be added to obtain consistent coloring. It has been designed as stable binder for making tile-grouts, natural stone adhesives and mortars and fast setting renders. In making durable GRC glass fibers are better protected because of the reduced pH. Sufficient alkali remains to protect possible steel rebar or fibers. CALUMEX Main phases formed : C4A3Š + CS + C4AF CSA cement with higher content of iron is designed to get a better sulphate resistant cement for instance for marine application and industrial flooring. It has an improved abrasive resistance compared to Portland and regular CSA cements. Larger pours at one time are possible and the reduced shrinkage allows voids to be placed at twice the distance to normal. The high initial strength allows quick re-installment. CSA CEMENT
  7. 7. 8 Controlled fast setting cement Is a formulated cement with a rapid set and high early strength. Depending in the usage clean sand and/ or gravel should be added and mixed thoroughly. When water is added to the mix it will set in ~15 min. at 20 °C.Prevent water to evaporate or suck in to the substrate too quickly. As all hydraulic binders it needs sufficient water to complete full hydration. Depending on the filler/cement ratio after 4 hours a compressive strength of More than 12 MPa is achieved. Used mainly for fast setting screeds, road repair work, fast set concrete , sewerage maintenance, marine work etc. Shrinkage compensation Depending on the cement used 8~10% replacement of the OPC will lead to positive expansion - sufficient to compensate the shrinkage of Portlandcement. Further addition will surely lead to expansion and possible disruption of the mortar or concrete. Therefore careful testing to establish the optimum dosage needed is strongly advised !! Expanding agent Is an expansive cement deriving its expansion from hard burned CaO . Free lime reacts with water and converts to portlandite. When free lime remains in the matrix it will react at a later stage with water or CO2 and forms CH and carbonate. The volume of the hydration products expands by a factor of 1.98 bigger than the volume of the original CaO – thus giving expansion Careful testing to establish the optimum dosage needed is strongly advised !! completerange ®
  8. 8. 9 We distinguish three types; Calight® 40 - Al2O3 content 40% dark brown black color Calight® 50 - Al2O3 content 50% light grey ~ crème color Calight® 70 - Al2O3 content 70% white color Main usage; SLU tile adhesives tile grouts repair mortars floorscreeds 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 1 2 3 4 5 CA mono calcium aluminate brownmillerite- ferrite mayenite pleochroite -Q phase C6FA4s Gehlenite Calcium Aluminate is a refractory cement,resistant to high temperatures. It is used as a straight binder or in combination with Portandcement and calcium sulfate to obtain a “ ternary binder system”® CALIGHT
  9. 9. 10 C12A7 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 1 2 3 4 5 ettringite - C4A3S mayenite - C12A7 gehlenite - C2AS mono calcium aluminate - CA Amorphous Calcium Aluminate is the most effective accelerator to Portlandcementcement. It garantees a fast set and high early strength - and stable continuous increase of strength in time High purity bauxite and limestone are fused to obtain smelted clinker. To prevent crystalline phases being formed the clinker is cooled extreme rapidly. High purity bauxite and limestone are fused to obtain smelted clinker. To prevent crystalline phases being formed the clinker is cooled extreme rapidly. Clinker formed consists of green glassy beads which are ground to a high surface area. The main phase of this cement is C12A7 which is the most reactive phase in cement hydration. At an addition of 10~20% by weight to Ordinary Portlandcement an extreme fast set and high early strength binder is obtained. Main usage; wet shotcrete accelerator waterplug road repair airfield repair fast set tile adhesive grouts SLU
  10. 10. 11 Metakaoline is a high purity micronized aluminium silicate ,which after flash calcination reacts with lime (by product of Portland cement) to form additional cementious calcium silicate and calcium aluminate phases. This pozzolanic material when added in a Portland cement matrix mobs up the excessive amount of free lime and converts it in additional calcium silicate and calcium aluminate phases. At a ~10% addition to Portland cement the mortar concrete shows an improved resistance to acid and sulfate attack. It further reduces the risk on alkali silica reaction (ASR) and formation of efflorescence (color stability). It can also be added to hydraulic and non-hydraulic lime to improve the strength and control the setting. Two different types ; Metacal 2000 is slightly darker in color than Metacal 3000 Per 1000 gr. both types bind ~ 1100 to 1300 gr. Ca(OH)2 METACALL®
  11. 11. 12 Anhydrite Super and Calcast 400 are also used as principal binder in self leveling screeds and leveling compounds. CALCAST ANHYDRITE SUPER CaSO4 2H2O (=Gypsum) β-hemihydrate calcined at ~97° C. α-hemihydrate (larger grains) ≥ 120° C. - CaSO4- soluble anhydrite III ≥ 200°~300°C. β- CaSO4- insoluble anhydrite II ≥ 400° C. α- CaSO4- metastable phase II ≥ 600° C. α- CaSO4- slow reaction ≥ 1215° C. α- CaSO4- high temperature anhydrite I ≥ 1450° C. Dissociation into CaO + SO3 m) β αα Ternary cement systems consist by proportion of a mix of Portland cement , Aluminate cement and calcium sulfate. In a ternary cement system calcium sulfate contribute to the formation of ettringite. This small crystal increases in volume and binds a lot of excess water in the mix. This effect leads to rapid drying and shrinkage compensation. Different type of calcium sulfate are being used; Anhydrite Super - an anhydrous calcium sulphate CaSO4 Calcast 200 - β - hemihydrate - limited water demand CaSO4 1/2H20 Calcast 400 - α - hemihydrate Alpha - low water demand CaSO4 1/2H20 T ®
  12. 12. 13 In house quality control By continuous monitoring both incoming raw materials as well as daily production of our cements we guarantee a stable quality and supply.Through XRF and XRD analysis we assure the high quality our cements. Furthermore additionally our cements are regularly examined by external independend laboratories and universities. In-house every batch is individually tested in compliance with EN-197 before being released for dispatch. Since many years we are rewarded ISO certificate. Together with our clients we constantly investigate and develop new applications and usage of our cements. If required we are able to add organic -and/or in-organic additives to our cements to further optimize and facilitate its usage. Our technical support and development lead to new mortars or improved existing ones. We blend tailor made to clients’ specification. Supplying “full service” to our customers is our aim.
  13. 13. 14 FLOOR LEVELER Floor smoothing mortars are hand applied or pumped and used to level out the top floor layer. They are either based on gypsum or cement. Portlandcement 29,48 Calumex Quick 8 Limestone filler 10 Silica sand 0,1-0,4 50 Polymer powder 2 Cellulose ether 0,02 Super plasticizer 0,2 Lithium carbonate 0,1 Tartaric acid 0,2 RAPID TILE ADHESIVE Fast setting tile adhesives in compliance with C2FT standard. Rapid drying adhesives coupled with high early strength and compensation of the shrinkage. Portlandcement 20 Calumex Quick 8 Limestone filler 5 Silica sand 0,1-0,4 62 Polymer powder 3,85 Cellulose ether 0,25 Sodium gluconate 0,8 Tartaric acid 0,1 TILE GROUTS Tile grouts with low alkali content guarantee sustainable jointing. Increased density of the matrix and reduced shrinkage prevents water to penetrate the substrate. Portlandcement 36 Calumex White 12 Limestone filler 43,2 Talcum 8 Pigment 0,5 Metacal 3000 5 Cellulose ether 0,1 Polymer powder 1,2 The above given information and recommendations are based upon our experience and are offered merely as indication.They do not guarantee certain properties and is based on our current state of knowledge.It does not absolve the user of our products from making his own tests.CALTRA Nederland bv can never be held responsible for any damage arising from the usage of its products. possibleuse
  14. 14. 15 SELF LEVELING FLOOR SCREEDS Pumpable floor screeds are based on either a calcium sulfate (anhydrite or hemi-hydrate) or on csa cement. Calcast 300 50 (alpha hemi-hydrate) Fine gypsum 0,3 White Portlandcement 1,5 Silica sand 0,05-0,3 35 Limestone filler 10 Super plasticizer 0,45 Polymer powder 1,51 Retarder 0,04 De-foamer 0,2 WATERPLUG Depending on Portlandcement used at just 10% replacement SC-A will give sufficient acceleration to set within 2 min. Portlandcement 30 SC-A 3 Silica sand 0,05-0,3 45 Limestone filler 21 Super plasticizer 0,2 NON SHRINK GROUTS Non shrinking grouts are used where high-strength, structural, durable cement mortar is required.Such as anchoring of metal structural columns, machine bases, anchor bolts etc. Portlandcement 31 Calumex QX-P 4 Hydrated lime 2 Limestone filler 5 Sand 0,1-3,8 mm 57 Super plasticizer 0,4 Lithium carbonate 0,4 Citric acid 0,1 De-foamer 0,1 The above given information and recommendations are based upon our experience and are offered merely as indication.They do not guarantee certain properties and is based on our current state of knowledge.It does not absolve the user of our products from making his own tests.CALTRA Nederland bv can never be held responsible for any damage arising from the usage of its products. possibleuse
  15. 15. 16 SUPPLY All our products are supplied from centrally located factory and warehouses in The Netherlands.Each delivery goes through our QC, before being released for dispatch. We pack in PE- bags , paper sacks and big-bags to customer specification. Bulk loads are loaded directly on site. We manufacture and store bulk loads tailor made. Modular shipment by ship , train or truck.
  16. 16. Caltra Netherlands Communicatieweg 21 P.O. Box 306 3640 AH Mijdrecht The Netherlands T: +31 (0)297 289 340 F: +31 (0)297 289 350 W: E: