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Inventev Presentation

  1. 1. Mobile Power Generation with Fuel Efficiency--Changing the Future of Work Trucks & Job SitesJune 5, 2013Dave StensonFounder and CEOhttp://inventev.cominventevCALSTART Leadership Circle 05Jun2013
  2. 2.  Southeast Michigan based Extensive automotive backgrounds PHEV up-fit of new commercial trucks Out of the way of OEMs (e.g. CAFE, HD) “Forgotten middle,” Medium Duty (class 2B to 5/6) Less prioritized for electrification given “niche” nature Look to change the business modelinventev CALSTART Leadership Circle 05Jun2013In Brief:inventev
  3. 3. inventev CALSTART Leadership Circle 05Jun2013A Startup PerspectiveWhat we heardWhat we knew
  4. 4.  EVs are “Yesterday’s News” for investors “Detroit?”…no margins in automotive “too capital intense”…”new transmission??” “Everyone’s failing in that space” “VCs have moved on to Big Data”inventev CALSTART Leadership Circle 05Jun2013A Startup PerspectiveWhat we heard:
  5. 5. A Startup PerspectiveWhat we knew: “Pockets of Passion” Trend is electrification over imported oil GHG, CO2, NOx, Particulates Energy security Pure Economics “Fuel” price differential is compelling Commercial fleets will probably be first Knowledge of total costs Longer retention for payback Corporate sustainability initiativesinventev CALSTART Leadership Circle 05Jun2013
  6. 6. Problem: Fleet managers have unmet needs and rising costsfor daily work dutySave Cost- Prices Up- 10-year truckpurchaseexposure tochosen fuelDo Work- Job-sitepower:- A/C electric- Hydraulic- Anti-idling &quiet hoursBe Green- Sustainabilitygoals- Lower dieselemissions- EnergyindependenceNeeds:inventev CALSTART Leadership Circle 05Jun2013
  7. 7. …thousands of PHEV trucks ready to mobilize for outage reliefImagine what super storm Sandy relief efforts could have used.inventevImagine a fast, green power source deployment…CALSTART Leadership Circle 05Jun2013
  8. 8. CALSTART Leadership Circle 05Jun2013Li-Ion Battery“Utility Grade” ExportPower (>100kw)Inventev IntegratedPropulsion SystemBase EngineElectric-driven PTOfor Idle Reductioninventev
  9. 9. Focused Market Opportunity>6,000,000 725,000 100,000 400,000AnnualVol.6-84-52B-3Classes 1-2AinventevCAFERegulatedTraditionalHeavy TruckOEMs• Inventev has targeted the medium duty markets heavier than theCorporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulated fleet.• CAFE fleet is where high-volume OEMs have prioritized R&D.inventevTarget(future) (initial)CALSTART Leadership Circle 05Jun2013
  10. 10. 2nd StageAssemblyPurchased OEMTruck/ Chassis(typically basegasoline engine)TransmissionRecycle (preference)Final BodyBuilderFleet CustomerInventev addsPHEV Propulsion:• Replaces Transmission• Adds Battery• Adds Controls• Adds Export Power Interface(option to sellbase transin aftermarket)Inventev will not change familiar buying & supportprocesses for the customersCommercial Flow: 2nd Stage Plug-in Hybrid ConversionCALSTART Leadership Circle 05Jun2013
  11. 11. inventev CALSTART Leadership Circle 05Jun2013A Startup PerspectiveWhat we heardWhat we knewWhat we learned
  12. 12. What we Learned No new vehicle architecture; no new vehicle brand Not a new auto company…leverage industry resources Displacing diesels can add to value proposition ($8000+) Residual value of battery is important…need to solve! Leasing battery may be a key enabler for fleets Look primarily to strategic partners and projects, not toVenture Capital (at least in early stages) Change the message:inventev CALSTART Leadership Circle 05Jun2013not… “another hybrid truck company”rather… ”mobile power generation for disasterresponse and anti-idling job sites”
  13. 13. Emerging Electric Utility Collaborationfor Inventev PHEV & Export Power DevelopmentinventevOthersCALSTART Leadership Circle 05Jun2013
  14. 14. Result Value proposition for payback under 4 years Core technology for diesel displacement for select dutycycles Focused on classes 4-6 initially, utility-grade exportpower, job-site idle reduction Recognition of great team to execute, still to besupplemented once funded Core collaborations under development…could link tostrategic investmentsinventev CALSTART Leadership Circle 05Jun2013
  15. 15. Contact: http://inventev.comDave Stenson, Founder and information is availablefor potential commercial partners.CALSTART Leadership Circle 05Jun2013
  16. 16. Supplemental Slidesinventev CALSTART Leadership Circle 05Jun2013
  17. 17. inventev Solution New and unique transmission architecture as core to Gen 2 system;up-fit as part of new truck delivery Enables BOTH fuel savings AND new features eclipsing existingtechnologies: Micro-grid or job-site power export for outages or maintenance Electric driven hydraulics avoiding idling for buckets, etc. 30-50 miles all-electric range, then range-extended with engine Perfect for fixed-route stop/go delivery or service vehiclesmotor/gen #1integrated transmissionmotor/gen #2gasolineengineinventev CALSTART Leadership Circle 05Jun2013
  18. 18. Integrated e-Power Take Off(ePTO)- Job-site idle avoidance for selectapplications- Quiet battery-based operationextends work schedules- Engine available for extendeddutypumpExport A/C Power- Two generators: higher outputs- Emergency outage generation- Utility preventive maintenance- Potential military/homelandsecurity uses- Other lower-level outputs forpower tools at truck-sideJob-site UseTorque for Peak Load- All devices ADD torqueduring peak driving needs- Other modes: EV & HEV- Displace many diesels(save over $8000)gasolineenginemotor/gen #1motor/gen #2Peak DrivingbatterypackCALSTART Leadership Circle 05Jun2013
  19. 19. CALSTART Leadership Circle 05Jun2013