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  • 1. There Are Several Benefits to choosing a Career in Accounting: Research Report
  • 2. Research Report Outline  1. Introduction  2. Purpose  3. Research Methods  4. Research Findings: 4.1 Job Availability 4.2 Salary 4.3 Skills Required and Learned  5. Conclusion
  • 3. 1. Introduction Accounting Career Benefits:  Several fields to choose from in accounting  High demand for accounting graduates  Good paying jobs  Skills learned in accounting can be helpful on the job and in your personal life
  • 4. In 1789 Benjamin Franklin wrote: “In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.”
  • 5. 2. Purpose  To educate and make students aware of the benefits one can gain from choosing a career in accounting  To inform students of the skills necessary in order to be successful in an accounting career
  • 6. 3. Research Methods  Interview  Books • Brenda O. Catchings, “Finance” by Patrice • Accounting Instructor at Cassedy Augusta Technical “Where The Jobs Are” by • College Joyce Hadley Copeland  Internet • www.salary.com • http://accounting.bryant.e du/~account1/WhyAccou nting.html
  • 7. 4. Research Findings
  • 8. 4.1 Job Availability Expect more than 122,000 new jobs for  accountants and auditors in 2008, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Accounting majors can work in manufacturing, a financial institution, a government agency, health care, and public accounting, to name a few of many job opportunities.
  • 9. 4.2 Salary
  • 10. 4.2 Salary (cont’d) A General Accountant in The fluctuating salary will   the South can make depend on several anywhere from $34,224- factors: $87,093 1. Experience A Cost Accountant I,  2. Education makes $38,692-$56,010 3. Responsibilities A Tax Accountant I  4. Size of the company makes a medium salary 5. Job Title of $45,000 in the 6. Location Southern States These are just a few of A lot of good paying jobs many available job titles. desire a four year degree.
  • 11. 4.3 Skills Required & Learned Skills Required  Must be detail oriented (one wrong number can cause several financial reports to be incorrect)  Must be good with numbers & enjoy math  Must double check work  Must be good at analyzing problems
  • 12. 4.3 Skills Required & Learned (Cont’d) Learned Skills  Computer skills; such as excel worksheets and accounting programs  How to prepare financial statements and explain them  Knowledge on accounting laws and learning where to go to in order to keep up with changes
  • 13. 5. Conclusion Through my research I have found that there are several benefits to choosing a career in accounting. Accounting Majors can expect a good salary, a challenging job, various job titles, a variety of responsibilities, and can find work in almost every industry.