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FAMA- Gala2008


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Information about FAMA-an incredible NGO serving the Great Lakes region of Africa-with a focus on Rwanda, Burundi and DR Congo

Information about FAMA-an incredible NGO serving the Great Lakes region of Africa-with a focus on Rwanda, Burundi and DR Congo

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  • 1. FAMA
    • Famille Maintenant
    (Family Now!)
  • 2. Great Lakes Region
    • FAMA Ministries is located in the Great Lakes Region of Central Africa in the city of Bukavu, Congo, an area rich in God's natural resources and beauty. 
    • It consists of five countries, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. 
    • The focus of FAMA will be 3 of these 5 countries; they are Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. 
    • The population of these three countries is approximately 90 million people
  • 3. FAMA’s Mission
    • Rebuilding, restoring, and protecting the family in the Great Lakes Region of Central Africa, particularly Rwanda, DR Congo, and Burundi
  • 4. The Family
    • The family has been the principal victim of civil and tribal wars, massacres and genocide.
    • Some families lost children while others lost parents.
    • Family goods were either pillaged or destroyed.
    • Some families had to move for safety reasons abandoning their fields and herds.
    • Other families were ravaged by the rape of mothers and daughters.
    • Through all this, poverty and misery became the lot of most families in the region.
  • 5.
    • Genocide in Rwanda 1994
    Harsh Devastation-Rwanda
    • One million lives were lost, leaving children without parents, parents without children and many women as widows. 
    • Another travesty was the rape and torture of women from the soldiers. 
    • The borders are not secured.  Kidnappings and abductions of children are common.
  • 6. RWANDA The Genocide Memorial in Kigali, has 13 mass graves which hold the remains of over 250,000 victims of the genocide.
  • 7.
    • Tribal war in Burundi since 1993
    Harsh Devastation-Burundi
    • It is estimated that over 300,000 lives have been lost in Burundi since 1993 due to tribal and civil wars. Although the numbers of deaths are not as high as in Rwanda, families were destroyed. 
    • Rape, again was a weapon of war which leaves women rejected by families and the babies conceived are abandoned. 
    • HIV is also a serious issue in this country, leaving babies and children orphaned.
  • 8.
    • Militia Wars in DRC since 1996
    Harsh Devastation-DRC
    • Since 1996, Congo has experienced a series of wars including political wars, tribal wars, and wars of ethnic cleansing that have resulted in the loss of over 4,000,000 lives.
    • Due to these wars, 400,000 people have fled to seek refuge in both neighboring countries and around the world.
    • Over 300,000 child soldiers were enrolled and used to commit all manner of violence. These young men are now returning to their communities only to find themselves rejected and outcast by even their families.
  • 9. FAMA Responds
    • Education of Children
    • Women and Girls Victimized by Rape
    • Rehabilitation of Pygmy Families
    • Children Leaving the Army or Militia
  • 10. Education of Children
    • Because of wars, poverty, and displacement of families for safety reasons, many children continue to abandon school.  Some prefer to spend their time in the street begging and stealing; others are used in work that is beyond their physical abilities as children; others become petty thieves.  All children have the right to an education, however, and that right has not been respected. 
    • FAMA's goal is to give orphan children from 6-20 years old the opportunity to study, guaranteeing their future on both a personal and global level.  By providing tuition and school supplies for 200 children, FAMA hopes to prepare a better future for the children, their families and respective countries
  • 11. Rape Victims War brings with it a multitude of horrendous consequences. One was rape of women and girls.  Some women and girls were raped by dozens of men while their parents, husbands and children were forced to watch.  Victimized women and girls committed suicide because they were ashamed to appear in public.  Some women were ostracized or even kicked out by their families.  Others contracted HIV.  Others bore children conceived when they were raped.  These children are unwanted and are tormented by horrible memories.  In some cases, even some of the husbands and children committed suicide because their wives, mother and sisters were raped.
    • The Pygmies in the Great Lakes Region of Central Africa have long been the poorest and the most ostracized of all people groups in this already impoverished region. While others support themselves through agriculture and raising livestock, the Pygmies have no land and have historically been a nomadic people surviving as hunters and gatherers. Today, because the forests have been ravaged through years of war, Pygmy families are forced to beg for food. Concerned with basic survival, the education of children holds little importance to parents.
    FAMA seeks to change this cycle of poverty by supporting the education of Pygmy children. 75 children whose families are completely illiterate are attending school for the first time. FAMA provided these children with school supplies, school clothes and shoes and continues to follow up regularly with the schools to ensure that the children are making progress.
    • Throughout the last decade, Rwanda, Burundi, and Congo have experienced horrendous war and genocide. Thousands of children were either forced to enroll or were bought for a few pennies, believing they had found a solution to their misery. These children were used to commit all kinds of violence. Today, since peace is returning with democratic elections and the formation of national armies, many of these exploited children are demobilized and forced to return to civilian life. These children are known for the violence are not accepted when they return to their home towns. Nevertheless, they must live a civilian life. Reconciliation is needed. Retooling is also needed so that these children can earn a living in some way other than by using weapons. FAMA, in conjunction with other organizations, is training these young people in trades such as brick making, carpentry, welding and other trades.
  • 14. FAMA and HELP International
    • In 2008, HELP International filled two containers to FAMA Ministries-Burundi and Rwanda
    • In 2009 we hope to fill a container for DR Congo
  • 15. WILL YOU HELP?
    • Contributions made to FAMA helps in the funding of programs and the shipping of much needed containers
    • For more information see our website at