Tercerización de Manejo de Inventarios


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Presentación de Gabriela Alvarez de DB Schenker en el Congreso de Logística y Servicios al Comercio Exterior de CADEXCO

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Tercerización de Manejo de Inventarios

  1. 1. 3PL; Inventory Management Outsourcing Gabriela Alvarez Congreso de Logística y Servicios CADEXCO Hotel Radisson Europa, 30 de Junio 2011
  2. 2. 1. DB Schenker Contract Logistics / SCM2. Our Supply Chain Solutions and Industry Expertise3. VMI Implementation4. Advantages of Using a Third Party Logistics Provider 2
  3. 3. Executive SummaryThe Purpose of this presentation is to show your company the benefits of having yourcargo under consignment in a bonded warehouse or hub close to your customer inorder to provide your materials in a shorter time and avoid risks of delays intransportation, or any other issue that may cause a gap in your customer’s SupplyChain; mostly if your materials are basic in your customer’s productionCosta Rica law allows to keep shipments in bonded warehouses for a period of oneyear without paying duty & taxes, for companies under Free Trade Zone this is a plusas customs transaction are easier and faster to move materials from bondedwarehouses to their facilities.Schenker Costa Rica has the experiencie in handling this type of operations for manyhealthcare companies under Free Trade Zones where we as a Third Party Logisticsbecome a key to keep the product flow running from Supplier to Customer
  4. 4. We are a leading logistics and passenger company 1) DB Bahn DB Schenker DB Netze Track Long Distance Rail No. 1 Public transport in Rev. (EUR mn) 3,523 Rev. (EUR mn) 4,654 Rev. (EUR mn) 725 Europe EBIT (EUR mn) 306 EBIT (EUR mn) 307 EBIT (EUR mn) 670 Employees (‘000) 15 Employees (‘000) 29 Employees (‘000) 41 No. 2 Passenger rail transport in Europe DB Bahn DB Schenker DB Netze No. 1 European rail freight Regional Logistics Stations transport No. 1 European land Rev. (EUR mn) 6,687 Rev. (EUR mn) 14,680 Rev. (EUR mn) 344 transport EBIT (EUR mn) 857 EBIT (EUR mn) 381 EBIT (EUR mn) 210 Employees (‘000) 25 Employees (‘000) 62 Employees (‘000) 5 No. 1 Biggest rail network in Europe DB Bahn DB Netze Rev. (EUR bn) 33.5 DB Services Urban Stadtverkehr Energy EBIT (EUR bn) 2.483 Rev. (EUR mn) 1,962 Rev. (EUR mn) 112 Rev. (EUR mn) 554 EBIT (EUR mn) 205 EBIT (EUR mn) 131 EBIT (EUR mn) 74 Employees (‘000) 240 Employees (‘000) 12 Employees (‘000) 25 Employees (‘000) 2As of 31.12.2008 1) Difference between the sum of the departments and DB concern result of other activities/consolidation 4
  5. 5. DB Schenker edge for you includes flawless solutionsdelivered by passionate experts, who fulfill your promisesconstantly We deliver Customer Value by:  Exceeding daily customer expectations  Fulfilling customer promises constantly  Complying with government regulations We provide Flawless Solutions by having:  Clear, consistent measurements  Effective execution of operations  Continuous improvement We employee Passionate Experts who:  Care for customers business  Embrace and live customers business philosophy, culture and measurements  Are continuously trained 5
  6. 6. Our logistics expertise is evidenced by our worldwide network of facilities Europe, Middle East, Africa  Warehousing space: 2.9 million m²  Locations: 394 Americas Warehousing space: 1.0 million m² Locations: 52 Asia Pacific  Warehousing space: 800,000 m²  Locations: 233 6 As per Q2 2008
  7. 7. DB Schenker Logistics is a leading provider ofinternational transport and logistics services DB Schenker Logistics DB Schenker Logistics Service Portfolio No. 1 in European Land transport  800 offices in 36 countries  70 million consignments p.a.  approx. 32,000 regular services per week No. 2 in global Air Freight  More than 700 sites worldwide Integrated transport  800 freight flights p.a. and logistics services  1 million tons airfreight volume p.a.  Operation of global networks No. 3 in global Ocean Freight  Expertise in specific industries, e.g. automotive, electronics,  1.4 million TEU1 ocean freight volume p.a. consumer goods  Strong brand with global No. 4 in global Contract Logistics door-to- door service  500 offices in more than 50 countries  5.3million sqm (55 million sqft) storage spaceas of 31.12.2009, 1 TEU = Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit DB ML AG, Communication Transportation and Logistics (GKL), 04.07.2011 7
  8. 8. DB Schenker has received numerous industry awards and recognition for ourcontract logistics and SCM competence 8
  9. 9. 1. DB Schenker Contract Logistics / SCM2. Our Supply Chain Solutions and Industry Expertise3. VMI Implementation4. Advantages of Using a Third Party Logistics Provider 9
  10. 10. Our Products and Solutions capitalize on long years ofexperience and know-how on key industry verticals.... Automotive Consumer Electronics Industrial Broad scope of experience  Multi-user distribution  Long-established solutions  Established global spare on multiple OEMs, TierXs centres in key markets to deployed globally for leading parts network in order to and Aftermarket logistics maximize flexibility electronics companies guarantee fast local interacting services maintenance services for  Dedicated solutions tailor  Globally integrated, end to MRO parts including JIT/JIS/Kanban Deleiveries, end solutions extending from „power-by-the-hour“ service made for large global Sequencing, Light Assembly, suppliers and contract storage and distribution of manufacturers manufacturers to customer  Aero WMS covering all spare parts, Returns markets. network sites Management...  Experience with complex retail requirements  Production support, Finished  Professional customs Standardizations which can Goods and After Market clearance service to ensure be used to replicate solutions  Specific co-packing distributions incl. complex short term article availability quickly and globally. solutions, scalable and receiving and picking, PO/SO robustly integrated into Mgmt, Kitting and VAS, VMI  Long time experience in Continuous Improvement WMS solutions Services. tool crib service including and Lean Logistics strategy reverse logistics driven operations  Proven quality  TAPA security and continous management improvement quality management and Global transfer of Know How programs  Transport control centre and Competences continuous improvement. organizes last mile delivery  Customer Service Centre to avoid downtime costs set-up and expertise 10
  11. 11. …enabling leading companies to manage and exceltheir complex supply chain Automotive Consumer Electronics Industrial 11
  12. 12. Global Trends In The Healthcare Market Trend Effect on Logistics  New bio drugs needing cold chain services are increasing  More demand for highest safety and security in transportation Growth of Bio Products  New transportation lanes are growing due to short self life of bio drugs  Very expensive & sensitive products – cost of transportation is minor  Governmental regulations requiring pedigree / chain of custody  Strict control / visibility needed in a closed loop supply chain Increased Regulation  Pharma industry is now issuing own guidelines for transportation  Single global service provider / one stop shop now has great value  New wealth creating demand for high end drugs  Personal & Targeted drugs creating new supply chains Emerging Markets  Generic Market driving growth in emerging markets  Traditional manufacturing & distribution models are changing fast  Each product has unique transportation requirement & standards  Cold Chain Solution, and Global Security are key requirements Specialized Solutions  Door to Room service for Medical Technology sectors  Focus on driving efficiency and streamlined supply chain 12
  13. 13. Healthcare Logistics Challenges For Costa Rica •Limited GDP compliance (Good Distribution Practices) •Inadequate cold chain services and compliance support •Product security and cargo security •Regulatory issues and compliance (FDA & EC Directives) •Cost pressures to operate within budget •Transportation service solutions and lift capacity •Time to market & product life cycle – need streamlined supply chain •Performance pressure from various groups •Direct shipments to end customer in USA, Asia and Europe
  14. 14. Into Country Solutions• Schenker has several years of experience providing In Houseexperts who will work side by side with the Customer, providing thenecessary logistics expertise at considerably low cost.• The professionals are consistently trained and capable of takingdecisions over the Traffic Flow, speeding up the process maintainthe Customer fully informed, participating on internal Customermeetings and working on the Action Plan over the Forecastedvolumes.• Schenker Costa Rica has the experiencie in handling this type ofoperations for many healthcare companies under Free TradeZones where we as a Third Party Logistics become a key to keepthe product flow running from Supplier to Customer
  15. 15. Our Healthcare Customers 15
  16. 16. 1. DB Schenker Contract Logistics / SCM2. Our Supply Chain Solutions and Industry Expertise3. VMI Implementation4. Advantages of Using a Third Party Logistics Provider 16
  17. 17. Improving logistics efficiency through 3PL While the reduction of logistics costs has been the primary objective of 3PL until recently, customers have also been increasingly demanding solutions that help to improve logistics quality and reduce their environmental damages. Based on research, analysis, building, and implementation in the logistics process is able to achieve cost reductions as well as improvements in logistics quality that were not possible through individual optimization
  18. 18. We provide long-term logistics solutions for ourcustomers’ complex supply chains 18
  19. 19. 1. DB Schenker Contract Logistics / SCM2. Our Supply Chain Solutions and Industry Expertise3. VMI Implementation4. Advantages of Using a Third Party Logistics Provider 19
  20. 20. Why Schenker?Logistics Services Schenker can offer on a Global Basis several Logistics Services such as for example, Reverse Logistics, where Schenker can manage the entire process of return and repair of equipments, acting on behalf of the Customer and servicing the end Consumer. By having a third party managing their Return and Repair Services, the Healthcare Customer can focus on producing and selling Equipments. Schenker can hire Technicians, who will be trained and certified by the Customer to repair any of their equipments. The activities may include: • Call Center • Pick Up Scheduling • Repair • Parts Inventory Management • Delivery/Return of the Equipments
  21. 21. A Good Service Provider Should Provide TheFollowing advantage for the IndustryReductions in •● Reduce logistics costs and improve the visibility.transport and •● Reduce additional logistics investments.distribution costsCreate more •● Reduced delivery lead time can realize delayedvalue and service order dead line.for customers •● Support for high-frequency, small lot deliveries. •● Improve loading ratio on trucks and distributionImproved logistics quality.quality and work •● Optimize inventory level and reduceefficiency administrative workloads. •● Focus the workforce to improve quality andStorage Space productionreduction increase •●More space devoted to manufacturing andproduction administration
  22. 22. 22