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    Strategy Institute Smartbuilding Strategy Institute Smartbuilding Presentation Transcript

    • “ Improving Building Operation Performance Through the Integration of an Interoperable Automated Infrastructure System” Presented by: Tracey DeLeeuw CEO, Strategist
    • $ 5 B Convergence Market "Companies that master skills like experience design and customized delivery will lead the way by creating services and products that earn consumers' loyalty." Ted Schadler, VP Forrester Research
      • Industry associations supporting growth and standards: Realcomm, CABA, BOMA and BACNet,
      • Building automation and control system companies competing: Johnston Controls, etc.
      • Hundreds of vendors in the market: HVAC, lighting, security, elevator controls, energy, etc.
    • Intelligent Building Elements
    • Improving Building Performance Through Interoperability
      • Converged technology creates an improved user experience:
      • Enabled by SOA, XML, Web Services
      • Leveraging ‘event driven’ activities and actions
      • Presented through a personalized portal layer
      • Causing revenue generation
      • Increasing building value
    • Real-time Benefits
      • Savings to owners and tenants
      • Higher sale price, faster sale, higher rental rates, more profitable management fees
      • Environmental tax credits and energy savings (LEEDs)
      • Safer and easier to manage and control
      • Real-time information management and reporting
      • Better experience for all building users
    • Personalized Building Experience Today , a building can be customized to operate in a completely personalized manner for each individual that interacts with or enters the building Today , new, high value information services can be delivered that increase property value in the future
    • The Intelligent Building Value Experience Front Office Experience Back Office Experience Middle Office Experience
      • Each layer of an iBuilding solution serves a different type of building users
      • 1. Front Office:
      • Occupant/tenant serving functions such as:
      • In-suite device controls
      • RFID or voice activated entry systems
      • Lighting and environmental controls
      • 2. Middle Office:
      • Security Guards and Building Managers access/control and administrative functions:
      • Visitor management
      • Emergency response and CCTV monitoring
      • eLease processing and reporting
      • 3. Back Office:
      • Building Engineers and BAS Operators manage the facility:
      • Oversee BAS operations
      • Use event driven activities
      • Monitor telecom and energy systems
      • Managed the integrated, interoperable infrastructure
    • Front Office Front Office Experience Back Office Experience Middle Office Experience
      • In-suite device controls
      • Concierge
      • Media entertainment
      • Building Portal
      • Reservations
      • E-Leasing
      • Personal Portal
      • Elevator News
      • Information signage
      Solutions for Tenants
    • Middle Office Front Office Experience Back Office Experience Middle Office Experience
      • Identity and Access Controls for Security
      • Visitor and Trades Entry System
      • Lease invoicing and payment processing
      • Staff time and billing
      • Maintenance booking
      • Facilities bookings
      • Parking assignments
      • Elevator booking (move in, move out)
      • Environmental monitoring and reporting
      • Individual IP metering
      Solutions for Managers
    • Back Office Front Office Experience Back Office Experience Middle Office Experience
      • LAN, WAN, Wire-line, Wireless and Wi-Fi telecom infrastructure
      • Building Automation Solution (BAS) administration
      • Energy and HVAC admin
      • Security System admin
      • Identity and Access admin
      • Event workflow setup and monitoring
      • Building dashboard
      Solutions for Engineers
    • Intelligent Building Layers Explained In-unit Services … Individual: wireless, messaging, cable, internet, telecom Building User Services … Managed content, personal portal, concierge, data storage Unit Controls (content) … IP meters, security cameras, lighting/entertainment controls Common-Area Services … Hotspots, elevator TV, visitor management, digital signage iBuilding Services (Event Driven) … Hosting , data storage, business services, security, SI Telecom Services (Enterprise) … Facilities: Backbone for wireline, cable and wireless Building Automation (Enterprise) … Management dashboards/integration for access services
    • Customized Intelligent Building Solutions Large Offices Government Apartments & Condos SMB
      • Better service
      • Lower operating cost
      • Better information
      • Access to services
      • Reliable business solutions
      • Internet infrastructure functions
      • Savings of time and money
      • Easy of use
      • Reliable business solutions
      • Internet and IP infrastructure
      • Efficient management tools
      • Access to business resources
      • Facilities management savings
      • Turnkey access and telecom
      • Common area hotspots
      • Security and access improvement
      Businesses and consumers select the services required to achieve the value and ROI desired Partner Content (new Building Automation (Enterprise) Common Area Services Unit Controls (content) New ICE Services Access Services (Enterprise revenue) Converged Tenant Services Partner Content Services (new Building Automation (Enterprise) Common Area Services Unit Controls (content) New ICE Services Access Services (Enterprise revenue) Converged Tenant Services
      • Full use
      • Partial use
      • No use
      Partner Content Services Building Automation (Enterprise) Common Area Services Unit Controls (content) New ICE Services Access Services (Enterprise) Converged Tenant Services Partner Content Services (new Building Automation (Enterprise) Common Area Services Unit Controls (content) New ICE Services Access Services (Enterprise revenue) Converged Tenant Services
    • Service Oriented Architecture Stove Pipe Service Oriented Presentation Layer Application Logic Database SOA Interface Layer Application Logic Database Composite Applications Elevator HVAC Lighting CCTV SOA breaks the stack into independent parts, provides an interface layer into the architecture that de-couples the core business logic and the database (provider side) from the presentation layer and other applications (consumer side). In a SOA, business functions are now available as services and can be re-used and accessed through standard interfaces.
    • Identity And Access
    • XML – The Great Enabler
    • Event Driven Management
      • New tenant
      • Tenant entrance
      • In-suite customization
      • Weather response
      • Time of day response
      • Security response
      • Visitor access
      Automated Solutions for Everyone
    • Intelligent Portal Representation
      • Event Driven Architecture both applications act autonomously, only reacting to events being generated or generating events – versus a synchronous architecture where both applications engage in an exchange of information at the same time.
      • Componentizing legacy applications – isolating desired functionality in services interfaces – enables rapid reuse of proven business processes in new and creative ways and minimizes the requirement for new development.
      • Web Services (XML WSDL, UDDI, SOAP) are a natural fit and a compliment but are not the same as SOA
    • Intelligent Building Portal Vision Advancements in XML standards, service oriented architecture (SOA), web services , enterprise integration technology and security practices have paved the way for intelligent buildings. Today, SOA solutions can be designed to monitor any and every event in a building, and generate an automated, intelligent response to that event, or a series of them. Today, each type of stakeholder that uses the building can have a different ‘personalized portal view’ featuring different information, features and functions, depending on their role (tenant, engineer, and tradesman). iBuilding iManage iCondo/iOffice Portal Infrastructure and Building Automation System Integration Platform (SOA Layer) Building Engineers Building Tenants Building Security PM & Corporate Operations Building Automation Systems Database Application Logic Customer Presentation Interfaces
    • Portal Layer View
    • Thank You!!
      • Tracey DeLeeuw
      • CEO, Strategist
      • SmartSpeed Inc.
      • [email_address]
      • 416-274-6592
      Questions? For further information, please contact: