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State of the Connected Home 2007

State of the Connected Home 2007



This presentation details the proposed State of the Connected Home 2007 research project.

This presentation details the proposed State of the Connected Home 2007 research project.



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State of the Connected Home 2007 State of the Connected Home 2007 Presentation Transcript

  • The State of the Connected Home 2007 www.caba.org/iha
    • CABA’s Research Council
      • IHA Originally founded as a non-profit in 2000
      • Comprised of most influential companies in North America
      • Recognized as the ‘go-to’ organization
      • IHA was integrated into CABA on July 1, 2006
      • The Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) was formed in 1988
    • As a market accelerating research arm for CABA, through large-scale pilots and smaller, faster projects that address pressing needs, the IHA-RC provides a way for members across industries to work together to develop and test new, innovative home and commercial solutions under real-world conditions, executed by its members.
    • The resulting quantitative or qualitative research reports, white papers and executive summaries are made available to Research Council members and at times, the industry at large to support internal business decisions and plans.
    Who We Are
  • Membership Full Advisory Board Members: Affiliate Members:
  • What We Do
    • Collaborative Research
      • Projects (small, fast efforts)
      • Pilots (larger, technical executions)
    • Primary Research
      • State of the Connected Home Market Studies
    • Networking
      • Conferences and Trade Shows
      • CABA Steering Committees and Team Meetings
    • Market influencing sponsored by members
      • Market-priming PR around research initiatives
  • How We Organize
    • Ecosystems Approach
    • Productivity
    • Work Skills
    • Communications / Scheduling
    • Commuting
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Audio / Video
    • Gaming
    Career Help me with my career! Entertainment Entertain me!
    • Health & Fitness
    • Household Chores
    • Home Systems
    • Communications / Scheduling
    Family Help me take care of my family!
    • IPTV2 Interactive: to learn about potential business models for using advanced television programming; explore new advertising potential and interactive capabilities and new message delivery; and create adjunct experiences to live and recorded programming and interactive capabilities.
      • AT&T, Cisco, Disney, Campbell Ewald, Digitas & Tandberg TV
      • Conduct research late February/07
      • Final report in late March/07
    • Senior Housing: to identify digital home solutions for the 50 + market to enhance their lives and encourage them to live more independently.
      • Whirlpool, AT&T, Echelon, Microsoft, Masco, NAHB
      • Conduct research late February/07
      • Final report April/07
    Current Projects in Process
    • Digital Family/Entertainment Kitchen: to educate the kitchen and bath industry on digital / entertainment consumer usage in the kitchen; and provide an updated view of electronics, appliances and entertainment in the kitchen as it relates to the home.
      • Whirlpool, Cisco, Microsoft , Direct Energy, Intel, Bell Canada, HP, NAHB, NKBA, HomeCrest
      • Research Completed March/07
      • Build interactive display for NKBA show, May/07
    Current Projects in Process
    • Subsidized Media / Location Based Advertising Phase 2: to investigate the most promising concepts that emerged from the first study, likely involving subsidized content delivered via cell phone and/or vehicle-based systems such as GPS.
      • AT&T, GM/OnStar, Cisco, Disney
      • Proposed launch in mid to late February/07
    • State of the Connected Home Market 2007: a collaborative effort between IHA-RC and Information Storage Industry Center (ISIC) at the University of California, San Diego , seeks to generate findings on the state of the market for the three connected home ecosystems of interest (family, career and entertainment); and to provide consumer insights designed to facilitate the generation of new product/service concepts. This program will provide a general understanding of each ecosystem, including emerging trends.
    Current Projects in Development
  • State of the Connected Home Consumer Research 2007
    • Measure interest in using technology to facilitate specific activities in the spheres of entertainment, family, and career.
    • Determine household ownership of consumer technology products/services and reasons for purchase.
    • Measure intent to purchase selected existing products/services in the spheres of entertainment, family, career.
    • Determine preferred channels for purchase/adoption/installation.
    • 5. Determine degree of interest/purchase intent for new product concepts developed by Alliance members.
    A collaborative effort between IHA-RC and Information Storage Industry Center (ISIC) at the University of California, San Diego. Objectives
  • Entertainment: Media Interests at Home Q42; Letters denote statistically significant differences among markets. Personal photo (view on computer or TV) Movies Recorded Music Internet access % Very Interested (Total Online HHs n=618) TV programming Home video/movies 2007 Brings: DVRs in 25% of homes IPTV HDTV prices drop and sales are up Nielsen: Anytime Anywhere Media Measurement Google Buys YouTube Comcast to offer movie downloads to PC/TV.
  • Entertainment: Media Interests “On The Go” Q44; Letters denote statistically significant differences among markets. Movies Radio music programming TV programming Recorded music Audio books Internet access Media Entertainment On-the-Go % Very Interested (TOTAL Online HHs; n=618) 2007 Brings: Slingbox AV & Pro Slingbox DS? Audible.com Music Phones You-Name-It Phones Video iPod Zune iPod Phone
  • Family: Interest in Home Automation QY41 Indoor Lighting Outdoor Lighting Heat/ventilation/ air conditioning Home energy consumption % Very Interested in Automating Total Online HHs (n=612) Primary Market Consumers (n=318) Mass Market Consumers (n=294) 2006 Brings: Advances in entertainment control now used for home control Applications with voice control Home control can include virtually any consumer device
  • State of the Connected Home Consumer Research 2007
    • 3 Analysis Areas
    • (600 interviews in each)
    • Career Family Entertainment
    • 2 Audiences
    • (600 interviews in each)
    • Primary Market Mass Market
    • Topics
    • Relative importance of family, career and entertainment-oriented home technology
    • Ownership of products/services in category
      • Reasons for purchasing current products/services (incl. broadband and home networking equipment, regardless of ecosystem)
    • Intent to purchase select new products/services in category
      • Reasons for purchasing new products/services (incl. broadband and home networking, regardless of ecosystem)
    • Preferred channels (and where appropriate, installers) for select products
  • State of the Connected Home Consumer Research 2007
    • Consumer Assessment of Concepts Developed by Research Sponsors
    • (3-5 concepts in each of Career, Family, Entertainment)
    • The evaluative metrics for products/services under test will consist of the following:
      • Overall appeal
      • Appeal along a number of critical dimensions, including superiority to existing products/services, compatibility with lifestyle, likeability, etc.
      • Terminal market penetration provided cost weren’t an issue
      • Expected price
      • Terminal market penetration at expected price
      • Terminal market penetration at up to three preconceived price-points (depends on sample size)
  • State of the Connected Home Consumer Research 2007
    • Drill Down of Customer Mobility in Targeted Segments
    • (Sub-sample analysis of transition behaviors, what customer segments are most volatile, what segments are least volatile)
    • Metrics for assessing customer mobility will include:
      • Relative size and scope of home entertainment segment
      • Path dependency, probability of segment transition based on previous purchase behavior, related product sales and customer embeddedness
      • Segment transitions moderated by probability of new segments being created among existing, new customers
      • Models of behavioral change, persistence
    • Laundry Time: Designed and built the Laundry Time system, which connects a washer and dryer to a home network and delivers messages about the status of the laundry and washer/dryer to home PCs, TVs, and cell phones. After quality and safety testing, the system was approved for installation, and the Internet Home Alliance commissioned Zanthus to conduct a consumer trial of Laundry Time. Objectives of the Laundry Time in-home pilot study were to gauge consumer reaction to the Laundry Time messaging system and its functionality; obtain feedback on the interfaces (phone, PC, TV screen) and system usability aspects; and understand their impressions of the laundry messages that were delivered.
      • Whirlpool, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Panasonic and Procter & Gamble
      • Project Completed Fall/06.
    • Microbusiness & Small Business Managed Services Needs Assessment Study: to gain intelligence that enables members to offer/utilize informed research on the total business communication solutions desired by SMBs (1-100 employees).
      • AT&T, Cisco, Costco Wholesale, HP, SupportSoft and Level Platforms
      • Final report delivered in early February/07
    Recently Completed Projects
  • Sampling of Past Projects & Pilots
    • American Digital Dream
    • Asset Management
    • Digital Entertainment Migration
    • Digital Entertainment Needs Assessment (home & in-vehicle)
    • Digital Youth
    • Energy Management
    • Future of Collaborative Work
    • Health & Fitness Needs Assessment
    • Health and Wellness Portal
    • Home Automation Hub
    • Home Network in a Box
    • Home Networking Barriers & Opps.
    • Home Structured Wiring
    • Internet-Enabled Education
    • IPTV Phase I
    • Laundry Time Needs Assessment
    • Laundry Time Pilot
    • Mealtime
    • Mobile Worker Needs Assessment
    • Mobile Worker
    • Online Family Calendar
    • OnStar at Home
    • Personal Media Storage
    • Safe, Secure and Comfortable
    • Subsidized Media and Location Based Advertising Phase I
    • TV Advisor
    • Video Experience POC  
  • IHA-RC as an Industry Catalyst
    • The Research Council utilizes systematic and proven project management techniques to maximize the benefits of research collaboration for all participants. Utilizing these techniques, members determine their mutual research goals and objectives and are able to work together to accomplish what may be impossible to do individually.
    • Funded solely by each project team, members are able to drive their research agendas and maximize their collaboration experience.
    • Whether providing Research Council members with new learnings or substantiating existing corporate directions, the Research Council’s collaborative research initiatives provide members with critical market data that helps them refine their product development and marketing efforts.
  • How We Gauge Success
    • When IHA-RC research findings are incorporated into members’ business models, strategies and research and development decisions.
      • Whirlpool and the Mealtime Pilot
    • When those models, strategies and decisions come to market.
      • KB Homes and the American Digital Dream Project
    • When IHA-RC research and collaboration helps reduce the time it takes to bring a member’s product or service to market. 
      • Invensys and the OnStar@Home Pilot
    • When IHA-RC research and collaboration helps increase the market success of a member’s product or service. 
      • Taubman Shopping Malls and the Mobile Worker Pilot
    • When relationships forged within the IHA-RC lead to separate and successful business partnerships and projects outside the Alliance.
      • Avery Dennison and Whirlpool
  • Membership @ a Glance
    • Affiliate Member
      • Receive Summary Reports on all new Research Council research
      • Participate in collaborative research projects and pilots
      • Qualify for discounted pricing on the purchase of new research
      • Ability to bank funds annually for research projects and pilots
      • Receive a $2,000 credit towards report purchases
    • Advisory Board Member:
      • Direct the research initiatives of the Research Council
      • Participate in collaborative research projects and pilots
      • Receive all new research when released in its complete form
      • Requires financial commitment annually (banked funds) for research projects and pilots
  • What Members Say. . . CABA’s Internet Home Alliance Research Council is one of the few organizations where Whirlpool can get involved in an open collaborative research environment. This open collaborative research environment makes the IHA-RC a value-added organization. Carol Priefert Product Development Manager Whirlpool Corporation As a founding member of the Internet Home Alliance, we have consistently profited from its collaborative research activities to test new product/service offerings and partner opportunities. Through CABA’s newly formed Internet Home Alliance Research Council, Cisco Systems will continue to leverage this innovative and valuable research environment. Kristine Stewart Director, Commercial Solutions/WW Commercial Marketing Cisco Systems The Internet Home Alliance Research Council offers an opportunity to collaborate and test new concepts with companies representing a wide range of consumer products and services. AT&T actively participates in CABA’s Internet Home Alliance Research Council. Jonathan Cowper Associate Director, Customer Knowledge AT&T Chairman—IHA-RC
  • To engage, please contact: CABA 1173 Cyrville Road, Suite 210 Ottawa, ON K1J 7S6 888.798.CABA(2222) 613.686.1814 [email_address] www.caba.org/iha