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Buil Conn2007 Ron Zimmer
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Buil Conn2007 Ron Zimmer

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  • 1. BuilConn 2007 May 24, 2007 Chicago, IL Your Information Source for Home & Building Automation Ron Zimmer President & CEO CABA
  • 2. CABA Board of Directors
    • Martin Cullum - Bell Canada - Chairman
    • Leo DelZotto - Tridel Corporation - Vice-Chair
    • Roy Kolasa - Honeywell International - Vice-Chair
    • Robert Becker - Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.
    • Brian Burch - Hewlett-Packard Company
    • Jonathan Cluts - Microsoft Corporation
    • Jonathan Cowper - AT&T
    • Dennis (DJ) Crane - Invensys Controls
    • Jeff Dean - Cisco Systems, Inc.
    • Trevor Foster - CB Richard Ellis
  • 3. 11. Brad Haeberle - Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. 12. Daniel Hogan - Panasonic Corporation of North America 13. Robert Huggard - Direct Energy 14. Steve Nguyen - Echelon Corporation 15. Carol Priefert - Whirlpool Corporation 16. Gene Shedivy - Trane 17. Ray Sokola - Motorola, Inc. 18. Andrew Stroede - Panduit Corp. 19. Ron Wilson - Vantage/Legrand 20. Ron Zimmer, Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) CABA Board of Directors
  • 4. CABA Vision “ The knowledge-based forum for industry leaders who advance the use of technology and integrated systems in the global home and building industry.”
  • 5. North American demand for intelligent building controls-environmental (IBC) systems from 1995 to 2010.
  • 6. Pneumatic Transmission Electric Controls Electronic Controls Mini Computers Personal Computers Direct Digital Controls BACnet/Lon Revolution Internet/Intranet Growing Convergence of BAS and IT Wireless Interfaces and Email Alarms IT Standardizing Information Presentation Models Evolution of Systems that may Integrate all Building Services on Standard IT Infrastructure Copyright Frost & Sullivan 2005 Technological Evolution of BAS Integration of Security and Fire with BAS: Putting More Information to Effective Use
  • 7. Intelligent Buildings Roadmap Steering Committee
    • Cisco Systems, Inc.
    • Delta Controls Inc.
    • Direct Energy
    • HID Corporation
    • Honeywell International
    • InfoComm International®
    • Johnson Controls Ltd.
    • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    • Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.
    • Panduit Corp.
    • Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.
    • The Watt Stopper/Legrand
    • TAC
    • Trane
    • Tridium
  • 8. Source: Building Intelligence Group (Feb/2007) Specific Barriers
    • Integration & Education
    • Financial Justification: new construction
    • Locating Resources
    • Potential Use of CSI MasterFormat 2004
    • Procurement Process
    • Fee & Schedule Pressure on the Design Community
    • Local Building Codes & Inspectors
    • Operations & Maintenance Staff Skills
    • Technology & Integration Risk
    • Usability & User Interface
    • Failsafe Systems & Backup
  • 9. Integration and Education
    • Barrier: Lack of integration and education makes it hard to get everyone on the same page, even within the industry. Absence of standards and a common vision creates impediments. “The industry needs to get together to integrate or at least educate all of the people that are involved.”
    Source: Building Intelligence Group (Feb/2007)
  • 10. Lack of Proof is an Impediment
    • Definitions range from single to complex: - “A BAS System” (Higher Ed Participant) - “Real time controls, classroom technology, ease of use, knows when it has problems, networked, continuous monitoring, real-time data, ‘a building that works and cooperates with occupants in a bright and easy way.’ Building where systems are completely integrated to provide a comfortable and safe environment. Lacks complexity. Using the building as a living lab to let students learn from it in FM programs; Time and class use scheduling into EM controls.” (Higher ED Participant)
    Source: Building Intelligence Group (Feb/2007)
  • 11. Despite Obstacles— Unequivocal Interest Source: Building Intelligence Group (Feb/2007)
  • 12. Industry-Wide Trends
    • Increased competition in all markets (i.e., tenants, students, patients)
    • Increased concerns over security
    • Energy savings is an imperative
    • Growing interest in utilization of automation to enhance occupant performance and experience
    • Movement towards environmentally sustainable design
    • Shortage of qualified facilities management personnel
    Source: Building Intelligence Group (Feb/2007)
  • 13. Green is Hot
    • Majority of participants cited increased organizational and community push for greener buildings • “We’re doing green. Demand is coming from the community.” (K-12 Participant)
    • Growing willingness to invest in technologies if they can be tied to environmental outcomes
    Source: Building Intelligence Group (Feb/2007)
  • 14. Intelligent & Integrated Buildings Council
    • Reed Construction Data/RSMeans
    • Life-Cycle Costs Analysis Tool
    • Building Intelligence Quotient Consortium
  • 15. Conferences, Trade Shows and Seminars June 18, 2007, Anaheim, CA
  • 16. Facilities as Profit Centers “ Today, facilities are viewed as strategic resources... elevating the facility manager to the role of asset manager supporting the organization's overall business goals. ... managing facilities as a true profit center.” (From an E-mail promoting a new book “Total Productive Facilities Management - By Richard Sievert)
  • 17.