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Middleware Expert Support Presentation
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Middleware Expert Support Presentation


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The overview of C2B2 Middleware Expert Support Offering. …

The overview of C2B2 Middleware Expert Support Offering.
For more information visit or email us at

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  • Hi and welcome to this short presentation regarding our Middleware Expert Support offering.
  • First of all let’s take a look at why you might want to consider supporting your middleware.Firstly, and most importantly, the impact of any problem, slow down or outage can be disastrous - financially, legally and to your companies reputation.Another issue is the lack of in-house skills for supporting your middleware. Although your development and operations teams may be highly skilled, the complexity of an organisation’s middleware is something whichgrows and changes rapidly. The skills required to maintain an enterprise-wide reliable, scalable, high performance, secure and manageable middleware infrastructure require a level of technical expertise few organisations can maintain in their development or operations teams.Even if you have team members with the relevant skills, maintaining an in-house team of experts dedicated solely to solving critical middleware issues is very expensive and not cost effective for most organisations.Vendor support is limited and generally not flexible; they do not support the whole application stack and often only support the latest versions. In addition to this, they don’t provide end to end support, particularly when you are using products from other vendors.
  • What do we provide?First of all, at C2B2 we provide much more than just a helpdesk. We provide expert support from experienced consultants dedicated solely to resolving your middleware issues and we have a proven track record in the field helping customers resolve these issues.We provide a cost effective solution. Employing your own in-house staff dedicated solely to solving critical middleware issues is very expensiveStandard vendor support contracts are designed to fix bugs in the vendors applicationwhereas our support is aligned with your priorities and is designed to ensure you maintain Service Level Agreements in your business critical environments.Here at C2B2 we realise that one size doesn't fit all. We are totally independent and our help and advice will be tailored specifically to your needs.
  • So, what benefits can you expect?Firstly, system down time and outages can be very costly. We aim for rapid diagnosis and fix across applications and mixed middleware. We also look to reduce outages through effective monitoring and alerting before issues arise. Our cost-effective, dedicated expert support will help reduce your maintenance costs.We can also help with improving current staff skills through team mentoring and co-working.And by taking advantage of our support offering you allow your developers to concentrate on their jobs and focus on implementing business functionality rather than spending their time fighting middleware issues.As experienced partners with Oracle, Redhat and VMware, we deal with vendors on your behalf making your support contract more effective.
  • Here we take a look at some of our support features.We provide a UK based helpdesk where you can discuss your issues and talk to one of our experienced middleware engineersYou can also access our support web site where you can view and keep track of all support tickets that have been raised and see the current progress.In cases where critical issues occur we can also provide on-site consultancy to ensure your systems are back up and running in the shortest possible time.Before providing support services we will perform an initial review of your whole system.We provide support where there is no vendor support, particularly where you are using open-source solutions.
  • Thank you for listening.If you’re interested in our Middleware Expert Support then full details of our offerings, including details on support levels, incident priorities and a full list of our services appear on our website or you can contact us to discuss your needs further.
  • Transcript

    • 1. C2B2 Consulting LtdMiddleware Expert Support © C2B2 Consulting Limited 2012 All Rights Reserved
    • 2. Why Should You Consider Supporting Your Middleware?• Any problems in mission critical middleware are likely to cause very serious consequences• Lack of in-house skills• High cost of in-house support• Limited and inflexible vendor support © C2B2 Consulting Limited 2012 All Rights Reserved
    • 3. What do we provide?• More than just a helpdesk!• An expert support service delivered by experienced consultants dedicated solely to resolving your middleware issues• A cost-effective solution• Support for multi-vendor stacks• Independent advice, based on your needs © C2B2 Consulting Limited 2012 All Rights Reserved
    • 4. The Benefits• Reduced system down time / outages• Reduced costs• Improved in-house engineers’ skills• Increased team productivity• Increased value of vendor support © C2B2 Consulting Limited 2012 All Rights Reserved
    • 5. Support Features• UK based helpdesk for raising cases and talking with a middleware engineer• Support web site to access and keep track of support tickets• On-site consultancy support for critical issues• Initial system review where we check against best practice and get to know the application• Support for open-source stacks that have no vendor support © C2B2 Consulting Limited 2012 All Rights Reserved
    • 6. Further DetailsFurther details available on our websiteContact us :E-mail : : 08450 539457 © C2B2 Consulting Limited 2012 All Rights Reserved