C2B2 vFabric Hyperic Kickstart


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C2B2 vFabric Hyperic Kickstart

  1. 1. vFabric Hyperic KickstartSummary Supported Environments:VMWare’s vFabric Hyperic is a very powerful application and infrastructuremonitoring solution with a huge number of capabilities and monitoring Operating Systemsoptions “out of the box”. However, knowing where to start can be confusingand intimidating if you have not used Hyperic or configured similar ı AIX ı NetBSDmanagement products before. C2B2’s tailored Kickstart engagement can ı Cisco IOS ı OpenBSDget an initial Hyperic installation off the ground and deliver benefits to you ı Cisco PIXOS ı Solarisrapidly, at the same time enabling you to extend and support your Hypericinvestment for longer term. ı FreeBSD ı VMware vSphere ı HPUX ESXBenefits ı Linux ı VMware vSphere ı Mac OSX ESXiOnce you have invested in vFabric Hyperic as your monitoring tool of choice, ı Microsoft ı VMware VI3C2B2’s Kickstart will ensure that you make the most of your investment and Windows ı VMware GSXrapidly accelerate and de-risk your implementation. ı Rapidly reduced implementation time by providing a foundation from which you can expand and extend. Servers ı Implementation risk reduction as the core Hyperic agent and server infrastructure is configured to best practices for security and high ı ActiveMQ Server availability. ı Alfresco ı MySQL ı Enhancement of your team’s productivity through training and ı Apache ı NTP mentoring throughout the engagement. webserver ı Nagios ı Apache Tomcat ı OC4J ı Better infrastructure reliability by having production monitoring and alerting on a number of key infrastructure services at the end of the ı Bind ı OpenLDAP engagement. ı Coldfusion ı Oracle RDBMS ı DB2 ı Oracle WebLogicMethodology ı Geronimo ı Perbal ı Glassfish ı PostfixThe vFabric Hyperic Kickstart is a 5 day consulting and training engagement ı IBM WebSphere ı PostgreSQLdelivered on site at your premises by C2B2’s highly experienced middlewareconsultants. During the 5 days our consultant will make sure that: ı Informix ı Resin ı iPlanet ı Samba ı JBoss ı Sendmail ı The Hyperic Server is installed and configured for a production environment to best practice; ı JRun ı Spring ı Jetty Applications ı Up to 10 agents are installed and configured to talk securely to the ı Memcached ı SpringSource Hyperic Server; ı MQSeries ERS ı Fully featured monitoring of a Java Application Server is configured on ı Microsoft .NET ı SpringSource an agent; ı Microsoft Hyperic agent ı Fully featured Database monitoring is configured on an Agent; ActiveDirectory ı SpringSource tc ı Up to 10 users are created in the Hyperic server with up to 10 groups; ı Microsoft server ı Up to 5 alerts are configured with escalations and e-mail alerting; Exchange ı Sun JVM ı Microsoft IIS ı Sybase ı You will receive full documentation on how to extend the environment ı Microsoft SQL ı VMware vCenter to other application servers and databases; ı VMware Zimbra ı You will receive 1 day vFabric Hyperic administration training for up to 5 delegates which covers basic administration, monitoring and alerting of operational environments. Telephone: 08450 539457 Email: info@C2B2.co.uk Web: www.C2B2.co.uk C2B2_JBOSSHC 21/02/2011 © 2011 C2B2 Consulting Limited, Unit 33, Malvern Hills Science Park, Geraldine Road, Malvern, Worcestershire. WR14 3SZ Registered in England and Wales: 4563419
  2. 2. vFabric Hyperic KickstartRequirements About C2B2For the Kickstart to progress smoothly we will need some help from you: C2B2 is a specialist, independent, middleware consultancy ı A database server we can use to install the Hyperic schema into; dedicated to ensuring your ı A server capable of hosting the central Hyperic Server; solution goes live; Fast, Reliable, Manageable and Secure. ı Production or trial licenses of Hyperic Enterprise or access to the open source download; Our consultants are experts in ı Controlled access to your production environment to install Hyperic the leading commercial and open Agents; source Java middleware platforms ı Access to an SMTP server to configure e-mail alerts; from Oracle, Red Hat and VMWare/ SpringSource; and have in-depth ı Details of user and groups you would like us to create; knowledge of configuring them ı Details of application server and database passwords so the agents can for Scalability, Performance, attach and monitor successfully; Availability, Serviceability and Security. ı Space for our consultant to work on their laptop; ı Meeting Space to review your monitoring requirements; We provide a full range of services, supporting you, throughout the ı Time with your key operational staff to mentor them on Hyperic use; project life cycle. Our consultants ı Room with a projector for our one day training session, with each concentrate on getting your delegate using their own laptop. Java middleware right, freeing up project developers to getNext Steps the business functionality right, massively reducing the risksContact your C2B2 account manager for more information on the Kickstart in project implementation,and pricing. If you need to tailor the Kickstart to cover specific technologies deployment and operations.or you have any questions please call or e-mail us at sales@c2b2.co.uk or+44 8450 539457. Telephone: 08450 539457 Email: info@C2B2.co.uk Web: www.C2B2.co.uk C2B2_JBOSSHC 21/02/2011 © 2011 C2B2 Consulting Limited, Unit 33, Malvern Hills Science Park, Geraldine Road, Malvern, Worcestershire. WR14 3SZ Registered in England and Wales: 4563419