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C2B2 Services for e-Gaming

  1. 1. C2B2 Services for eGamingChallenges Facing eGaming Our Expertise:Reliability, Availability, Scalability, Security and Performance are priority 1 requirementsfor gaming architectures. C2B2 provide consultancy and ı If your systems are unreliable you could be losing or creating inconsistent managed services on the following: data, leaving yourself open to fraud, reputation risk or legal challenge on game outcomes. ı Oracle WebLogic Server ı If your systems are unavailable then you are losing money every minute your ı Oracle Glassfish system is down and customers may try elsewhere and never return. ı Oracle Service Bus ı If your systems can’t scale then you can’t add more customers and grow your ı Oracle BPM revenues without risking major outages. ı Oracle Coherence ı If your system are insecure then you are open to massive losses and leakage of sensitive customer information. ı JBoss EAP ı If your customers experience poor performance then they will move to your ı JBoss Enterprise Web Platform competitors where they can have a better customer experience. ı JBoss SOA PlatformIn a rapidly changing market with demanding and fickle customers and aggressive ı JBoss Portaland innovative competition, non functional requirements are the prerequisites for hotfunctionality and a fantastic customer experience. ı JBoss Operations NetworkAddressing these non functional challenges requires deep knowledge of the middleware ı JBoss AS Communityplatforms that support modern e-gaming architectures. However the skills to develop and ı JBoss BRMSmaintain a reliable, available, scalable, secure and performant middleware infrastructurerequires a level of technical expertise few organisations can maintain in their operations ı Infinispanand development teams. The capabilities of modern middleware platforms changes ı HornetQrapidly with new releases, new technologies and new methodologies appearing daily. ı Apache Tomcat ı Apache ActiveMQC2B2 Services for eGaming ı Apache Camel ı C2B2 can ensure your middleware is reliable and fail safe with no data loss or data inconsistency in the case of component failure. ı Apache CXF ı C2B2 can design your middleware to be running non-stop with resilience to ı Apache HTTPD component and link failures with no single points of failure. ı Apache Cassandra ı C2B2 can architect your middleware for extreme scalability for growth in users, ı Apache Hadoop data and transaction volumes. ı VMWare vFabric tcServer ı C2B2 can architect elastic middleware that grows and shrinks with your demand. ı VMWare vFabric GemFire ı C2B2 can review and configure your middleware for security and integration with enterprise security systems. ı VMWare vFabric Hyperic ı C2B2 can test and tune your middleware for extreme performance and ı VMWare vFabric RabbitMQ thousands of users. ı C2B2 can help you introduce leading edge technologies specifically design for extreme scalability including Data Grids, NoSQL datastores and enterprise messaging. ı C2B2 can support you after go-live with consultants at the end of the phone, proactive monitoring and consultants on site for critical situation support. Telephone: 08450 539457 Email: info@C2B2.co.uk Web: www.C2B2.co.uk C2B2_EGAMING 23/05/2011 © 2011 C2B2 Consulting Limited, Unit 33, Malvern Hills Science Park, Geraldine Road, Malvern, Worcestershire. WR14 3SZ Registered in England and Wales: 4563419
  2. 2. C2B2 Services for eGaming C2B2 eGaming Experience About Us C2B2 worked with a major real time Gaming Company, experiencing massive performance problems in an application, introducing arbitrage risk. C2B2’s JVM experts C2B2 is a specialist, independent, identified and fixed the performance problems in the system massively reducing the middleware consultancy dedicated to exposure to financial risk. ensuring your solution goes live Fast, Reliable, Manageable and Secure. C2B2 worked with a major provider of Casino Games, experiencing frequent slowdowns and outages on their application servers resulting in lost revenue and lost bets. C2B2’s Our consultants are experts in the application server experts identified problems in the application server configuration leading commercial and open source and fixes in the code to enhance stability. Further work is required to transition the Java middleware platforms from customer to a scalable architecture for future growth. Oracle, Apache, Red Hat and VMWare/ SpringSource; and have in-depth knowledge of configuring them for Next Steps Scalability, Performance, Availability, If you need Reliability, Availability, Scalability, Security and Performance from your Serviceability and Security. mission critical middleware infrastructure or if you need advice or support call us. We provide a full range of services, If you want advice and guidance on the capabilities of the latest middleware supporting you throughout the technologies including elastic clustering, data grids or NoSQL stores give us a call or project life cycle. Our consultants check out our series of workshops on our web site www.c2b2.co.uk. concentrate on getting your Java For more information on our middleware services and pricing please call or e-mail us at middleware right, freeing up project sales@c2b2.co.uk or +44 8450 539457. developers to get the business functionality right, massively reducing the risks in project implementation, deployment and operations. Telephone: 08450 539457 Email: info@C2B2.co.uk Web: www.C2B2.co.uk C2B2_EGAMING 23/05/2011 © 2011 C2B2 Consulting Limited, Unit 33, Malvern Hills Science Park, Geraldine Road, Malvern, Worcestershire. WR14 3SZ Registered in England and Wales: 4563419