C2B2 A la carte JBoss Training


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C2B2 A la carte JBoss Training

  1. 1. A la Carte JBoss Training C2B2’s unique approach to JBoss training enables you to select the information you require and schedule training when you want. Our menu of JBoss modules allows you to build the perfect training program designed around you andgiving your JBoss Administrators, Developers and Architects the knowledge they require to support your investment in JBoss.How does it work? About UsOur JBoss training syllabus consists of a number of 1 day modules which you canpick and choose to fit in with your team’s training requirements. You can choose C2B2 is a specialist, independent,as many modules as you like and take them individually or combine them in a middleware consultancyblock to suit your scheduling. dedicated to ensuring your solution goes live; Fast, Reliable,Our modules are designed to be taken on-site at your premises. All modules Manageable and Secure.contain extensive hands on workshops carried out on local virtual machines or inAmazon’s Cloud. Our consultants are experts in the leading commercial and open source Java middleware platformsBenefits from Oracle, Red Hat and VMWare/ ı You only pay for the information you require by cutting out modules that are SpringSource; and have in-depth not relevant to your organization. knowledge of configuring them for Scalability, Performance, ı You can schedule the training when you want so a 5 day training course Availability, Serviceability and could be spread across 5 weeks or 5 months to consolidate your learning, Security. reducing the operational impact of taking people away from their day jobs for training. We provide a full range of services, ı We reduce the number of training courses you need to take compared supporting you throughout the with other vendor’s training. For example if you need JBoss Administration project life cycle. Our consultants training and JBoss SOA platform training, all you need to do is combine our concentrate on getting your modules into a unique course without having to send staff to numerous Java middleware right, freeing public courses. up project developers to get the business functionality right, ı You will learn from some of the industry’s top consultants. Our trainers are massively reducing the risks all field consultants with extensive experience of using JBoss in the real world. in project implementation, deployment and operations.Next StepsTake a look at the modules we offer and discuss with our Account Team howbest to combine them to deliver the training you need, exactly when you need it.Contact C2B2 on 08450 539457 or e-mail training@c2b2.co.uk to request detailedagendas for each module or to discuss your requirements. Telephone: 08450 539457 Email: info@C2B2.co.uk Web: www.C2B2.co.uk C2B2_JBOSSTR 03/03/2011 © 2011 C2B2 Consulting Limited, Unit 33, Malvern Hills Science Park, Geraldine Road, Malvern, Worcestershire. WR14 3SZ Registered in England and Wales: 4563419
  2. 2. A la Carte JBoss TrainingModulesChoose from any number of these 1 day modules to build your team’s training program.JBA-1: Basic JBoss AdministrationThis module provides the foundations of JBoss administration and is suitable foradministrators, architects and developers.Prerequisites: NoneJBA-2: Advanced JBoss AdministrationThis module provides advanced administration experience including large scale clusterconfiguration and development of custom components.Prerequisites: JBA-1 or equivalent expertiseJBSOA-1: SOA Concepts and TerminologyThis module introduces the concepts behind Service Oriented Architecture and provides afoundation for developers and architects unfamiliar with SOA.Prerequisites: NoneJBSOA-2: JBoss ESB IntroductionThis module provides an introduction for developers looking to use JBoss SOA Platform tobuild SOA solutions using JBoss ESB.Prerequisites: NoneJBSOA-3: Advanced JBoss ESB DevelopmentThis module builds on JBSOA-2 and introduces developers to advanced use of SOAplatform and covers large scale deployment; rules based routing and other advanced ESBtechniques.Prerequisites: JBSOA-2JBSOA-4: JBPM DevelopmentThis module covers development of business process management applications usingJBPM and the integration of JBPM with JBoss ESB for process orchestration.Prerequisites: JBSOA-2JBC-1: JBoss Clustering WorkshopThis predominantly hands-on workshops provides in depth experience for developerslooking to cluster JBoss as well as use of the JGroups, JBoss Cache and Infinispan for thecreation of data grids.Prerequisites: NoneJBRHQ-1: Managing JBoss with RHQThis module is for administrators and developers that want to use the capabilities of LanguagesRHQ (JON) to manage their application server infrastructure.Prerequisites: None All modules are taught in English.JBRHQ-2: Extending RHQThis module builds on JBRHQ-1 and provides developers with the knowledge and Durationexperience they will need to extend the capabilities of RHQ to monitor custom applicationcomponents; integrate with external alerting systems and build custom dashboards. 1 day or combined as required toPrerequisites: JBRHQ-1 form custom courses.JBDROOLS-1: Developing with DROOLSThis module for developers gives them hands on experience of using the Drools rules Prerequisitesengine to develop applications that incorporate business rules.Prerequisites: None ı Basic Linux System Administration Skills.JBDROOLS-2: Using BRMS and Advanced DroolsThis module builds on JBDROOLS-1 to encompass the use of BRMS for managing ı Familiarity with the concepts ofcompany rule bases and extends drools development skills to cover drools JEE.3fusion and flow. ı Some courses require JavaPrerequisites: JBDROOLS-1 development experience. Telephone: 08450 539457 Email: info@C2B2.co.uk Web: www.C2B2.co.uk C2B2_JBOSSTR 03/03/2011 © 2011 C2B2 Consulting Limited, Unit 33, Malvern Hills Science Park, Geraldine Road, Malvern, Worcestershire. WR14 3SZ Registered in England and Wales: 4563419