CAI Board Minutes 6.17.00


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CAI Board Minutes 6.17.00

  1. 1. CENTRAL ASIA INSTITUTE Board of Directors Meeting June 17, 2000 San Francisco, California Final Minutes Approved January 20, 2001CAI Board Members Present Guest PresentJulia Bergman, Nicholas Clinch, FundraisingThomas Hornbein, MD Geri LeskoAndrew Marcus, PhD, Vice-ChairmanThomas Vaughan, MD, Chair Staff Members PresentJennifer Wilson, Secretary Greg Mortenson, Executive Director Christine Slaughter, AssistantCAI Board Member ExcusedGordon WiltsieCall to OrderTom Vaughan called the meeting to order at 8:50amApproval of MinutesTom Vaughan asked if there were any additions or corrections to the January 2000meeting. Tom Hornbein commented on a correction about the term length of boardmembers on the board. He referred to the one-year gap in between two sets of threeyears. The correction was board members will serve two consecutive three-year termswith one year off. Andrew Marcus requested future minutes follow a more standardformat with less bulleting. MOTION: Accept minutes with correction that board terms can extend for two consecutive three year terms, with a required year off after six years before rejoining the board. The Board can extend terms by a majority vote if circumstances warrant it. Tom Hornbein moved minutes be accepted with correction. Andrew Marcus seconded. Motion unanimously carried.Andrew Marcus noted the draft budget imbedded in the minutes, but approving theminutes does not mean approving the budget included.DiscussionStatus of the Budget: Greg Mortenson has all information from Pakistan to help devisea budget and Pat Dunn will help get the Pakistan expenditures wrapped up. CAI fundsinclude $200,000 in CDs and $14,000 in the checking account. Tom Vaughan stated thatthe 2000 budget was roughly $200,000 and wanted to know how much of that amounthas been spent to date. An estimated $100,000 of total CAI funds should be left at the 1
  2. 2. years end. Greg Mortenson roughly estimated about $37,000 in stock transfers. The$60,000 figure given to the board was from check and credit card donations. Nick Clinchcommented CAI should sell stock immediately upon receiving it. Greg raised thequestion about teachParvi er endowments. Andrew Marcus expressed concern that CAIdoes not have a definite budget.Chief of Operations Position: Greg Mortenson had not made any headway other thanpreparing the ad. Tom Vaughan stated this issue was important in the previous boardmeeting and a solid administrative infrastructure is key to CAIs success. Tom Hornbeincommented much energy was put forth to create this ad and this is the basic life supportfor Greg and wanted to establish a solution soon.Business Liability Insurance: Greg Mortenson reported business liability insurancecosts about $1500. If approved, it covers each board member up to $1,000,000. Nickadvised CAI get business liability insurance. Tom Hornbein wants to see what $1500covered and review the policy term details. Jennifer Wilson felt working in a dangerousarea created the need for insurance. ACTION: Board tasked Greg to review insurance policy term details to facilitate making a decision regarding this matter.G.M. Parvis Status: Greg Mortenson reported of the estimated $6,000 taken from CAI,Parvi has paid back $1,800. Parvi is dedicated to CAI, meticulous with projects under hisjurisdiction and irreplaceable. Julia Bergman could make judgement on her upcomingtrip to Skardu.Brent Bishops Trip Expenditures: Greg reported Brent and others who worked onNike projects never produced a report on expenditures. Nick Clinch recommended CAIcompose a draft of itemized expenditures to Brent for successful latrine and portertraining projects. If Brent agreed with draft, have him sign it. Tom Hornbein and TomVaughan agreed. ACTION: Greg Mortenson will produce a draft of Nike project expenditures and a one page draft report of project results and forward them to Brent for his edits and signature of approval.Teacher Training Institute Text: Greg Mortenson reported CAI bought plane ticketsfor three master teachers who will work on the creation of the Balti workbook as a part ofthe Teacher Training Institute. Julia Bergman said those participants whose tickets werefinanced through CAI would fundraise upon their return to try to reimburse CAI. Theticket will come out of $20,000 Jinnah Library Project budget. Tom Hornbein suggestedJulia produce a proposal and budget for fund allocation of $20,000.MOTION: Andrew Marcus moved to approve $20,000 workbook project pendingbudget from Julia. Jennifer Wilson seconded. Motion carried unanimously, JuliaBergman abstained. 2
  3. 3. K2 North Ridge Expedition Situation: Greg Mortenson briefed the board on thesituation with Heidi Howkins and brought up the idea of drafting a resolution not to helpexpeditions. Nick Clinch recommended Greg not do anything he does not want his andCAIs name attached to.MOTION: Andrew Marcus moved CAI not provide material or personnel help toanyone not associated with CAI., unless it is necessary to protect human health andsafety. Tom Hornbein seconds. Motion carried unanimously. ACTION: Greg Mortenson will work with Bill Dowkins to send a letter to the K2 expedition demanding the K2 Expedition write a letter stating CAI did not receive compensation for help given to the K2 Expedition and has no associated with the K2 Expedition, Mountain Zone, and Quokka.Addition of Robin Houston, MD, MPh to the CAI Board of Directors: MOTION: Jennifer Wilson moved to nominate Robin Houston to the CAI board of directors. Julia Bergman seconded. Motion carried unanimously.Start Date of Board Members: ACTION: Andrew Marcus will develop a template for terms of board membership.Debby Laws School Donation: Greg Mortenson reported the Laws want to give CAI anadministrative fee but want a directive from the board on allocation of fees associatedwith the project. The Board was in favor of Greg working out appropriate administrativefees for the project and making sure the money is kept just for this project and notdiverted to other projects in the region.Board of Directors meeting recessed for fundraising seminar at 11:00am.Call to OrderTom Vaughan recalled the meeting to order at 4:20 pm.Action Items Discussed in Fundraising SeminarDiscussion about fundraising was led by Nick Clinch and Geri Lesko. As a result of thisdiscussion, 5 action items were adopted. ACTION: Mail date for Summer 2000 Ikat newsletter set for July 15, 2000. An envelope will be included in the newsletter to send to all CAI donors and non- donors. Fall newsletter to be mailed on November 15, 2000. Newsletter to be sent to all CAI database without an envelope. Upon Charlies approval, 3
  4. 4. newsletter will be sent to all AAC members with an envelope. CAI will send out direct mail appeal letter to CAI donors with envelope on December 1, 2000. ACTION: Compile new files for all major donors, on computer and hard copy. ACTION: Compile a donor calendar for Greg Mortenson to send out a biannual letter. ACTION: Jennifer Wilson and Tom Hornbein take donor Scott Tweedy to lunch. ACTION: Have a master donor database system that works for CAI.AdjournmentThere being no further business, Tom Vaughan adjourned the meeting at 5:50 pm. 4
  5. 5. Fundraising SeminarBelow is a brief summary of key points discussed in the fundraising portion of the June2000 board meeting, facilitated by Nick Clinch and Geri Lesko.INFRASTRUCTUREStable and strong to help CAI grow and flourish. Without a strong infrastructure, CAIrisks burnout. A key part to a solid infrastructure is a full-time, on-site administrativeassistant.FUNDRAISING AND DEVELOPMENT PLANA strong fundraising and development plan would sustain the organization.One year plan to include the following:• Mail existing newsletter• Insert envelope• Fall newsletter• Fall direct mail appeal• Gift acknowledgementsFall newsletter and direct mail appeal to be designed, written and produced before Gregreturns to Pakistan in September. Continue solicitations to foundations and corporations.An established Donor Profile sheet will become part of a permanent file. Put on holdresearching new corporations, foundations, and planned giving programs. Look at donorlist to examine major donors and where they are coming from.GREG MORTENSON & CENTRAL ASIA INSTITUTEHistorically, funding for CAI has come from Gregs slide shows, direct mailings, andpersonal contacts. STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES• Greg on the road • Greg on the road too much• Vision and Mission has value • Infrastructure cant support work• Major Donor Potential - HIGH • Funds running out• In - country cooperation high • Pakistan politically suspect• Good return on investment • 5