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A social directory akin to a "white label Yelp white benefits (e.g. review and comment editing)," Buzzr+ is fully integrated with the multi-site small business CMS so you can offer clients a smooth upgrades to a complete digital marketing solution.

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  • Started in 2008 by Lullabot and Ed Sussman Core areas of expertise: Knowing the Small Business Market Drupal and Streamlined Multi-Site Technology
  • Talk through P&L. Key Growth Expense Assumptions for sample city or country (120,000 Businesses; 30,000 Qualified Prospects: Sales Fore of 4 selling 160 City Profiles and 80 websites per month. Financial model is based on our discussions with Pedro Abreu and our derived from CR   15% revenue share> $10mm annual business yr 5> EBITDA mgns >70% Support city guide, websites, and mobile app $7500/mo       Paid Profiles (1/3 of biz)     4 reps….10 profiles/wk……>>>160 month…….   We are conservative by keeping this consistent throughout the model ….with monthly churn scaling down from 5 percent a month to one percent a month   By yr 5…….5400 paid profile (18% of 30,000)  $60….$720 annually >>>>>>>$3.8 to 4mm annual run rate     Paid/ Search Local (1/3) 10% or  16 of the new /mo > $500   Advertising ………unlike Yelp (this is a very small part of our business)……less 5% of revs in yr 5 1 st yr we build out 30,000 then ad more slowly after the qualified prospects CPM $5   Website Revenue(1/3) 80/mo>  again 4 reps placing 5 a week>>>>>yr 5 2700 websites less than 10%  >>> $100 month     10% or 8 order a custom design  
  • Lullabot + Ed.
  • Buzzr+ Social City Guide Platform

    1. 1. + A Social City Guide/Business + Directory SaaSSet Your Sites Higher Platform
    2. 2. + Key Product Features  Networked Small Business Profiles (Self-Service)  Customer Ratings and Reviews of Products/Services Queued for Small Business Approval  Top-level Directory Website with Comprehensive Search/Filtering Across all Business Profiles  Lonely Planet-style Editorial Features for User Generated Content posts  Optional: Profiles Integrated with Buzzr White Label Small Business Website/Digital Marketing Platform
    3. 3. +Leverages andSyncs withExisting BuzzrWebsiteTechnologyRight: A Business InformationPage from a Buzzr QuickstartMatches Format of City GuideBusiness Profile
    4. 4. City Guide Business Profile Wireframe+
    5. 5. + Compare: A Yelp Business Profile
    6. 6. City Guide Homepage Wireframe+
    7. 7. + Built on the Buzzr Multi-Site WCMS• Unlimited sites/micro- sites on the same code & database• Centralized dashboard shows user and website activity• Sites are networked with common user profiles
    8. 8. + Reward Points for Active Users Sue Latest Activity from Businesses & Friends Business Profiles/Friends Being Followed Suggested Websites/ City Guide Profiles TJ Sponsored Offers/ Product PromotionsCodename 8 8
    9. 9. + Editorial Features for Lonely-Planet Style Content from Contributors  Advanced Publishing/Social Tools Simplified for use by Non-Technical End Users
    10. 10. + Fully Integrated with Buzzr White Label Website/Digital Marketing Platform  Updating a website automatically updates a profile and vice versa  Single dashboard and UI  We recommend packaging with SEO, social media coaching, monthly analytics reports (which can be outsourced to us) and your own products
    11. 11. + Sample Suggested Revenue Model  Claimed City Guide profiles e.g. $11.95 per month  Local Paid Search and Local Contextual Advertising  National/International Advertising CPM  Small Business Digital Marketing and Monthly Website Support (e.g. $99 a month)  Custom Designs/Skins (e.g. $500 fee)
    12. 12. + Sample of Organizations Buzzr and Lullabot (Tech Lead) Have Worked With
    13. 13. + Contact Ed Sussman, CEO, Buzzr 646-283-9427 New York + A White Label City Guide Platform