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Connecting with your fans: Twitter

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PacNet12 Presentation

  1. 1. Kathleen Hessert, Sports Media Challenge & BuzzManager, Inc
  2. 2. Twitter Telling Life Stories You Can Too!Mark HaywoodUsed Twitter to save a dog’s lifeMyra McEntire JerryRizzoWrote a book & landed a movie deal Tweeted his way 2 a dream job in the NBA 3
  3. 3. 2012 Social Super Bowl 4
  4. 4. SM Education is VitalDid you know? Easy access isn’t easy excellence Aiming for attention is yesterday Attracting fans through tweets is top priority. Aim for a continuous fan connection Twitter is a stand alone + great amplifier of other platforms too 5
  5. 5. @ Center of Social Ecosystem To Twitter From Twitter 4SquareFB Twitter 6
  6. 6. Twitter Drives Engagement Forecast builds off Twitter’s ability to amplify  Forecast where you’ll be in advance  Automatic trigger to check in on Foursquare when you arrive  Alerts friends to go there too or socialize on arrival  Earn badges & leverages the value of “social proof”  Enables geo-location advertising & is made for critical mobile environment 7
  7. 7. Align to Business Strategy Rockettes leverage NBC’s Super Bowl spot to amplify its national brand evolution Drive traffic to sites Expand social ecosystem on Facebook & Pinterest 8
  8. 8. What Should They Tweet?  Use Editorial Calendars to trigger ideas, stay on brand & add value not noise  Identify twitter acct(s) goal  Humanize the brand  Make it authentic/ transparent  be who the acct says you are  Be current. Be creative  Acknowledge & engage others  Storify your Twitter narrative making heroes of your advocates 9
  9. 9. Timing for Impact # for Tracking Time of day/week  Real-time or  Late in day  10-11pm EST  Late in week  Saturday  Various tools to analyze your community & your results Hashtags  Creative, evokes emotion  Incorporates your brand  Adopt community #s that work  Be content relevant  Don’t be #McDstories  Use tools that track viral path 10
  10. 10. Monitor for Business Intelligence  Listening for valued content to act on  Who is talking & how much  Where’s the conversation  What are they talking about  Who are the most prolific  ID Advocates:greatest reach  Surface actionable information when it’s worth something  Customer service in venue & community  PR & crisis communications  Brand resonance  Marketing & sales  Product development  Competitor intelligence 11
  11. 11. Community Management Organize fornimbleness, efficiency & effectiveness 12
  12. 12. Best Practice Bonus Tips #140 characters or less1. Begin with a headline thought to suck followers in. Dull squelches interest2. Never begin a tweet with @sign, it limits those who can see it to those who follow the 2 tweeters3. Never start with a NAME unless that person will make ppl read UR tweet4. Retweets usually occur within 1hr of UR tweet5. Typical # of RT’s = 1 Multiples mean you should B really happy!6. Optimal tweet length is 120-125 characters 2B retweeted7. “Via @kathleenhessert” in middle of UR tweet is more effective than “RT”8. Incorporate link shorteners & track open rates9. MT stands 4 “modified tweet”10. Using sign posts like: “NEW BLOG POST” “INFORGRAPHIC” attracts more eyeballs11. 4 deeper engagement draw online fans offline via tweets12. Use a call-2-action to prompt engagement13. Ask questions: crowdsourcing is valuable & an inherently social activity attracting others 13
  13. 13. Contact us for more information: Thank Hessert Kathleen you! Founder & CEO 704.541.5942 (o) on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, Foursquare, Google+, Instagram