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Social media marketing Cost_Buzz Digital V1.4

  1. 1. Social Media Cost Estimation
  2. 2. Social Media Cost Estimation01. Facebook Fan Pages02. Facebook Viral03. Facebook Advertising04. Influencers seeding, Forum Seeding05. Viral Video06. Digital PR & Hot Blog Viral07. Case Study
  3. 3. Facebook Fan Pages
  4. 4. Create Fan Pages Design professional Fan Page aligned with client’s brand identity Create new tab/apps to show your services, contest, video, web, welcome guest, branding message, flash...Manage & Attract Attract facebook users to like the Fanpage Contest, content marketing Find and engage existing Fans Invite Fans to upload content Hot discussions, new feeds, notes, photos, videos... and provide useful resources
  5. 5. Facebook EngagementInfluencers engagement Finding relevant influencers and offering them brand experiences they want to talk about with their networks of connections 5-20 influencers (at least 1500 friends each one) depend on each campaign KPIs settingViral Post content on influencers’ wall, make viral Spread content & comment on friends’ & other fan pages’ wall Join some famous groups to do seeding to get more fans All contents (post, note, photo, video...) will embed brand massages
  6. 6. Fan Page Cost Works Time Quantity Cost/Fee Customized FB Ava Free Tab/Apps 1-2 weeks 1 tab 100$ FB Content Management Fee 1 month 300$ FB Ads & Sponsor story 1 month 01 CPC (click) 0.05 - 0.1$ Facebook Viral 1 week 01 Viral Influencers 50$ Report weekly 2 times freeNote:- Apps fee depend on contents- Agency fee also depends on each campaign, contest & prize (if have) & workload…- Report include: Fans, posts, discussions, comments, photo & videos, ..
  7. 7. Facebook Ads & Sponsor StoryFacebook Ads 0.05$ - 0.1$/CPC (Cost per Click) Target Audience: Area, age, gender…..Sponsor Story 0.05$ - 0.1$/CPC (Cost per Click) Target Audience: Area, age, gender…..
  8. 8. Community ViralOur approach Amplify & Embed Open-End &Members selected Brand Experiences Make Discussion Massages Reports Invite and select Give influencers Select Hot Topic Discussion, infor- Discussion end influencers on brand experienc- mation & experi- each forum es or train them Create Discussion ences sharing, Measurement and about product, make noise reports Discussion Influencers are key massages... Guideline longtime & re- Embed Massages spected members Q&A and have a lot of Crisis posts, comments, management (if relationships in have) community
  9. 9. Community ViralInfluencers seeding: Influencers: 100 $/Month/Member/ Forum Management Fee: 300$/Month/ForumForum seeding (non - influencers) Management Fee: 200$/Month/ForumNote Cost can be adjusted depends on the forum 03 - 05 influencers selected/forum Influencers are longtime & respected members and have a lot of posts, comments, relationships in community
  10. 10. Viral Video 1. Establishing Goals & Strategy 2. Creative 3. Production 4. Viral Video Marketing & Seeding
  11. 11. Viral Video CostCreative fee: 1500$/Video Brief & storyboardsProduction cost: 15 000$/Video Video duration: 1 mins (+3000$ for each 30s added) However costs are driven by many factors: - Pre production: casting, talent (actors), trained animals, location - Production: The number of videos, live-action vs. animation, the equipment required, live visual effects, makeup effects, wardrobe, props and sets., - Post production: Editing, computer graphics and visual effects, music composition, recording or licensing Viral Video Marketing & Seeding Cost: depends on viral plan
  12. 12. Hot Blog Viral & Digital PR
  13. 13. Hot Blog Viral & Digital PR CostHot Blog Viral Cost: Article writing: 100$/article Publishing: 100$/articleDigital PR Cost: Depends on the online newspaper
  14. 14. Case Study
  15. 15. Social Media
  16. 16. Social Media (FB) - AsashiClient: Asashi Hot PotCampaign: Increase the brand awarenessChannel: FacebookDuration: 3 monthsResults: 40,230 fans
  17. 17. Social Media (FB) - TracyClient: TracyCampaign: Increase the brand awarenessChannel: FacebookDuration: 5 monthsResults: 33,418 fans
  18. 18. Community Viral - MobifoneClient: MobifoneProduct: Funring sang taoCampaign:Lauching new service, www.sangtao.funring.vnChannel: Online PR & ICT Forum SeedingDuration: 02 weeeksResults:- Discussion on 26 forums and Social networks- Views: 31.752 views- Comments: 2.045 comments
  19. 19. Community Viral - Elite FitnessClient: Elite Fitness & SpaProduct: FitnessCampaign:- Brand awareness & Engagement- Digital Influence: use influencers (key members) toengage target audiencesChannel: - ICT Forum, -Automobile ForumDuration: 01 monthsResults:- Views: more than 2500 views/ each forum- Comments: more than 100 comments/ forum
  20. 20. Community Viral - PH CareClient: United PharmaCampaign: PH CareObjective: Build up awareness, trust!Channel: webtretho, lamchameDuration: 01 monthsResults: 4469 views, 254 comments
  21. 21. Digital Campaigns - DianaClient: DianaLabel: “Baby Tom & Jerry” DiaperCampaign: New product PR and trial sampleChannel: Organize a photo and clip contest “The mostplayful kid” on forum Webtretho and microsite- Organize a diary writing contest “ Play with yourlovely kid”- Trial sample- Banners advertisingResults:- Attendants : 400 moms- Commented members: more than 1000 moms- Over 10 000 people sign up to use the free sample.
  22. 22. ContactBuzz Digital Marketing AgencyHead Office: 1604 Floor, A Tower, Ha Thanh Plaza, 102 Thai Thinh, Dong Da, Ha NoiOffice 2: 509 Floor, N4A Building, Trung Hoa - Nhan Chinh, Le Van Luong, Ha NoiTel: (04) 35380704Fax: (04) 35560365Hotline: 097.610.86.86HCM Office: 188/7 Thanh Thai Str., Dist. 10, Ho Chi MinhTel: 093.440.02.30Email: Contact@buzzdigital.vnWebsite: www.buzzdigital.vnOur Blog: