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Seven wonders
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Seven wonders


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  • 1. In this Personality Test Pick the One Color You like best
  • 3. A tough, strong-willed person you certainly are Confident, energetic … you can go far RED
  • 4. You are relaxed and so easy going. To some, this is a most wonderful thing. GREEN Work hard to improve your life, Friend. Be patient and work till the end.
  • 5. Praise to your honesty and generosity. Such virtues are rare today – what a pity ! BLUE
  • 6. You are cheerful and friendly. You just want to be happy. YELLOW You fall in and out of love easily. Be focused to face life successfully.
  • 7. Reading and writing are things you fancy. You have honesty and reliability. BROWN Reading and writing are things you fancy. You have honesty and reliability. BROWN
  • 8. You do well career-wise or socially. Sweet success smiles upon you constantly. ORANGE
  • 9. You are kind, confident and charming. People find you rather amusing. PINK
  • 10. THE END May we know and check our faults ardently To live with one and all most peacefully !
  • 11. Seven Wonders of the world Prepared by Chandra Gupta
  • 12. Seven Wonders of the world
  • 13. Pyramid of Giza
  • 14. Aerial view of the Pyramid of Giza Pyramid of Khafre, Khufu and Menkaure from left to right The pyramids as seen from the city
  • 15. Pyramid of Khufu Pyramid of Khafre Pyramid of Menkaure
  • 16. Pyramid of Khafre with the sphinx in the forgeround A side view of the head of the Sphinx A view of the Sphinx with the pyramid in the background
  • 17. Hanging Garden of Babylon
  • 18. Aerial view of the garden of Babylon
  • 19. The remains of the garden The garden on the bank of the river Euphrates A sideview of the hanging garden
  • 20. Taj Mahal
    • Location: Agra
    • Built from 1632 to 1654
    • By: Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan
    • In memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal
  • 21. Taj Mahal, as seen from the sky Taj Mahal , up close View of Taj Mahal from the entrance
  • 22. Top view of the inside of the octagonal enclosure Shah Jahan Mumtaz Mahal Shah Jahan’s tomb on the left and Mumtaz’s tomb on the right The enclosure
  • 23. The floral design on the tomb The top of the tomb magnified above The inscription on the pillars
  • 24. Octagonal screen of marble & precious stones The decoration up close
  • 25. Taj Mahal up close Details of the mausoleum Inside the mausoleum
  • 26. The Design on the Jali Magnified design on the Jali
  • 27.  
  • 28. Great Wall of China
  • 29. Great Wall of China at Badaling Great Wall of China at Simatai A closer view of the Wall
  • 30. A closer view of the tower The Great Wall climbing up the mountains A View of Great Wall from space
  • 31. A tower of the Great Wall in view A view of Great wall during sunset A closer view of the wall
  • 32. Niagara Falls
  • 33. A panoramic view of the Niagara Falls
  • 34. Tourist spot on the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls The splash of waters A view of the Niagara Falls
  • 35. Horse Shoe Niagara Falls as seen from top A side view of the Horse Shoe Niagara Falls Frozen Niagara Falls in Winter
  • 36. Niagara Falls from the American side Maid of Mist 1 Maid of Mist 2 Niagara Falls at night
  • 37. The Grand Canyon
  • 38. The Grand Canyon at Arizona The Grand Canyon National Park The gorges in the Grand Canyon
  • 39. A view of the Grand Canyon The Colorado River meandering through the Grand Canyon Boating in the Colorado River
  • 40.  
  • 41. The Panama Canal
  • 42. Ships crossing the Panama Canal
  • 43. The Colon of Panama Canal Another view of the canal
  • 44. Viewing the canal from the city A ship passing through the canal
  • 45. To
  • 46.