Coffee from Colombia


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Coffee from Colombia

Is coffee from Colombia really some of the best in the world? If you pass through the Eldorado terminal at the international airport in Bogota, Colombia, stop by the Juan Valdez coffee shop for pan de bono and either regular or Juan Valdez organic coffee. You will be glad that you did and you will be on your way to believing that coffee from Colombia is some of the best in the world. After your cup, or two, of coffee go to the gift store and pick up a few 500 gram bags of Juan Valdez Gourmet Selection coffees. Organico – balanceado is a medium strength organic coffee. As the message on the bag states,

the coffee is “grown and handpicked by Colombian coffee growers who follow the principles of environmentally friendly agriculture by using the most resources out of their farm. Their respect for nature is reflected in this specialty coffee.

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Coffee from Colombia

  1. 1. Coffee
  2. 2. Is coffee from Colombia really someof the best in the world?
  3. 3. If you pass through the Eldoradoterminal at the international airport inBogota, Colombia, stop by the JuanValdez coffee shop for pan de bonoand either regular or Juan Valdezorganic coffee.
  4. 4. You will be glad that you did and youwill be on your way to believing thatcoffee from Colombia is some of thebest in the world.
  5. 5. After your cup, or two, of coffee go tothe gift store and pick up a few 500gram bags of Juan Valdez GourmetSelection coffees. Organico –balanceado is a medium strengthorganic coffee. As the message onthe bag states,
  6. 6. the coffee is “grown and handpickedby Colombian coffee growers whofollow the principles ofenvironmentally friendly agricultureby using the most resources out oftheir farm. Their respect for nature isreflected in this specialty coffee.
  7. 7. More than JustJuan Valdez
  8. 8. There are many Colombian organiccoffee brands. The table below listsColombian organic coffee brandsavailable in the Colombian Cafetero.Prices are retail in Colombian Pesosand the US dollar equivalents arebased on the late 2012 exchangerate of around 1,800 ColombianPesos to the US dollar.
  9. 9. To this list of coffee from Colombiayou can also add Arabica coffeegrown at Finca de Elisa nearValparaiso east of Medellin.
  10. 10. This balanced coffee grown andprocessed at a UTZ certified coffee isavailable for export. Feel free tocontact us today at
  11. 11. All Coffee fromColombia is JuanValdez Coffee
  12. 12. The Juan Valdez trade name camefrom the Colombian Coffee GrowersAssociation nearly half a centuryago.
  13. 13. It is meant to give the buyerassurance that the coffee theypurchase is 100% Colombian.
  14. 14. Although there is a popular JuanValdez coffee house chain inColombia the name Juan Valdez issimply meant to guarantee 100%Colombian content.
  15. 15. This can be an issue in current daysas the recent El Niño drasticallyreduced coffee harvests in theColombian Cafetero forcing growersto import coffee beans from Peru.
  16. 16. Nevertheless, The ColombianCafetero is still a major coffeeproducer where growing organiccoffee in the shade is tradition andgreat organic coffee is common. So,what are some Colombian organiccoffee brands?
  17. 17. Linea RojaSostenibleOrigenFrailes
  18. 18. Purchasing Juan Valdez organiccoffee, that is to say Colombianorganic coffee brands, is easy inColombia and is easy if it has beenexported from Colombia.
  19. 19. However, getting Colombian organiccoffee brands sent from Colombiacan be difficult. Contact us today forhelp in purchasing wholesale organiccoffee from the Cafetero in Colombia.
  20. 20. Whether your preference is coffeefrom Colombia or Panama MountainGrown organic coffee, healthyorganic coffee is good for you.
  21. 21. . Coffee consumption is linked to areduced rate of type II diabetes andhas a protective effect againstseveral types of cancer.
  22. 22. Drink organic coffee and avoid the upto 150 impurities that can be found inregular coffee. Organic coffee isgood for you and organic coffee isgood for the environment.