How Much Does a Starter Cost?


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How much does a starter cost? How to save money on a starter, and where to find a starter for my car at that best price?

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How Much Does a Starter Cost?

  1. 1. How Much Does a Starter Cost?source: much can you expect to pay if youneed to replace one of your starters?Plus, tips on how to save money onnew starters.
  2. 2. How Much Does a Starter Cost?• The starter is essential toget the car engine tostart, obviously. The starteris an electrical device whichcan become faulty overtime or the connection maybecome broken. If the caroccasionally or constantlyfails to start, then you needto consult a certifiedmechanic as soon aspossible.source:
  3. 3. • You can expect to pay around $100 fora starter. The price can be higher orlower depending on the year, makeand model of your particular car.Starters for more expensive cars cancost $200 or more.• You can save money by purchasing arebuilt starter instead of a new one.Save on labor costs by installing thestarter yourself. If you don’t have themeans or knowledge to get the jobdone yourself, then a mechanic canreplace the starter for you. Ask themfor an estimate to find out the exactlabor costs.source: Labor and Part Costs
  4. 4. • You can save money by purchasing a rebuiltstarter instead of a new one. Save on laborcosts by installing the starter yourself. If youdon’t have the means or knowledge to get thejob done yourself, then a mechanic can replacethe starter for you. Ask them for an estimateto find out the exact labor costs.source: to Save Money on a Starter?
  5. 5. source:• Most people get their car repaired at the localmechanic and simply buy the necessary partsdirectly from the mechanic. Reduce your carmaintenance costs by shopping smartly. Findout the exact manufacturer part numbers forthe components that are needed. But don’t buyfrom the mechanic. Enter the part numbers onour website and you will find cheaper prices foryour car starter.How to Save Money on a Starter?
  6. 6. source:• To find the correct starter that is guaranteed to fityour car at an unbeatable price, use the Year,Make, and Model search at the top left of this pageCLICK HERE. If you find the starter cheapersomewhere else, give one of our US based autospecialists a call and we will match that price. 1-888-907-7225. All of our starters come with FreeShipping and an industry leading warranty.Find Your Starter
  7. 7. How Much Does a Starter Cost?The EndFor more Auto How To Tips visit, you need to purchase an auto part- Visit Call 1-888-907-7225- Or send an email to sales@buyautoparts.comTHANKSsource: