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This presentation shows so set was made during our first research visit to Bangladesh as part of the plans for a nationwide mobile awareness and learning project
in Bangladesh. The program will benefit girls and women and aims to become a replicable model for girl’s programs elsewhere. It also wishes to be a collaboration between the private sector, civil society and government in order to build a sustainable initiative, all for the benefit and well being of girls.

Oxfam Novib, BRAC, HASAB, CAMPE, BNPS and FPA Bangladesh, Butterfly Works.

Time Period:
2012 : 2016

Current phase: Research and Concepting.

Target group:
Girls and boys and their parents in the age bracket 15-22 years. Starting in urban areas and then scaling up to rural areas.

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Mobile findings Bangladesh

  1. 1. emer@butterflyworks.orgDhaka, May, 2012
  2. 2. State of Mobile in Bangladesh
  3. 3. Taken at FPAB center, Mymensingh
  4. 4. How many mobiles?Total mobile Subscription rateadjusted for Dual Sim Card - 73 millionMobile internet users 8 millionTotal Population 142 million,(under 14’s is approx 33% of this)from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission
  5. 5. What type of phone (handset) do peoplehave?Basic Phone (black & white) – 20%Feature Phone (below TK 5000) - 69%Smart Phone – 11%…..Symphony, Nokia, Maximus most popular
  6. 6. Some of the Phones of FPAB group
  7. 7. 6 Mobile Operators in BangladeshGrameen Phone – 35%*BanglaLink – 21%Aertel – 19%Robi – 15%CityTalk – 5%Teletalk – 5 % (Govt owned)*approximate numbersTo get a shortcode working,…..u need all operators
  8. 8. Showing rapid growth of mobile
  9. 9. Initial findings from Rapid needsassesment,mobile usage, young people’s groups,Dhaka & MymensinghMay 30th, 31st 2012
  10. 10. 6 groups in Dhaka and Mymensingh.1. Golartek City Colony, Mirpur-1 (HASAB), 25 Girls, Age 14to 242. BRAC Secondary School, Mymensing Boys, Age 13 to 17years, Grade 103. FPAB- peer leaders group, Kachrighat, Mymensing4. BRAC Adolescent Club, Diglapara, Mymensing, 28 Girls,13 to 19 years old5. BNPS Women group, Bhuiyapara, Khilgaon, Dhaka 14women and girls in the age from 14 to 406. Secondary School, Rajarbag, Police line, Dhaka(BNPS) 36 Girls, all 13 years old
  11. 11. General Usage patterns, across all 6 groupsPhones• Most of the girls, boys and women that we spoke to haveor prefer to have feature phone.• A feature phone with English alphabet is preferred tohaving a black and white screen phone with Banglaalphabet.• Most have Nokia, Samsung, Symphony, Maximus.
  12. 12. General Usage patterns across all 6 groupsGames• Almost all play games on their phones. They use thegames on their mobile sets or buy memory cards whichthey fill up with games, music and music videos in the localshop.• They play games during leisure time or at night when theelectricity goes down.• A lot of the girls that we spoke to love to have musicvideos on their phones.
  13. 13. General Usage patternsSRHR Information on phones• All girls, boys and women indicated that they would likethey have access to SRHR information via mobile phone.• They would all prefer to be able to speak to a counselorinstead of getting information through sms.
  14. 14. Difficulties of being a girl/boy• Lack of freedom, early marriage, sexual harassment,dowry system, physical changes, having to work at a youngage.Role model• Girls: Begum Sufia Kamal, Mother Theresa, Own mother.• Boys: Kazi Nazrul, the teacher, parents, grand father, bigbrother, Islam.
  15. 15. Golartek City Colony, Mirpur-1 (HASAB)
  16. 16. Golartek City Colony, Mirpur-1 (HASAB)25 Girls, Age 14 to 24• 3 where still in school, 3 didn’t go to school, 11 finished Grade5, 1 finished Grade 10.• 16 Girls have small children• They think it’s ok to get a phone from the age of 14 years• They send text messages in Bangla with English Alphabet• They all say about being a girl that they would like morefreedom and be equal to boys
  17. 17. BRAC Secondary School, Mymensing
  18. 18. BRAC Secondary School, MymensingBoys, Age 13 to 17 years, Grade 10• 3 boys share phone, 12 have own phone, 8 have internet• Computer shop for games is 2 km away• Majority knows of no helplines, a few know: 789 (3), BBC Janala(1), Robi (1)• The information they get per sms: is reminder for the poliovaccine (2), government info (2),• Interested to have information about bodily changes duringpuberty• They also like more freedom and would like to stop earlymarriage.
  19. 19. FPAB- peer educators group, Kachrighat, Mymensing
  20. 20. FPAB- peer educators group, Kachrighat, MymensingGirls 12 / Boys 18, Age from 15 to 23• Most of them have a feature phone.• 4 share phone with family (girls under 18), 11 have ownphone.• Half the group know helplines, but don’t say which one, 1 says789, 1 says FPAB has a helpline• 6 have access to internet• The information they get per sms: 6 says yes, for example smsabout Safe mothers day,
  21. 21. BRAC Adolescent Club, Diglapara, Mymensing28 Girls, 13 to 19 years old
  22. 22. BRAC Adolescent Club, Diglapara, Mymensing28 Girls, 13 to 19 years old• 23 share family phone, 5 have own phoneThey have to explain parents first before making a call• they expect to have an own phone at 17 – 19 years old(they will buy it themselves)• Majority knows 2 helpline: Health emergency line and SocialHelpline which a regional counselor.3 Concepts:22 prefer game6 prefer the magazine (the older girls)
  23. 23. Womens group, Bhuiyapara, Khilgaon, Dhaka (BNPS)
  24. 24. Womens group, Bhuiyapara, Khilgaon, Dhaka (BNPS)14 women and girls in the age from 14 to 40• They have own phone.3 only receive calls, 8 use it to call supplier at the market.• Their children play games on the phone, after lunch or atnight.• 1 has access to internet• They would share SRHR information with their children.• If the phone had Bangla alphabet (feature phone) they’d use itmore.
  25. 25. Secondary School, Rajarbag, Police line, Dhaka (BNPS)
  26. 26. Secondary School, Rajarbag, Police line, Dhaka (BNPS)36 Girls, all 13 years old• All share family phone.• They expect to get an own phone at the age of 18.Not earlier as the parents would be afraid of misusepornography, sexual harassment, stalking by phone.• If there would be game about Eve teasing (sexual harassment)parents would allow them to play it.• They get the games on the phone or buy in (computer) shop
  27. 27. Group exercise• FPAB group: Design a mobile tool for them to facilitate their work. (could be a mixed with other media)• Girls from Golartek City Colony: create a mobile tool (could be a mixed with other media) to convince the husband and family of those girls to give them more freedom.• BRAC Secondary School, Mymensing: think of a way giving the boys information about bodily changes during puberty via mobile phones.