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  • Bar-the bar is situated next to the dinning room and the kitchen-guest toilet is next to the foyer and study /bedroom/butlers office-butlers pantry-is between , dinning room ,kitchen and bar.-breakfast area is on the other side of the kitchen the reason to that is the sun rises from east and mostly of people likes toenjoy the breakfast as well the warmth -master bedroom is on the far left-great room also can be used as an extra entertaining area.Location of the houseThis house has got any Italian design and you can get that from the outside finishing which includes stone work and more of un plastered areas.-this is located on an golf eastet-its located in the drukernsburg area in south Africa -most of area is mountainous, and its always cool.
  • -it’s a green house-traditional farm house building-formal lifestyle-built on a golf estateLifestyle-as this house is open to the public it comprise of a combination of formal ,casual. And relaxed to private living.-formal living is mostly done when Mr king bring his friends and some of family members.-casual is done by some clients who are tired of town life and they just want to be away from town.-private and relaxed living is also experienced as sometimes people will have breakfast which ever time they want but not later than 10.00hrs-to provide the expected standard this house needs four assistance plus the Butler to make five
  • How they do their thingsSimple people who are tired of town life ‘Like to do things in their own way.Relaxed people. Prefer homemade foodMr and Mrs king they are on there late 60 and 50 0f years.They are property developersLikes to play golf during their stay Likes to host a lot as they have a lots of wealth friendsThey are family people ,with only two adult children still single but also have their own propertyMr king is a lawyer by profession and Mrs king is a book writerComes to stay twice a year and they normally stay for a week .Also they likes morning walk.Very early riser ,sometimes around 05:00am,walks up to three hrs ,if not walking they do cycling and jogging. BreakfastBreakfast they like it from 08:00 after their morning walk.MR King always like to have his breakfast with ground filter coffee .His breakfast changes depending with the plan of the day ,but he normally likes Scrambled eggs and bacon ,grilled tomato and brown bread.After his breakfast he goes out to play golf.Mrs king likes health breakfast which is fruits and poached egg and fresh sliced tomato.Mrs king also likes roibos tea with honey and brown sugar’ honepoart juice and orange juice, Homemade pastries, whole wheat bread,They don’t like anything during the day. AFTERNOON TEA FROM 03HRS TO 04HRSShort bread biscuits /vanilla cup cake /carrot cakeCoffee/tea station to be set,rooibos tea. Filter coffee. Five roses.SUPPER FROM 07HRSPrefers 5 course supper set menu, silver service/family /buffet depending what kind of host they have that day.Normally they likes starter,sorbet,main,desert.cheese &biscuits tea/coffee.Mrs king is a vegetarian but she can eat fish and chicken only.After their desert they like sweet port.Friends -Most of Mr&Mrs kings friends are from South Africa.-wealth people with their own business.-golfers.-Mr&Mrs King are from south Africa-due to his profession and wealth ,the house is expected to be of high standardFamily treeTHE SONS-their are simple people who doesn’t demand much also like the same way of operation like their father- They only comes once a year especially on family gathering.-likes drinking a lot-their favourite drink is still works. Lots of snacksLikes-Soccer and his favourite team is Manchester united and swimming-like to have Champaign for breakfast-eggs Benedict-roibos tea with honey-no juiceSupperThey like a family style service -a three course-most of the operation is controlled by the KingsHow I do my settings for them -always record the matches played if he is not available-make sure their breakfast is ready in town-arrange the swimming costume for them-support their match if they are watching their favourite team in my presence
  • - golfers having a drink after their final round of golf at the bar.Big fire place going on at the other sideTime for a snackValetMaintain our masters wardrobe and here our master is Mr and Mrs king but also our guests.-valet- change towels in the changing room . Receive clients bags. Pack the cloth after asking the client first.-polish golfers golf shoes, clean the golf bags.-also to pack for Mr king when they are going out of country.-press guest cloth-pour the bathHow I do it-always make a list of what you have pack-pack his cloth in the presentable manner-pick them when discarded-plan the tripWhat I do when organising his trip-first find out where they are going -make a list of what is required-find out about the weather-how long are they going to takeStart packing-with the above information you can start packing-always pack an umbrella-shampoo, pack a sweater/sweatshirt-pack a leisure wear that can be double as the recreational gear and sleepwear.-bathing suit, think ahead-find out about the place-serve space by making colour coded clothing that can fits one type of shoes.-Pay attention to detail.-toiletery,pyjams,sneakers,-always pack the heavy thing first, but also you can put things like shoes on the side pockets.-always pack an extra suit case in case they might do a shopping.Toiletries should be packed in a sealed plasticUnpacking for the guest-make sure all cloth are hanged correctly-make a list of what has been unpacked and confirm that list with the client before its too late and for your safte.-iron is done-hang all pants together, jackets and shorts together and shirts together-never place shoes in the bag without un wrapped-fold everything neatly and make sure all their laundry has been taken out of the laundry area.-leather wear to use a wipe off process with a damp cloth.-inventory of everything which has been packed House boundaries-personally boundaries-no personal information to be discussed with any staff member-having respect of one another's feelings-not to use one’s belonging without permission from the owner-acknowledgement of personal preference with regards to music ,foodFinancial boundaries-not to use household funds for personal use-always keep receipt for anything purchased on the house behalf-by practising the green butler system,vegatable garden, using inviromentary friendly cleaning materials-control of daily petty cash-not to over stock goods.Time boundaries-not to be late for anything-be punctual to work-not to be seen loitering within the premise at knight-no housekeeper to be seen in the guest rooms at night un less informedSECURITY-Security for 24 hrs for the premise –two shifts per day and night-registration book at the entrants gate for guest and golfers with their contact numbers and address. And number plate of vehicle-to sign in when checking in ,sign out when checking out-hand over the house keys before leaving property-in the rooms they are electronic safes.-contact details in case of emergencies at night-check every room after guest has left.-security are provided with radio operation for communication-one security to walk around the premise at night-if the house is not occupied set the alarm on
  • House staff-Treat them fairly- its a combination of senior and young-the senior involve them into decision making though I finalise-offer the an worker of the month incentive-nice uniform twice a year-annual leave and off duties-assist them in everything with regards to work-train them and lead by example-He is the most senior person-he does all the welcome drinks and cocktails as ordered-help with the serving-help with cleaning-inventory-decision making
  • -The pantry-As this is my staging area, this is next to kitchen, dinning , bar ,breakfast area and scullery.Frozen------ microwave, min bar fridge, ice machine, ice creamCrockery----cutlery, serving spoon, table cloths, all types of wine glasses tea and coffee. Cups and mugsCleaning materials ---ant –bacteria and all purpose spray and chemical.silver polish Malicious -- menu, sword for opening champagne, cork screw Dry goods --- pepper, salt, coffee ,spices ,rice.
  • As this is a living in job ,my butlers office is next to my room.What's in there-first aid kit,calender .cartains,white board with maker, personal bin-decorations-shelvesBUTLERS BOOK.-service structure and programs>family needs ,wants, employ schedule, check list ,job description, schedule of functions rules of the house ,suppliers and contractors details.Telephone book-local maps, house plans ,libraries, local outings stadiums sports venues.-telephone logs and cost>name/phone number and suppliers and services.EXTRA KEYS-house and ,guest rooms, car keys and rooms.Travel-agency information-names, addresses and phone numbers-insurance and emergency numbers-copies of passport.Personal information-cloths size of employers ,favourite items of employers ,family, guest-addresses and phone number of all family member and friends-cultural, ethnics and religious traditions-medical concerns>such as allergies for the family and guest-videos/films/plays-Dietary drink, telephone/fax list-long distance area codesFinancial petty cash-orders and purchases made and received-bills paid-bank account details for transfers-monthly and annual summary of the household accounts-all financial records, disbursement voucher bills etc ,weekly and monthly order bookList and records-telephone message forms-credit card order format-long term daily planner-presents in stock-forthcoming events-going away reminder, Christmas bonus list ,wine cellar stock, menu and guest book, instruction book.-own resume, file of employees with HR information >wages. disciplinary actions ,vacation taken-instruction book>guarantees, receipts-own resume.CLOTHING -clothing standards-inventory-dry cleaning record-usage and repair recordCAR LOG BOOKEvery trip taken to be recoded, reason ,time .and mileageMileage to be recorded when filling fuel
  • My dream house

    1. 1. The journey to a new world foreman mukonoContemporary traditional house with modern settings.
    2. 2. About myselfdon’t smoke or take alcoholChef by professionenjoys cookingalways my guest first beforemyself/on my spare timelikes watching TV cookingshowslikes to entertain people.
    3. 3. MY HOUSE PICTURE and history
    4. 4. • The mission statement1.To promote and allowto socialise2.To combine modernlifestyle and traditionaltogether3.To create friendship.4.To do farming in anenjoyable manner5 practising agrictourism
    5. 5. About the house-around it , they are natural trees to provide naturalshade.-we recyle,reuse,and serve our kitchen we use gas stove which are a lot ofenergy efficient..we use solar power water heaters and energy servingbulbs..all our rooms are natural ventilated.most of our cleaning materials are inviromentaryfriendly
    6. 6. History and Location• This house resembles a traditional burn(a house where farm produce are stored )• The reason being the un- plastered outside and the brick style which is more of farm brick breakages• The location of the house is in South Africa• The house has an Italian design.
    7. 7. HOUSE PLAN• Zoning
    8. 8. Zoning ground floor• Kitchen master room• Dining room laundry• Scullery media room• Breakfast area car park area• Foyer• Butlers pantry• Butlers office• Bar• Guest toilets
    9. 9. Top floor Five bedrooms• Master bedroom• Honeymoon bedroom• Three standard rooms• Linen cardboard• passage
    10. 10. Master bedroom
    11. 11. Honeymoon room
    12. 12. Type of linen• the house is in South Africa .• Percale linen(sheets)• Duvets• All is white linen• Towels and its cotton• Down comforters• blankets
    13. 13. Care of the linen• Always wash new linen before using• When washing I don’t dry 100%• If over dry add something dump to moister.• Comforters-I sometimes spray with Ferbreze• Air fluffy them in a dryer to avoid the smell.• Blankets ,sometimes take them to the dry cleaner• Mattress to be turned every two or three to• Keep its shape
    14. 14. Care of linen and table cloth• In case of kids stain on the mattress I use spot shot and apply febreze• Towels I put vinegar for them to smell fresh• Table cloth I put stain proof before using them• Napkins-needs to be starched before being used• If stained I use q20 or soak them in hot soapy water
    15. 15. types of Fabrics in the house• Wool• Linen /duvets covers• Cotton• Polyester• Nylon• silk
    16. 16. Care of washing and dryer machines• Know the machine before using it• Clean the dispenser ,once a month• Learn how to clean it• Clean the dryer every after shift• The dyer vent• should stay Lint free• Use the proper washing detergents• Don’t overload the machine
    17. 17. Laundry products in My butlers pantry• Salt.vineger,..lemon juice.epsom salt. Baking soda .(these are my natural spot treaters)• Woolite -softener• Q20-napkins, starch, napisan• Demineral water• vanish., eucalyptus oil• Omo liquid detergent• Febreze
    18. 18. stain treatment in my black book• General spot-alcohol and water• Non oily remover- ammonia, dishwasher soap and water.• Oily stain remover- glycerine, liquid soap, water
    19. 19. Handy treatment chart for stain treatment• Alcohol- grass• Ammonia-stains• Baking soba-odours from the fridge• Club soda-keeps spills from becoming stains• Dish washer liquid-undiluted for tough stains• Handy cleaner-to remove grease• Salt-as a bleach alternative,• Shampoo-cosmetic stains• Shaving cream-to moisturise stain• White vinegar-for sued and towels
    20. 20. Food hygiene management and safety• No pets are allowed at the premises• No guest to be allowed in the kitchen• Wash hands after visiting the bathrooms• House keeping staff not to allowed in the kitchen• To practise first in first out in the fridge• Every week freezer to be unpacked• Use ant-bacteria to wipe table surface
    21. 21. • Ensure the premise is clean and all the equipment is working.• Employ properly trained people• To avoid cross contamination• Pack food properly• Use a three stage cycle to wash dishes• Daily grooming
    22. 22. Hazard analysis of critical control process• This is a –applicable system, to maximise food safety and minimise food hygiene• Hazard analysis area-kitchen• Critical control process-chopping boards and packaging ,transporting storage and preparation• hygiene of staff
    23. 23. Control sheet and risk areas• Control –which has name and address of the supplier• Certificate letter from health departments• Storage when delivering• Correct temperatures• Quality of products• Water quality( borehole water on my premise)• Suppliers• Correct date of expiry on products
    24. 24. Suppliers and vendors• Shopping groceries done from Woolworth• Appliances –from Hirschs• Coffee machines-from Nespresso• Linen and towels –Hirschs• Interial décor-Design workshops• Maintenance-Estate Manager• Gardening-professional landscaper• Beds- Hastens
    25. 25. THE HOUSE
    27. 27. -check the fridge-house hold inventory
    28. 28. Lifestyle-as this house is open tothe public it comprise of acombination of formal,casual. And relaxed toprivate living.
    29. 29. -private and relaxedliving is alsoexperienced assometimes peoplewill have breakfastwhich ever time theywant but not laterthan 10.00hrs
    30. 30. casual is done by someclients who are tired oftown life and they justwant to be away fromtown.-to provide theexpected standard thishouse needs six staffmembers.
    31. 31. • Traditional farm house• Formal lifestyle• Practise green living• Built on a golf course• Use of borehole water
    32. 32. My structure butlerchef Kitchen Housekeeper1 Housekeeper 2 barmen assistant laundry
    33. 33. My role• To receive , host and offer valet service to the guests• To attend to guest needs as well as the king family• to set the dining table (create the mood)• Organise functions• Clean the fire place• Plan menu according to guest profile.• Do bookings(guest menu and book)• To organise outings for guest
    34. 34. • Monitor the flow of service• Do the staff duty rooster and off days• Attend to staff , guest , The King family’s needs• Daily grace• Monthly stock take• House hold shopping• To serve, clean the house and cook• To offer pillow and towel menu when taking profile details of guest
    35. 35. Outings for the guest• Rock paintings• Trout fishing• Hiking• Museum• Craft and art• Horse riding• Golf• The meander
    36. 36. The butler
    37. 37. DAILY GRACE• Open the house• Switch on all the electrical gargets• Open all the dinning windows• Dis- arm the alarm• Check for any voice mail messages• Check in the hand over book for any agent information/ maintenance ,orders to be done.• Plan for the day.
    38. 38. • Do a morning line up• Set everything ready for breakfast
    39. 39. Before knocking off• Switch off all the dining room lights/switches• Get orders from the barmen in case they is need for agent refill• Make sure all guest are comfortable• Butlers office alarm is on• Check with the chef for proper mis-place• Check e-mails• Make a daily report for the day• Switch off appliances like toaster ,urn, warmer.
    41. 41. How they do theirthingsSimple people whoare tired of town lifeLike to do things intheir own way, andaway from town life.
    42. 42. Mr and Mrs king they areon there late 60 and 50’sof age.
    43. 43. They are propertydevelopersLikes to play golf duringtheir stayLikes to host a lot as theyhave a lots of wealthfriendsThey are family people,with only two adultchildren still single butalso have their ownproperty
    44. 44. Mr king is a lawyer byprofession and Mrs king isa book writerComes to stay twice ayear and they normallystay for a week .Also theylikes morning walk.Very early riser,sometimes around05:00am,walks up tothree hrs ,if not walkingthey do cycling andjogging
    45. 45. Outings in the area
    46. 46. Bushman paintings
    47. 47. BreakfastBreakfast they like it from Breakfast08:00 after their morningwalk.MR King always liketo have his breakfast withground filter coffee .His breakfast changesdepending with the planof the day ,but henormally likes Scrambledeggs and bacon ,grilledtomato and brown bread.
    48. 48. The family crest
    49. 49. Schedule and task duties
    50. 50. My clock
    51. 51. -0600hrs opens the house-0630hrs chef starts-Butler office alarm to bedisarmed-switch on all theappliances-check for any breakagesdone the previous night-do the prep for thefollowing morning.-polish the dining room,and vacuum.
    52. 52. -clear all the dirty fromthe previous night-clean the dining and setthe breakfast table,always make two tablesone out side the porchfacing the golf course andthe other in side.-get the news paper, setthe tea and coffee stationready-set the Butlers pantrySet house keepers stage
    53. 53. Clear the breakfast andclean the kitchen,condiments to becleaned and refilled.-hot soapy water to beused and a soak ,washand rinse procedure tobe used to clean dishes-on the surface to usethe antibacterial, andall purpose
    54. 54. -do the prep for thefollowing morning.-polish the diningroom, and vacuum.HOUSEKEEPER 0700hrs-to do the roomstoilets while the guestare having breakfast-starting with the guesthouse toilet
    55. 55. to change sheets afterevery two nights stay-load the washer ,andcarry on with the rooms-do the bath ,lastly theroom and the bed
    56. 56. Laundry instructions signs in the laundry room
    57. 57. Washing samplesstacked in the laundry room
    58. 58. This sticker always encourage mewhen they is a lot of washing to do
    59. 59. Housekeeper stage
    60. 60. Barman 10hrs tilllate-to make welcomebrink-to serve aperitif-to assist in general --polish glasses-daily stock check’-to assist withattending to guest.
    61. 61. Barman check list
    62. 62. The bar man
    64. 64. SERVICE PROVIDED. HOSTING FUNCTIONS/VALEThouse boundaries/security
    65. 65. golfers having a drinkafter their final roundof golf at the bar.-Big fire going on atthe other side-Time for a snack
    66. 66. Valet-Maintain our masterswardrobe and here ourmaster is Mr and Mrsking but also ourguests.-valet- change towels inthe changing room .Receive clients bags.Pack the wardrobe ifthe client wants.
    67. 67. Turn-down
    68. 68. Valet services
    69. 69. How to do it-always make a list ofwhat i have unpack-pack his cloth in thepresentable manner-offer to do turn downwhen they leave fordinner
    70. 70. What to do whenorganising a trip-first find out wherethey are going-make a list of what isrequired-find out about theweather-how long are theygoing to take
    71. 71. Start packing-with the aboveinformation i can startpacking-always pack an umbrella-shampoo, pack asweater/sweatshirt-pack a leisure wear thatcan be double as therecreational gear andsleepwear.-bathing suit, think ahead-find out about the place
    72. 72. serve space by makingcolour coded clothing thatcan fits one type of shoes.-Pay attention to detail.-toiletry, pyjams,sneakers,-always pack the heavything first, but also youcan put things like shoeson the side pockets.-always pack an extra suitcase in case they might doa shopping.-Toiletries
    73. 73. Unpacking-make sure all cloth arehanged correctly-make a list of what hasbeen unpacked andconfirm that list with theclient before its too lateand for your safe.-iron is done-hang all pants together,jackets and shortstogether and shirtstogether
    74. 74. fold everything neatlyand make sure all theirlaundry has been takenout of the laundryarea.-leather wear to use awipe off process with adamp cloth.-inventory ofeverything which hasbeen packed
    75. 75. Boundaries-personally boundaries-no personalinformation to bediscussed-having respect of oneanother-not to use one’sbelonging withoutpermission-acknowledgement ofpersonal preference
    76. 76. Financial boundaries-not to use householdfunds for personal use-always keep receipt foranything purchased onthe house’s behalf-by practising the greenbutler system, vegetablegarden, usinginviromentary friendlycleaning materials-control of daily petty cash-not to over stock goods.
    77. 77. Time boundaries-not to be late foranything-be punctual to work-not to be seenloitering within thepremise at knight-no housekeeper to beseen in the guestrooms at night un lessinformed
    78. 78. SECURITY-Security for 24 hrs for thepremise –two shifts perday and night-registration book at theentrants gate for guestand golfers with theircontact numbers andaddress. And numberplate of vehicle-to sign in when checkingin ,sign out when checkingout
    79. 79. --contact details in case of emergencies at night-check every room after guest has left.-security are provided with radio operation for communication-one security to walk around the premise at night-in the rooms they are electronic safes. -house is not occupied set the alarm on
    80. 80. My Staff.
    81. 81. Room check list
    82. 82. House keeping check list
    83. 83. • All cleaning duties are allocated to weekly• Daily, monthly and yearly.
    84. 84. Laundry
    85. 85. BUTLER’S PANTRY
    86. 86. -The pantry-As this is my stagingarea, this is next tokitchen, dinning , bar,breakfast area andscullery. Frozen------microwave, min barfridge, ice machine, icecream Crockery----cutlery,serving spoon, table
    87. 87. cloths, all types of wine glasses tea and coffee. Cupsand mugs Cleaning materials ---ant –bacteria and all purpose spray andchemical. silver polish Malicious -- menu,sword for opening champagne, corkscrewDry goods --- pepper, salt, coffee,spices ,rice.
    88. 88. Butlers office
    89. 89. • my butlers.Whats in there• -first aid kit, calender .cartains,white board with maker, personal bin• -decorations• -shelves• BUTLERS BOOK.• -service structure and programs>family needs ,wants, employ schedule, check
    90. 90. -local maps, houseplans ,libraries, localoutings stadiumssports venues.-telephone logs andcost>name/phonenumber andsuppliers andservices.
    91. 91. • Telephone book• -local maps, house plans ,libraries, local outings stadiums sports venues.• -telephone logs and cost>name/phone number and suppliers and services.
    92. 92. • Financial petty cash• -orders and purchases made and received• -bills paid• -bank account details for transfers• -monthly and annual summary of the household accounts• -all financial records, disbursement voucher bills etc ,weekly and monthly order book
    93. 93. • List and records• -telephone message forms• -credit card order format• -long term daily planner• -presents in stock• -forthcoming events-own resume-staff wages
    94. 94. -going away reminder,Christmas bonus list,wine cellar stock,menu and guest book,instruction book.-own resume, file ofemployees with HRinformation >wages.disciplinary actions,vacation taken-instructionbook>guarantees,
    95. 95. Guest profile Towel menu
    96. 96. • Find out what theme for their stay and fold towels according to that , birthday ,valentine• Weddings• Honeymoon• Pillow menu as well
    97. 97. Pillow menu
    98. 98. • CLOTHING• -clothing standards• -inventory• -dry cleaning record• -usage and repair record• CAR LOG BOOK• Every trip taken to be recoded, reason ,time .and mileage• Mileage to be recorded when filling fuel
    99. 99. EXTRA KEYS-house and ,guestrooms, car keys androoms.Travel-agency information-names, addresses andphone numbers-insurance andemergency numbers-copies of passport.
    100. 100. • Personal information• -cloths size of employers ,favourite items of employers ,family, guest• -addresses and phone number of all family member and friends• -cultural, ethnics and religious traditions• -medical concerns>such as allergies for the family and guest• -videos/films/plays• -Dietary drink, telephone/fax list• -long distance area codes
    101. 101. • List and records• -telephone message forms• -credit card order format• -long term daily planner• -forthcoming events• -going away reminder, Christmas bonus list ,wine cellar stock, menu and guest book, instruction book.• -own resume, file of employees with HR information >wages. disciplinary actions
    102. 102. Renovation check list