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E-Gold---Gold-Itself,-...-...-...-Boasts-_Better-M201 E-Gold---Gold-Itself,-...-...-...-Boasts-_Better-M201 Document Transcript

  • e-gold - gold itself, ... ... ... boasts "Better Moneysince 1996" and in many ways they are right. e-gold gives users the chance to own gold at a fraction of thegold penny stocks
  • e-gold - gold itself, circulated electronically By e-gold boasts"Better Money since 1996" and in many ways they are right e-goldgives users the chance to own gold at a fraction of the usual cost,e-gold gives users unlimited freedom to make purchases worldwidefor goods and services and gives merchants excellent security withirrevocable transactions (no chargebacks) in many ways is betterthen cash, far better and cheaper to use then credit cards and by farquicker and at a fraction of the cost for making international moneytransfers About e-gold e-gold is based offshore with a Nevis W Icompany structure, secure from the pitfalls of being located in theUSA or other western countries e-gold secures account balances ingold stored in various third party gold depositories around the worlde-gold was established by Dr Douglas Jackson who is still thechairman and is active in the e-gold, gold and digital gold backedcurrency community
  • For people interested in learning more about the e-gold community,e-gold hosts a high volume () Irrevocable Transactions e-gold givesthe user and merchant alike unparallel security against identity theft,user profiling, funds movement tracing through theirsemi-anonymous online payment system Users and merchantshave the freedom to send and accept transfers without the risk ofidentity theft and payment reversals Where to use e-goldInformation on merchants that prefer e-gold can be found at andThere are merchants that accept e-gold and other digital currencies(or e-currencies) offering all the usual services that can be found onthe internet e-gold users can buy web hosting, domain names,coffee and other food stuffs, website design services, businessservices (like offshore corporations), goods and services from mostonline retailers even if they do not take e-gold through a "proxy shop"
  • company - so now e-gold users can buy off all websites that takescredit cards like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc e-gold also has aWAP interface so users can make payments offline using yourmobile phone Pay your bills using e-gold You can also pay your billsusing e-gold, many e-gold exchange agents offer check redemptionservices Simply sell (or redeem) your e-gold for a check and havethat sent directly to the company that you wish to pay, this could beanyone, from paying your credit card, power bill and all your localsuppliers
  • The basics The e-gold system is setup in the following way, firstlythere is e-gold - this is where your money (or gold) is securely storedwith online account access To fund your e-gold account there aree-gold exchange agents, these companies take your US$ or othernational dollars via cash deposit, credit card, bank wire or banktransfer and exchange your money into e-gold and into your e-goldaccount Likewise, to redeem e-gold for cash (be it via bank wire orcheck) e-gold users also use the services of a e-gold exchangeagent Most e-gold exchange agents operate worldwide with emailand phone support, so regardless where you are located in the worldyou can easily buy e-gold Buying e-gold Users must first have ae-gold account - e-gold accounts are free, anyone can open one andyou can have as many as you like If you do not have a e-goldaccount, you can Next you need to find an e-gold exchange agentThankfully most e-gold exchange agents offer worldwide (USA,Europe and Asia) offering funding options in many countries, typicalservices include cash deposit, credit cards, bank wire, bank transferand checks Orders for e-gold are placed on the exchange agentwebsite and processed by the operators usually within a few daysdepending of the funding option requested by customer
  • First orders can take longer - see "Your first purchase - gettingverified!" below, returning clients should expect funding within a dayor two Where to find a e-gold exchange agent These web pages liste-gold exchange agents; (verified & rated) - Members - e-golddirectory (verified) - e-gold exchange agents (rated) - exchangeagents (rated) (With the above list; verified means the identificationof the exchange agent operators are known and rated means theexchange agent reputation has been rated) Your first e-gold
  • purchase - getting verified! When making your first purchase ofe-gold the new user can expect that the exchange agent will checktheir identity or be "verified" Verification procedures vary betweendifferent exchange agents but at least you should expect a phonecall This verification requirement has come about due to themassive amount of credit card fraud, bank account hacking andphishing scams currently on the internet Responsible e-goldexchange agents try to protect people who have meet unfortunatelywith a scammer / hacker by not letting the theft move there ill gottengains into e-gold Your personal information is always protectedusing 128 bit SSL website, secure web servers, strict privacy policiesand all client information is kept confidential The verificationrequirements are higher for credit card use due to the fact credit cardfraud is massive on the internet and online retailers / shops
  • including e-gold exchange agents Secure your gold! With e-goldsecurity is the users responsibility, remember all e-gold transactionsare irrevocable - even if your account is hacked! e-gold helps protectyour account by giving you the security feature called AccountSentinel (AccSent), leave this feature on (it is on by default for allnew accounts) AccSent will email you every time someone tries tolog into your e-gold account with a different IP address - careful, ifyou lose your email address you will not be able to log into youre-gold account A tip is to use two email addresses like this;email1@email1 com, email2@email2 com (that is "email1 comma
  • space email2") on your e-gold account - using this tip means bothemails will be notified upon login or account profile changes Makingsure your computer is protected also protects your e-gold accountfrom unauthorized transfers, it is highly recommended that you haveadequate computer security Computer security at least includesup-to-date firewall software, antivirus software and all operatingsystem updates are installed on your gold penny stocks computer
  • Using a long passphrase (sentence) on your e-gold account and notsaving that passphrase (password) on your computer helps greatlyas well All too easy e-gold offers easy transfers between accountsfor the purchase of a multitude of products and services at a factionof the cost of other worldwide money transfer systems e-gold offersusers the easiest way to pay anyone around the world withoutproviding personal information (no risk of identity theft or profiling)e-gold offers merchants a worldwide client base and irrevocabletransactions safe from chargebacks e-gold also caters for bothlarge and same transfers and account balances, for examplemaximum transfer fee is only 50 cents and all funds (large and small)are securely backed by gold held in third party gold depositoriesaround the world About the author The operators of are verifiedmembers of the GDCA and ECMA and have operated e-goldexchange businesses since 2001 Article reprint permission grantedas long as article remains intact and not edited in anyway, includingthis "about the author" and all hyperlinked URLs remain unaltered
  • gold penny stocks