Myths and Realities About ITIL


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ITIL is the most widely-accepted approach for IT Service Management in the world. It provides a cohesive set of best practice, drawn from the public and private sectors internationally.

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Myths and Realities About ITIL

  1. 1. Business Beam (Pvt.) LimitedITIL ® is a Registered Trademark of the Cabinet Office
  2. 2.  What is a Service? What is Service Management? What is ITIL? Myths and Realities around ITIL2(c) 2004-2013 Business Beam (Pvt.) Limited
  3. 3. Myths and Realities About ITIL3(c) 2004-2013 Business Beam (Pvt.) Limited
  4. 4. 4(c) 2004-2013 Business Beam (Pvt.) Limited
  5. 5.  Definition:◦ A means of delivering value to customers byfacilitating outcomes that they want to achievewithout the ownership of specific costs and risks. Examples:◦ Event Hosting service offered by Hotels◦ Rescue 1122◦ Website hosting service5(c) 2004-2013 Business Beam (Pvt.) Limited
  6. 6. Myths and Realities About ITIL6(c) 2004-2013 Business Beam (Pvt.) Limited
  7. 7.  A set of specializedorganizationalcapabilities forproviding value tocustomers in the formof services7(c) 2004-2013 Business Beam (Pvt.) Limited
  8. 8. Process 1ManageFacilitiesProcess 2HandleCustomerInteractionProcess 3UnderstandCustomerRequirementsProcess 4RealizeSolutionProcess 5DeploySolutionServicePrepareTablesBuilding theInfrastructureGreeting andSeatingContactingPotentialcustomerOfferSelection,Taking orderDetermineThe RequiredQuality ofServicePreparingOrderImplementRequiredProcesses,Tools andOrganizationDeliveringOrder,MonitoringCustomerProvidingApplicationsand ReportingA DelightfulDiningExperienceAvailability ofApplications8(c) 2004-2013 Business Beam (Pvt.) Limited
  9. 9. Myths and Realities About ITIL9(c) 2004-2013 Business Beam (Pvt.) Limited
  10. 10.  Stands for “Information Technology InfrastructureLibrary” Set of experiences by the industry leaders (e.g.IBM, SUN, HP, Microsoft, etc.) in the form of bestpractices to manage your IT services Version 3, released in May 2007, consists of 5core books Fits all kinds of organizations, large and small10(c) 2004-2013 Business Beam (Pvt.) Limited
  11. 11. 11(c) 2004-2013 Business Beam (Pvt.) LimitedServiceStrategyServiceDesignServiceTransitionServiceOperationContinualServiceImprovement
  12. 12. 12(c) 2004-2013 Business Beam (Pvt.) Limited© Crown Copyright.Reproduced after approval from the Cabinet Office, UK.
  13. 13. Myths and Realities About ITIL13(c) 2004-2013 Business Beam (Pvt.) Limited
  14. 14.  Many IT leaders and enterprises are lookingfor a magic bullet to end their IT chaos. Reality:◦ Success with ITIL is largely dependent ondetermining how best, and when, to apply theprocesses in the IT organization14(c) 2004-2013 Business Beam (Pvt.) Limited
  15. 15.  Vendors claiming "ITIL compliance" give thefalse impression that ITIL is an IT standard Reality:◦ ITIL is a set of best practices◦ In the strictest sense of the term, there is no suchthing as ITIL compliance◦ ISO 20000 ITSMS is an international standard“based” on ITIL15(c) 2004-2013 Business Beam (Pvt.) Limited
  16. 16.  The interactive and integrative nature of ITILprocesses implies the entire framework hasto be in place for benefits to be achieved Reality:◦ Many organizations benefit from implementing onlyone or two ITIL processes such as changemanagement or incident management16(c) 2004-2013 Business Beam (Pvt.) Limited
  17. 17.  Getting IT under control with ITIL is animportant step in meeting the requirementsof governance Reality:◦ ITIL does not address governance in acomprehensive way◦ CobiT is the de facto North American governanceframework17(c) 2004-2013 Business Beam (Pvt.) Limited
  18. 18.  ITIL consists of a series of books thatdescribe best practices in IT service areas. Reality◦ ITIL provides WHAT to do, not HOW to do it◦ It is not an instructional manual for IT leaders toimprove IT services and operations18(c) 2004-2013 Business Beam (Pvt.) Limited
  19. 19.  Proctor & Gamble saved about $500 million across multipledepartments since beginning to streamline processes with ITILfour years ago” (reported in 2002). Shell utilized ITIL best practices when they overhauled theirglobal desktop PC consolidation project, encompassing 80,000desktops. After this project was completed, they can now dosoftware upgrades in less than 72 hours, potentially saving 6000man-days working days and 5 million dollars.(c) 2004-2013 Business Beam (Pvt.) Limited 19Only One ReasonTo obtain business benefits
  20. 20.  Avaya reported drastic decrease of the number ofcalls, improved efficiency and communication,customer satisfaction, no more unplannedchanges, registration of all IT assets in theConfiguration Management DB, and always-oninfrastructure. ITSMF reports:◦ More than 70 percent reduction in service downtime◦ ROI up by more than 1,000 percent◦ Savings of nearly $200 million annually◦ 50 percent reduction in new product cycles(c) 2004-2013 Business Beam (Pvt.) Limited 20
  21. 21.  60% of Fortune 100 company CIOs areworking with ITIL (2008). ITIL is the hottest buzz word these days in ITservice industry across the globe.(c) 2004-2013 Business Beam (Pvt.) Limited 21
  22. 22.  Understand ITIL - Read ITIL books, articlesand blogs Attend training courses and seminars◦ ITIL v3 Foundation can be a good starting point Hire a good consultant – if you want toimprove your IT services “quickly” and“reliably”!22(c) 2004-2013 Business Beam (Pvt.) Limited
  23. 23.