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Building your online strategy workshop
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Building your online strategy workshop


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Resources from Business Victoria's workshop that will help you develop a strategic plan for improving your online presence.

Resources from Business Victoria's workshop that will help you develop a strategic plan for improving your online presence.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Many changes in technology enable business to do traditional business operations in a different way. These changes have opened up many opportunities and now online is considered in every aspect of operating a business. To do this effectively the strategy for your business needs to be clear, you need to understand your customers and need to have the basic foundations in place. Being able to be found is the final key to success in the new era of business.
  • Mobile phone predominance now and into the future.Apps being used to bridge the gap and utilise the new technologyResponsive technology can identify which technological device is being usedBusiness models are changing there are now new ways of doing business that utilise the technology – global, delivering products and services via the internet remote workforce etc
  • Online strategy has to be in line with your business strategy.Important to be clear on your goals before setting your online strategy and always have clear financial goalsYou need to be able to distinguish what aspects of your business e.g. marketing, accounting, record keeping, staff etc will be operated online versus the things that you will still do offline e.g. will you have a bricks and mortar store as well as an online shop. Is there anything that won’t be on the cloud?
  • Access to marketsCan now have your accounts online, your IT attended to online, shop, customer databaseNew technology can help automate functions through programming e.g. office autopilotCosts are affordable for most businesses this technology is in the realm of small businesses previously prohibitiveHaving access to data can be overwhelming and useful Social media new phenomena allows for networking on steroids
  • A vital key to a successful online strategy is to be able to identify your customers are what markets are you trying to attract what are some key segments in those marketsWho are you trying to attract with your online strategy
  • A clearer understanding of your customers forms the basis of a powerful online strategy. It assists you with decisions such as what key words to use, what social media is most relevant to your customers and how to set up your website.
  • Need to ensure that you have a content managed websiteConnectivity with phones, ipads, wifi etc is importantStructure your web so that it works well for search engines as well as your customersNeed to set goals for what you are trying to achieve from online so that this can be meausreYou need the ability to create content good copy, photos and video You people need to have the right skills to work onlineTo do this well it requires some money you need a budgetImportant to monitor and measure how the strategy is going
  • Important to be found when your target market are searching for products and services that you offer.
  • Keywords can change as people become more informed this is something that needs to be checked every once in a while
  • Network effect is how much more powerful the communication becomes when there are more people on the network. Check out Fergal’s example about the telephone, when just one telephone not very powerful but when lots of people using the telephone then it becomes powerful. All about access to other people’s networks.Social media without strategy can be a waste of time and resources.Can be negative feedback.Needs to be managed.
  • Don’t have to be the content provider.
  • Ability now to use the data to target key groupsNeed to have your website compatible with mobile e.g. phone numbersWays of using aps to provide better customer serviceUtilising email – links back to website still working wellNeed to think through how are you going to use eCommerce options e.g. paypal how automated are you going to go.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Summary• Online Environment• Business Strategy• Customers• Basic Foundations• Search Engine Optimisation• Social Media• Other Online Opportunities
    • 2. Introduction
    • 3. State of Play• Mobile Devices• Apps vs. Responsive• NBN – National Broadband Network• Cloud Computing• Business Model Page 3 - 8
    • 4. Business Strategy
    • 5. Business Strategy• A plan and direction• Set Goals, including Financial Goals• Offline vs Online Strategy• How to make it all work Page: 9,18,68-75
    • 6. Online Opportunities• Global Marketing• Online Business Tools• Automated Sales & Communications• Level playing field• Access to Data• Cloud Computing• Social Media• Online Learning Page: 3-8,20-22,40-50
    • 7. Customers
    • 8. Identify Customers• Who they are• Segmentation• Who are you targeting “new customers” Page 12-13
    • 9. Understanding your customers• Understand their behaviour• What do they want• What are their needs• Where they are• How they interact Page: 53-59,68-69
    • 10. Why is this important• Helps with Content• Drives keywords in SEO• Where you will put your effort• Structure of your website• BLOG articles Page: 35,51-56,61-64
    • 11. Engaging with your customers online Be authentic Be known Be Be relevant and credible and found accessible Who are your How do your Where do customers, customers your what are their want to buy customers What is your needs, from you, gather, what „voice‟, who who/what how do they channels are you for influences want to enable your your their receive your customers to customers purchase product, how refer you to decisions, do they want other what do they to provide customers value feedback Page 10Source:
    • 12. Content Guidelines• Sweet spot of content –Digestible –Solves a problem –Inline with your expertise (Competitive Advantage, Unique Selling Proposition)• Of interest to your customers• Fresh & engaging• Contain keywords Page: 25,87
    • 13. Basic Foundations
    • 14. Basic foundation for success• Platform (CMS, Connectivity)• Website Structure / Architecture• Goal Setting• Content Creation (words, photos, video)• Resources (People & Skills)• Budget• Measurement Page 29
    • 15. Your business website E-Business E-Newsletter Customer database Content Management System Website Home page Products and services Who we are Customers and testimonials Blog Contact us Page 29
    • 16. SEO
    • 17. Statistics• Google has a 94% marketshare• 80% of website a found in Search Engines• 87% don‟t look on the first page• First 3 links get the most clicks• 90% of sales are researched online
    • 18. How Search Engines Work• Spiders, bots• Index• Algorithm Page 61
    • 19. Search engine optimisation Page:60Website Website Website Crawls Visits Website Website Content Titles Meta tags Links Launches Locates Search engine Words in: Sends hierarchy Content of results Titles Produces Database Meta tags Index Algorithm Links Searches keywords
    • 20. Results Page• “throw in Screen dump”• Organic vs. paid• Google places
    • 21. Keyword Research• Customer Language• Competitor Research• Google Keyword Generator Tool• Website Analytics Page 50,87
    • 22. Search ‘coffee to go’
    • 23. On Page Techniques• Page Title• Header Tags (H1, H2)• Meta Tags• Optimising Images (Alt Tags, Naming Image)• Keyword Links• SEO friendly URLs• Keywords in content
    • 24. Link Building• Online Directories (Free & Paid)• Blogs and Forum• How to articles• Social media posts• Links from other websites• Google Places/Maps• Video Submission• Mini-sites
    • 25. Social Media
    • 26. Setting the scene• Network Effect (WOM)• The role of Social Media in driving traffic to your website• Risks & Benefits of Social media
    • 27. Social Media Strategy• Objectives• Roles you can play – Listening, Talking, Supporting & Energizing• Social Media Image – Your voice, authentic• Social Media Policy• Tactics• People & Skills Page: 40,50
    • 28. Social Media Tools• Facebook• Twitter• YouTube• Linked In• Google +• Blogs Page: 42-50, 35-38
    • 29. Twitter• Insert screendump here
    • 30. Online Misc
    • 31. Sales & Marketing Functions• Online Advertising – Google Adwords – Facebook• Mobile – Websites – Apps• Email Marketing• eCommerce Page: 65-73
    • 32. Small Business Mentoring ServiceBusiness mentors help you to identify a clear direction for youand your business.Business mentors can also advise you on how to: conduct market research price and/or cost your products or services develop an effective marketing strategy use other business management tools To arrange a session with a business mentor go to:
    • 33. Questions? Thank you for attending Check for more workshop information