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Marketing transformation management
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Marketing transformation management


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Published in: Business
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  • 1. ©2010 BTM Capital Partners Ltd All rights reserved MARKETING Transformation Management
  • 2.
    • Virtual team
    About us We are an energetic, motivated and highly dynamic team of senior executives each with a demonstrable track record and extensive business process transformation experience. The strength and breadth of our virtual team enables only the most appropriate, fit for purpose combination of skill-sets to be deployed ensuring that our transformation solutions are “Best in Class” . Each of our specialists has a minimum of 25 years business experience and collectively they have delivered proven solutions on a global basis across an impressive blue chip customer base to include.... ©2010 BTM Capital Partners Ltd All rights reserved MARKETING Transformation Management
  • 3.
    • Virtual team
    ©2010 BTM Capital Partners Ltd All rights reserved What we do The outside world’s perception of well-known brands is that they are likely to be well structured with slick, effective processes making their commercial activities lean and powerful. If we were to dig deep, in most cases we would reveal a patchwork of disparate procedures which impact the companies operational and commercial effectiveness. We are specialist in the transformation and management of internal and external processes and supply chains. We remove the complexities and inefficiencies which often exist across the operational processes which underpin profitable commercial trading. With no allegiance to a supply chain our solutions are impartial and are proven to enhance the customer experience, increase revenues and positively impact your bottom line. We focus on those areas of your business most likely to regularly interact with customers: Marketing Transformation Sales Transformation Operations Transformation Financial Transformation MARKETING Transformation Management
  • 4.
    • Virtual team
    ©2010 BTM Capital Partners Ltd All rights reserved What it may look like ... Typical scenario MARKETING Transformation Management
  • 5.
    • Virtual team
    • Our aims and objectives
    • Drive cost reduction through process rationalisation.
    • Reduce expenditure on bought in products and services.
    • Significantly improve return on investment.
    • Increase profitable revenue streams.
    • Enhance the whole customer experience.
    • Ensure visibility and transparency.
    • Empower client with greater control.
    • Enable total lock down of company values.
    • Implement appropriate technology solutions.
    • Ensure business continuity.
    ©2010 BTM Capital Partners Ltd All rights reserved MARKETING Transformation Management
  • 6.
    • Virtual team
    • Key focus areas
    • Marketing planning and budgeting.
    • Campaign workflow, trafficking and scheduling.
    • Online asset management, product creation, proofing and approval.
    • Brand management and version control.
    • Expense tracking and analysis.
    • Marketing results tracking.
    • Inventory management.
    • Campaign response handling and fulfilment.
    • Customer relationship management.
    ©2010 BTM Capital Partners Ltd All rights reserved MARKETING Transformation Management
  • 7.
    • Virtual team
    • Guaranteed process and supply chain efficiencies
    • The catalyst and foundation for guaranteed and measurable savings
    • is by way of an initial audit, a collaborative process led by marketing and
    • supply chain experts committed to delivering the most efficient and
    • effective solutions possible.
    • Fact based assessment of marketing supply chain .
    • Evaluate both economic and current business processes.
    • Compare with market leading practices.
    • Design framework for a comprehensive solution and quantify opportunity.
    • Design business process solutions to suit your practices.
    ©2010 BTM Capital Partners Ltd All rights reserved MARKETING Transformation Management
  • 8.
    • Virtual team
    • Our 4-step process
    • Assess.
    • Re-engineer.
    • Deliver.
    • Manage.
    ©2010 BTM Capital Partners Ltd All rights reserved Assess Re-Engineer Deliver Manage MARKETING Transformation Management
  • 9.
    • Virtual team
    • Impartial inputs and actions.
    • Removed from financial transactions with suppliers.
    • Total financial and operational transparency.
    • Fixed, easy to forecast fees.
    • Shared deliverables and KPIs.
    • Highly visible, measurable performance.
    • Savings delivered on a shared basis
    ©2010 BTM Capital Partners Ltd All rights reserved The more we save you, the more we earn! Benefits We recognise and embrace the need for clients to reduce expenditure and as such we ensure that ALL of our commercial models are of mutual benefit MARKETING Transformation Management
  • 10.
    • Virtual team
    • Our engagement model
    • Step 1
      • Initial FREE OF CHARGE discussions during which we aim to understand a little about your business issues and aspirations.
    ©2010 BTM Capital Partners Ltd All rights reserved
    • Step 2
      • Preparation, submission, modification and acceptance of our proposition. This will include all that you would expect from a commercially viable proposition to include anticipated service levels and key performance indicators.
    • Step 3
      • Commencement of an initial 3-month trial period during which we aim to assess, modify and clearly define proposed specific actions designed to drive maximum efficiency.
    • Step 4
      • Start minimum 12-month term during which we will continue to drive already proposed marketing and financial benefits. The term will commence automatically subject to satisfactory delivery of predefined measurable actions during step three.
    MARKETING Transformation Management
  • 11.
    • Virtual team
    • Improved processes.
    • Significantly improved profitability.
    • Fit for purpose customer communications.
    • Reduced expenditure on products and services.
    • Increased speeds to market and greater pro-activeness.
    • Enhanced customer experience.
    • Greater visibility, flexibility, measurability and control.
    • More effective collaboration across internal and external partners.
    ©2010 BTM Capital Partners Ltd All rights reserved Summary Our team of highly skilled senior executives has the ability to deliver dramatic improvements to the speed, effectiveness, cost and ease with which you achieve the ultimate commercial effectiveness and profitability. We are able to bring about change for the better: MARKETING Transformation Management
  • 12.
    • Virtual team
    ©2010 BTM Capital Partners Ltd All rights reserved Call us now! Complete transformation of the way in which your business evolves! For more information please do email us at [email_address] .... Or for a no obligation chat call 020 8133 9477. The more we save you, the more we earn! MARKETING Transformation Management