BusinessOnline & Crowd factory  - Creating Social Campaigns on Your Website

BusinessOnline & Crowd factory - Creating Social Campaigns on Your Website



Sponsored by ReadyTalk webinar series, see how BusinessOnline and Crowdfactory have partnered to add social media features to your most valuable online asset ... your website. This presentation ...

Sponsored by ReadyTalk webinar series, see how BusinessOnline and Crowdfactory have partnered to add social media features to your most valuable online asset ... your website. This presentation provides inspiration for how to add social features to generate earned media and boost your website performance.



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BusinessOnline & Crowd factory  - Creating Social Campaigns on Your Website BusinessOnline & Crowd factory - Creating Social Campaigns on Your Website Presentation Transcript

  • Webinar:How to Build a Social CampaignGetting Value from Social Media @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Housekeeping …1 Content shared in this webinar will be available following the event.2 Request a 1-on-1 Strategy Lab @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Make this session interactive … if Tweeting about this session, please use this hashtag: #socialcampaignQUESTIONS ???please submit questions throughout todayssession and they will be address in the final15 min of the webinar. @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Today’s Presenters Michael Weisfeld Adam Corey Director, Social Media Director, Customer Success "Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow." Ronald E. Osborn @crowdfactory @mrweisfeld Crowd Factory and @crowdfactory @BOLSocial BusinessOnLine Social Media team on @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Agenda: Developing an Earned Media Strategy Keynote: value of social media Step 1: How do you plan and implement social campaigns? Step 2: How do you measure and optimize? Wrap-up / Q&A @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • We all know Social Media is important … “85% of Americans believe a company should not only be present but also interact with its consumers via social media” - Omnicom “25% of top search results for world’s 20 largest brands is consumer-generated” - Jupiter “78% of consumers trust peer recommendations” - Nielsen “...But only 14% trust ads” - Wiley @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Poll:Who has optimized theirwebsite with social features? #socialmediamarketing @bolsocial
  • Boosting the performance of your websiteLEVERAGING YOUR MOST VALUABLEONLINE ASSET @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Think about your website like is your Country … @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • … which attracts visitors from far and wide … @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • … who want to share their experiences … @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • … with their network of contacts … @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • … of like minded people who also come to visit …. @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • … and want to share their experiences … @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Social Media Marketing Helps!Results from one of our client’s efforts (B2B software company):Visitors arriving viaSocial media traffic are … 10% more likely to convert into a lead than non-social media traffic. @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Overview of digital word of mouth marketingWHAT IS “EARNED MEDIA”? @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Goal: Drive website visitors Offline Marketing Online Marketing traffic traffic Website @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Goal: Motivate Visitors to be InfluencersDefinition: Enthusiastic individuals equipped with the resources to reach and impact others in a related market.Key point:Mobilize your crowd topower your marketing. @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • How: Capture “Situational Interest” Understand your visitors needs & wants …First Visit / Anonymous User Activity Repeat Visit / Authenticated User 1 Activity 3 Authenticated Customer Activity Activity 5 Activity 6 2 Activity 4 @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • How: Inspire people to “Share” Inspire to People to share via Role? publishing GOOD CONTENT Contextual & Relevant Personas based on the situational interest or Calls to Content timing of the user’s visit. Action? Focus? Appropriate action or response relevant to the content and based on the users goal. Make calls-to-actions obvious and intuitive @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • What: Each “Share” is Earned Media Definition: Earned media is an impression created by a user who “shared” content on their social networks. @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Earned Media can help measure ROI Paid MediaEarned MediaROI =News feed impressions (#) x Cost of Ad ($) – Cost of Implementation ($) 22 @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • … and create a swell of impressions …5 million tweetsThe average number of Tweets per day on aloneSource: MarketingProfs, LLC1 billion postsNumber of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photos, etc.) shared each week on FacebookDigital Buzz Blog, Social Media Has Grown Up: Stats One Year On, 8.03.0913 hours every minuteHours of video is uploaded to YouTubeSource: @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • … that will amplify once shared … 3-5x Amplification on sharing content 5-15x Amplification on sharing a comment, viewpoint, vote @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • … and can be tracked to conversion of implementation ($) Conversions (#) x Value Per ($) – Cost ROI = @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • How to Build a Social CampaignSTEP 1: HOW DO YOU PLAN AND IMPLEMENTCAMPAIGNS? @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Social Campaigns: Best-PracticesUse social to drive awareness and conversion Give visitors something to do and something worth sharing Integrate social interactions in all marketing channels Pay attention to the user’s voice and give them the ability to express opinion Must be easy to create and change messaging based on feedback and performance @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Social Campaigns Integration Engagement in many modes… …across many channels Website Facebook Reviews Contests Offers PagesSocial Shopping UGC Video Landing Email Pages Voting Badging Wishlists Mobile In Ad units @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Social Campaigns: Contextual Sharing Red Cross wanted to inspire people to give blood based on word of mouth referral. The Ask: “Get your friends involved in the winter storm recovery.” The Reward: “Claim this badge on your Facebook page or blog.” @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Social Campaigns: Engineering the Share 1 2 4 4 @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Social Campaigns: Motivated Sharing allows students to rent college textbooks instead of buying them to save over $500. The Ask: “How will YOU use the $500 you’ll save with” The Reward: Discounts for friends and initial sharer @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Social Campaigns: Action Sharing Make it easy for your audience to participate and interact Who has time to think of a reason or formulate a “share” that will benefit your website? Offer your audience the ability to select or vote instead of writing a story. @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Social Campaigns: Action Sharing @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Social Campaigns: Action Sharing @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Social Campaigns: Referral Marketing @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Social Campaigns: Sharing Experiences B2C Example: Give your audience something to DO and something to SHARE applies to B2B, B2C & Non-profit websites. Map social campaigns to actions B2B Example: on your website  Surveys  Product feedback  Events (registration, download whitepaper, etc.) @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Social Offers & Group Buying: Best-Practices Provide group offers and promotions . Get everyone involved in crowd deal selection and product feedback. Reward your influential customers, but also their friends and network. Measure performance and listen for opportunities to optimize accordingly. @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Social Campaigns: Referral Marketing B2C Example: Provide the ability for your website visitors to trigger group offers and promotions Build good will and foster customer loyalty Reach wide, friendly audience Avoid having your offer / promo code “scraped” on other sites @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Social Campaign: Group OfferB2C Example: @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Social Campaign: Deal Selection Entry selection Voting capability Selection period Winning deal Promotion Build social DB Customers invest emotion @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • How to Build a Social CampaignSTEP 2: HOW DO YOU MEASURE & OPTIMIZE? @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Track Conversions Attribution Analytics Measuring social campaign performance KPI: conversion Lead Request Purchase Call / Inquiry @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Social Dashboard & Analytics Key metrics to watch: Interaction rate Shares-to-resulting visits Resulting visits-to- conversions @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Social Dashboard & Analytics Improve your interactions rate: Look at creative elements and placement on page Is the call-to-action clear? Is the offer compelling to the audience? @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Social Campaigns: A/B Testing Testing to improve performance: Placement Messaging Creative elements Offer / Reward @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Social Campaigns: A/B Testing Media company wanted to boost referral visits through social media Tested multiple versions including a single “Recommend” button versus three network-specific buttons Through testing, found that network-specific options Option A: improved interaction rate which resulted in almost 4X referral visits Option B: @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Building a Social Database @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Conclusion & QuestionsWRAP UP @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • In Conclusion Look to add social sharing campaign to high value assets on your website. Let the crowd help you boost ROI Map your goals to theirs Now, you can track ROI Now, you can move quickly @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Thank You! Questions? Michael Weisfeld Adam Corey @mrweisfeld @crowdfactory acorey@crowdfactory.comQUESTIONS ???Note: Slides from today’s webinar will be sent to all attendees. @crowdfactory @BOLSocial Request a 1-on-1 Strategy Lab @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • Handout: Social Media Whitepaper For all those who have attended, BusinessOnLine will be sending out latest whitepaper Also available here: ces/whitepapers/premium/is-your- company-social @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • APPENDIXAdditional Information and Resources @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial
  • User Centered Design Methodology Workshop #3: Wireframes Workshop #2: Information Paths Workshop #1: Personas / Scenarios @crowdfactory #socialcampaign @bolsocial