Driving enterprise social from the bottom up - Microsoft SharePoint conference 2014


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People who want to introduce an enterprise social network often face a dual challenge: they have to convince senior management as well as get people to use the network. This presentation addresses both issues and gives you hope: you don't necessarily need active senior management support to get the ball rolling. With community management tactics and by leveraging "killer content" you can change organisational habits that can later snowball into bigger changes.

This was a presentation I did for the Microsoft SharePoint conference in Las Vegas, 2014. The talk notes are here: http://www.businessgoessocial.net/spc14/

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  • QUICK WIN: All Company as a Q&A forum (this might not work for companies with 50 000 employees – you need to create some subgrouos)-- people get the idea quickly, becomes valuable quickly--BUT: if the company culture doesn’t allow you to show that you don’t know STORY:This replaced the all company emails
  • BGROUND:Often the best reasons to use an ESN is when organisation’s needs overlap with staff’s needs, The SweetspotEXAMPLE:If it’s purely social there’s no reason for the SMT to invest in it. If it’s purely organisational – when there’s no benefit to you – you won’t do it because it’s a chore,
  • AT LEAST ONE OR TWO PROJECTS WHERE YOU CAN MEASURE THE VLAUEPROBLEM: STANDARD WAYS OF CALCULATING ROI NOT WORKINGFOR EXAMPLE:Mining company – no way to measure thatTRY:EfficiencyEXAMPLE: Insurance firm¨BGROUND:Not straightforward: how do you measure the benefit of one time saving innovation spreading from one team to another quicker?Use Yammer for a project where you can measure the benefits (time):EXAMPLE: Insurance firm(If you can calculate the money saved – even better)STORY:Crowdsourced the strategyTIP:MEASURING THE VALUE COMES IN HANDY LATER WHEN YOU APPROACH SENIOR MANAGERSA common method that community managers follow for proving the value of these tools, is the use of reporting frameworks that they fill in on a regular basis, thus reporting against a set of objectives intended to measure the success of the platform in improving communication and collaboration across the organization, and which include metrics for aspects such as levels of cross-functional work and cross-departmental information sharing. Some community managers also attempt to promote open innovation and crowdsourcing initiatives on the platform, the results of which can then be used to demonstrate the value these platforms can deliver to the business. Finally, community managers often attempt to identify actual cost savings from the platform’s usage, which they can then use to support its business value
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fW8amMCVAJQTo really help you understand how important the champions are I’m going to show you a short video..THE LESSONS:The first follower transforms the lone nut into a leader. You have to model behaviour
  • Share with you one more tip: New recruits - approach the HR team and suggest collaborationBGROUND:When people join a new org they are always a bit lost – they have a lot of questions.A lot of organisations use Yammer in preboarding and onboarding processes:External networks OR new joiners group-They can ask questions-Peer support ALSO: what else does it do?Well, It creates a transformative ES experience. They understand the benefit, because it was useful to them. And they are more likely to continue using it in their daily work. Or even introduce it in their team.ALSO: young peopleSTORY:Inject them against negative attitudes in their teams. Induction sessions: PERMISSION TO USE THIS TOOL EVEN THOUGH YOUR TEAM WOULDN*T.Catch them while they haven’t been corrupted by their teams
  • Pilot teams are the roots When people come up with new ways of using Yammer: bring them to the fold (offer support)
  • PILOT PROJECTS: AFTER 6 months or so (maybe less maybe a year)Show the value of the pilot projectsAsk for more resources if you want to spread the networkAt least an endorsement for the next round!
  • SUMMARYFind allies –(WHEN YOU GET HOME – start building a network)Find pilot teams/projects (business value) --- making the case to SMT LaterUse community management techniquesFINALLY….
  • Driving enterprise social from the bottom up - Microsoft SharePoint conference 2014

    1. 1. Driving enterprise social From the bottom up Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014, Las Vegas Businessgoessocial.net
    2. 2. Driving enterprise social from the bottom up Virpi Oinonen Businessgoessocial.net
    3. 3. How the story began VS
    4. 4. We had a problem
    5. 5. Email & the ―Proper channels‖
    6. 6. Inaccessible information
    7. 7. Untapped expertise
    8. 8. ―If hp knew what hp knows, we would be three times more productive.‖ Lew Platt, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard
    9. 9. Enter Yammer!
    10. 10. Network finds the experts
    11. 11. Collective intelligence
    12. 12. "Bring on the most obscure question you can find, about acidification tank materials, box erectors, water jet meat trimming machines, poultry nutrition, Excel pivot tables, agile methodology... our Cargill Yammer network knows!" - Melanie Hohertz, Cargill
    13. 13. Instant success!
    14. 14. But then...
    15. 15. What went wrong?
    16. 16. 1. Purpose
    17. 17. 2. Competing channels
    18. 18. How to solve this?
    19. 19. Clear guidelines
    20. 20. Pilot teams
    21. 21. Projects as Trojan horses (or mice)
    22. 22. Yammer as a Q&A forum
    23. 23. Find the sweet spot
    24. 24. Measure the value I - ROI is tricky Try: - saving time (efficiency gains) Or: - #yammerwin
    25. 25. Find an executive ally
    26. 26. Reports
    27. 27. Middle Management — challenge and an opportunity
    28. 28. ―Big problems are rarely solved with big solutions. Instead, they are most often solved by a sequence of small solutions.‖ - Dan & Chip Heath (switch: How to change Things when change is hard)
    29. 29. Recruit champions
    30. 30. Why champions matter
    31. 31. Anatomy of a Yammer champion/ Community manager
    32. 32. Support your champions
    33. 33. Tactics
    34. 34. Your mission: Behaviour change
    35. 35. Get them in through the door (killer content)
    36. 36. Transformative enterprise social experience
    37. 37. The power of a single like
    38. 38. Strengthen new behaviour
    39. 39. Big change? Make it incremental
    40. 40. Curation
    41. 41. New employees as change agents
    42. 42. You are building something bigger…
    43. 43. This is a real job – not a hobby
    44. 44. Tactics recap: • • • • • Pilot teams & champions Killer content Clear guidelines Nudging (community management) Curation (community management)
    45. 45. Senior managers, round 2
    46. 46. So what happened?
    47. 47. New survey: • 73% said internal communication had improved or significantly improved • number of people who used Yammer every day had doubled • Everybody was using Yammer — one way or another
    48. 48. Why does all this matter?
    49. 49. The shift
    50. 50. Networks are more responsive
    51. 51. ―Innovation happens at intersections.‖
    52. 52. The disengagement epidemic
    53. 53. If you want to drive enterprise social: • Find allies (recruit champions) • Start pilot projects (Remember Business value) • Use Community management techniques And finally...
    54. 54. Take the lead
    55. 55. After the session: Go on Yammer (SPC14 Network) and search for SPC266: Post your main concern re Yammer under the PPT presentation
    56. 56. Thank you! Notes and links to resources: www.businessgoessocial.net/spc14 #spc266 @voinonen
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