Cablecos Revolutionize Health Care
Health care is on everyone’s minds these days. The industry is experiencing sweeping ch...
Virtual Patient Visits
A virtual doctor’s visit sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but TWCBC and The
Cleveland C...
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Cablecos Revolutionize Health Care


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With “virtual” visits and at-home health monitoring that allow for seamless collaboration among doctors, patients and pharmaceutical companies, cablecos like Time Warner Cable Business Class bring unprecedented innovations to the health care industry. Health care providers choose cablecos because they offer practical and secure services with cost-saving bundled solutions and a track record of reliability.

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Cablecos Revolutionize Health Care

  1. 1. Cablecos Revolutionize Health Care Health care is on everyone’s minds these days. The industry is experiencing sweeping changes due in part to technology like cloud computing, which is supporting revolutionary innovations for pharmaceutical companies, clinics, private practices, and hospital networks. And cablecos like Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC) are enabling that growth—prominently. Cablecos' Role in the Revolution Modernizing health care requires enough bandwidth to effectively manage multiple platforms. For years, telecommunications companies had a dominant position on the necessary network solution. But that is no longer the case. Cablecos have quietly invaded the market to provide more efficient, stable, and secure options than traditional telcos. And a cableco's bundled packages can add up to real savings for businesses. This means that medical professionals are no longer limited by budgeting concerns for advanced communications. They now can access more bandwidth and more storage capacity for less money, allowing them to innovate in ways that they couldn’t before. Working in the Cloud Cloud services provide vast computing power that can cost less—something that has been sorely needed in health care. Pharmaceutical companies and clinicians are discovering new medications and developing life-saving treatments, all of which usually comes at a steep price. But the cloud helps alleviate that. The cloud is enabling innovations like this one: Doctors at Seattle Children’s Hospital are studying a disease that affects how bone cells communicate. Through cloud computing, the doctors have the ability to collate and store data from their research in the cloud; meanwhile, their research references information from others in the field. This high level of collaboration in the cloud gives everyone a chance to work towards better treatment options more efficiently and cost-effectively than if they were to collaborate in person. Helping Real People The technological changes sweeping through health care are obvious improvements for doctors and hospitals. What's not so apparent at first glance is that this revolution also introduces better health care options for patients. Electronic health records provide patients with coordinated care solutions not available a decade ago. Primary care physicians now have access to the same test results as the specialist, which saves them much-needed time when diagnosing and treating patients. In addition, pharmacies now can receive an accurate list of drug allergies and interactions directly from the doctor, ensuring that patients benefit immediately from the prescribed medications. Connected networks like these require advanced networks and a high level of services—like those available from cablecos like TWCBC. These services enable improved care for everyone— and at more affordable rates.
  2. 2. Virtual Patient Visits A virtual doctor’s visit sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but TWCBC and The Cleveland Clinic have made it a reality. The two have partnered to launch a "virtual visit" initiative. Using what's become known as telemedicine, clinicians deliver services to patients by using a television with video conferencing capabilities. This not only permits the medical staff to see their patients—and vice versa—but it also allows doctor and patient to interact in real-time. Virtual visits are a practical, cost-effective option in lieu of home visits. Home Health Monitoring TWCBC Home Health Monitoring gives health care providers a cost-effective way to offer care to patients while protecting their records at the same time. Security is a major challenge in this new technologically driven medical system, but TWCBC addresses this by offering the following: Secure transmission, Secure connectivity, and Fast, stable communication. Cablecos like TWCBC are enabling unprecedented innovations in health care with bundled solutions that are reliable and cost-effective. From virtual visits to at-home monitoring, cablecos provide seamless collaboration among medical professionals, pharmacists, and patients. If you'd like to learn more about partnering with Time Warner Cable Business Class, please visit us at