AmFam Teleconf 4 -- Marketing Tools Business Accelerator[1]
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AmFam Teleconf 4 -- Marketing Tools Business Accelerator[1]



Teleconference #4, August 28, 2009

Teleconference #4, August 28, 2009
Business Accelerator Program
Affordable Marketing Tools



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AmFam Teleconf 4 -- Marketing Tools Business Accelerator[1] AmFam Teleconf 4 -- Marketing Tools Business Accelerator[1] Presentation Transcript

  • Teleconference #4: Affordable Marketing Tools E-mail questions to [email_address]
  • Step It Up Competition E-mail questions to [email_address]
        • Open to all registered Business Accelerator participants
        • One winner in each city (Chicago, Phoenix, and Denver)
          • Advantage For Sales training program from Wright Business Institute – 6 sessions live or via web/phone
          • Marketing strategy session from Hi-Impact Marketing
          • $500 Staples gift certificate
    Step It Up Competition
        • Contestants will be judged on:
          • Thoroughness
          • Impact
          • Creativity
        • Entry forms are online at and can be submitted between October 1 st and October 22 nd
        • Winners will be announced at the November Business Mixers in each of the cities
    Step It Up Competition
        • Why have a marketing plan? What does one look like?
        • What are the various marketing tools available?
        • How do I best leverage my website and powers of search engines?
        • How can I use e-mail to build relationships and generate leads?
        • How can I leverage the media to generate business?
        • How do I most effectively use direct mail?
    In Today’s Teleconference We will Cover …
  • Marketing Plan E-mail questions to [email_address]
  • The Key Components of a Marketing Communication Strategy
    • SWOT
    • Customer and Expert Interviews
    • Opportunities – prioritized
    • Target Audience
    • Needs Analysis
    • Value Statement
    • Positioning (Bumper Sticker)
    • Key Messages
    Unique Selling Proposition
  • Orchestrating your Marketing Instruments
    • Integration
      • Messages
      • Offers
      • Call to Actions
    • Timing
    • Responsive
    • Company wide
      • Linkage to CRM (customer relationship management)
  • Websites and leveraging search engines Jeff Lewis The Webs We Weave 847-540-9668 E-mail questions to [email_address]
        • What is the difference between “paid search” and “organic search”?
        • Paid = “Sponsored Results”
        • Unpaid = Organic
          • Pages are ranked by search engine
          • Spiders browse pages on Internet
          • Free, but requires good web design and well-written copy with SEO in mind
    Websites/Getting Friendly with Google
  • Websites/Getting Friendly with Google Paid Search (pay per click) Organic Search (SEO)
        • What can be done to optimize an existing website for the search engines?
        • On-page optimization
          • Title tags, descriptive tags, keyword usage, heading, internal links, content (text)
        • Off-page optimization
          • Back links
            • Must be consistent with your website
            • The more prominent the other website the better
    Websites/Getting Friendly with Google
  • Websites/Getting Friendly with Google
        • How can blogging help my website?
        • A blog on your web site can increase page ranking
          • Search engines love blogs
            • Focused content, updated frequently
          • Free blog tools: Wordpress, b2Evolution, bBlog
        • Blog on other sites
          • Can imbed your site in your profile or blog content to drive people to your site
        • How can social media activity affect my website?
        • Good source for fresh content for your site
          • Raise “authority level”
        • Back-links by bloggers to your site
          • Digg, Stumbleupon
        • LinkedIn – professional networking
        • Facebook – link from Facebook page back to your site & blog
    Websites/Getting Friendly with Google
        • How can I convert visitors to leads?
        • Have a strong call to action, keep it consistent
        • Provide a telephone number
        • Offer free services
        • Publish a newsletter
        • Don’t request too much information on web forms
        • Give them a time limit
        • Immediacy – follow-up right away
    Websites/Getting Friendly with Google
        • How do I measure the success of my website?
        • Many ways to measure
        • Depends on your website’s objective
          • Provide information or generate leads
          • Sell product (e-store)
        • Measurements must be quantifiable
        • Need a robust analytical tool
        • Landing pages, unique phone numbers
    Websites/Getting Friendly with Google
  • Email Marketing Teri Latter Hi-Impact Marketing & Sales Solutions 847-550-0313 E-mail questions to [email_address]
        • What are the different ways you can use Email to market your business?
          • E-mail newsletters – regular distribution to your email list
            • Less expensive than direct mail, print, telemarketing
            • Easy to implement through e-marketing providers
          • E-blasts – information sent outside of e-newsletter cycle, sometimes promotion based
          • Both help strengthen relationship with customers
          • Build brand awareness with potential customers
    Email Marketing
        • How do I get e-mail addresses?
          • Put an easy-to-find e-newsletter sign-up box on your website and/or on your retail counter
          • Collect business cards and ask for permission to email
          • Send request to all email addresses you have
          • Join organizations and use membership list
          • Hold a contest—gather e-mail addresses from entry form
          • Ask for Email on direct mail response forms
    Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing
        • What does it mean to opt-in?
          • Permission marketing -- recipients of your emails have consented to receive them
          • Permission = more effective list
        • How do I avoid spamming?
          • Spam -- sending unsolicited bulk messages or those perceived to be such
          • Only use permission-based lists
          • Warning! Subject line don’ts. CAPS, punctuation, and words like FREE, Save and $$$
        • Should I use an e-mail service provider? Absolutely!
          • Inexpensive, many offer free trials
          • Relationships with ISPs to ensure maximum delivery
          • List management, including opt-outs
          • Templates that you can customize
          • Personalization of your emails
          • Format testing – how you see it is how they receive it
          • Host images, training and help
    Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing
        • How do I get people to open my e-mails?
          • Create good subject lines
            • If there’s an offer, say so
            • If there’s information, mention it
            • Be creative, but beware of looking like spam
          • Make sure information is relevant and well-written and offers are unique
    From Subject Business Accelerator… Unforgettable, that’s what you are Chris Baggott Michelle, tired of prospects not knowing who you are? FABTECH/AWS/METAL… Get Your Complimentary FABTECH/AWS/METALFORM Show Badge Today!
  • Email Marketing
        • What type of content should I include in my e-mails? How long should they be? How often should I send them out?
          • E-newsletters – VALUE
            • Upcoming events, sales, tips that your customers can use, new product information, industry information
          • Keep articles short -- no longer than a printed page
          • Set a schedule that is manageable and consistent
            • Ensure you’ll be able to provide fresh content
  • Email Marketing
        • How can your e-mail newsletters help your site rise to the top in Google searches?
          • Put your articles on your website – just tease in the newsletter – this means you have frequent new content
          • Optimize the articles – use your keywords
          • New content + optimized articles = higher ranking
  • PR: How a Small Business Can Leverage the Media Barry Sigale Sigale Public Relations 847-549-8429 E-mail questions to [email_address]
  • PR: Leveraging the Media
        • What are the advantages of publicity over other vehicles such as advertising or direct mail?
          • Effective as part of the marketing mix
          • News media credibility
          • Cost effective
          • Reprints can be used for direct mail initiatives
    • Most
  • PR: Leveraging the Media
        • What kind of news about my company will interest the media?
            • Publicity increases visibility, influence, current/news targets, stimulate news media
            • Unique product or service
            • Tie in to News of the Day
            • Special event
            • Newsworthy survey
  • PR: Leveraging the Media
        • Where do I find potential media to target?
          • News media websites – search contact listings
          • Follow the news
          • – online press release
          • Social media
  • PR: Leveraging the Media
        • How should I notify the media of my news and what does a good press release look like?
          • News release – who, what, where, when, why, and how
            • See sample on the Business Accelerator forum
          • Pitch letter – grab the editor’s attention
          • Photo and caption -- well liked by editors
  • PR: Leveraging the Media
        • What can I use to get the news media’s attention?
          • Email
            • News release and pitch letters – concise with most important info up front
          • Telephone
            • Follow-up is critical on Email
            • If not interested in this story, what are their editorial needs?
          • Timing – Tuesday mornings
  • Direct mail E-mail questions to [email_address]
  • Direct Mail
        • What plays a role in making a direct mail successful?
          • The list – 60%
          • The offer – 20%
          • The creative – 20%
  • Direct Mail
        • How do I acquire mailing lists?
          • Create your own, compile from:
            • Membership directories
            • Current customers
            • Hold a drawing or contest
          • Rent mailing lists
            • Directly from list owner
            • Mailing list broker – selection criteria
  • Direct Mail
        • What are some good offers?
          • Soft to hard offers with a time limit
            • White paper, DVD
            • Information kit
            • Free trial
            • Free add-ons
            • Free gift
            • Free shipping
  • Direct Mail
        • How do I increase my response rates?
          • Open, Skim, Read, Respond Strategy
            • Outer envelope
            • Subheads, Postscript
            • Benefit oriented, Power words, Facts & figures, Targeted, Personalized
            • Call to Action: offer with a time limit
  • Direct Mail
        • How does telemarketing affect the success of my direct mail?
          • Reinforce message and offer
          • State the purpose and get right to the point
          • Avoid technical terms
          • Use the person’s name
          • Be polite
          • Have your facts ready
    American Family Business Accelerator Program Upcoming Teleconferences and Success Activities
  • Looking Forward
    • What’s Next?
    • Knowing Where You Stand: Defining the Game
    • Establishing vital systems and monitors to understand the state of your business
    • Getting Down to Business: Selling & Essential Daily Activity
    • Setting up effective disciplines, intentional networking, and negotiating deals
    • Building Relationships
    • Creating your vision, developing and leveraging your network
    • Marketing Tools
    • Developing your brand and mastering marketing tools
    • Systemizing Your Activity for Growth
    • Anticipating and getting around roadblocks; understanding your business and its sales cycles
    • Leading Your Business, Leading Your World
    • Building a culture, getting work done through others, and getting the most from what you have
  • Teleconference #5: Systemizing Your Activity for Growth
      • Setting up and maintaining systems
      • Understanding your business and sales cycles; knowing your customer’s buying process
      • Anticipating and getting around roadblocks
      • Leveraging purpose and vision
  • Ongoing Support and Involvement
    • Monthly Teleconferences
    • Weekly E-Tips
    • Assignments
    • Contests
    • Break Room
        • Panel of Experts
        • Growth Coach Forum
    • Special Offerings