Communications proposal


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Communications proposal

  6. 6. STATIONERY 6
  7. 7. NAME DESCRIPTION LOCATION IMAGE SUGGESTIONMenu The cover includes peri-peri Counter & Table graphics, brand story and brand promise while the inside profiles the usual product offerings. An alternative option is run an art competition where winners stand a chance to have their artworks on the menu covers.Customer Care Cards. These cards offer the consumer Counter Apply artworks to the business a platform to voice out their cards (refer to past work). opinions and complaints about the service they experienced.Slips Purchase slips have the Counter Replace the copy with customer’s total cost and the informative facts about how the back has interesting fact Nando’s Art Initiative is changing concerning Nando’s. artist lives.
  8. 8. NAME DESCRIPTION LOCATION IMAGE SUGGESTIONTakeaway cutlery These include sauce sachets, Takeaway pass through & Apply artworks to all the items. takeaway pass through waiting area. Preferably print art works that serviettes, straws and salad Will provide intriguing patterns. dressing.Coffee take- away cups Unbranded card coffee cups Coffee Station with a plastic sippy lid are used to serve the takeaway hot beverages – a branded slip is placed over this unbranded cup before serving – see above.Packaging Take away packaging range that Counter Profile artworks to form part of has multiple designs. The range the limited edition packs, or consists of carrier bags, burger, write the artist’s story on the chips containers, ect. Mainly packs. Use both sides to used by taker away customers. document the now and then of the artist’s development.Extra sauces These are stored to exchange Tables with empty sauces on the condiment stands on the tables – to save time in busy periods. Brief artists to create artworks inspired by the famous Nando’s sauces. A vinyl version of the art work will be applied to these picture frames that store the sauces.
  9. 9. CONSUMER TOUCH POINTSNAME DESCRIPTION LOCATION IMAGE SUGGESTIONDoor Front entrance to the store. Door entrance Apply vinyl print patterns. Some stores may have more than one entrance. On the door we display Nando’s window decal branding, trading hour sticker, open/closed signage, security signage. The Nando’s external signage often appears above or near the main door (Follow next slide)Waiting Area Following the front entrance of Entrance space the store is the waiting are where most foot traffic takes place. This area is occupied with promotional messaging for customers.Art Wall This is where prominent pieces Seating Area by various artists are displayed. All the art work is sourced to support the art initiative. Include an artist’s plaque and rationale next to the art work. (Follow next slide)
  10. 10. WAITING AREA / ART WALL SUGGESTIONS:To track our artist’s progress we This framing technique could be Behind all toilet doors there This inspiration could be applied For every kiddies pack bought itcould honour them by applied to our artist of the could be a list of all the ways for the waiting area. Perhaps will come with a piece of a puzzle.showcasing their awards. This month: January to February. artists’ lives have been chairs, steps, ect. could be Perhaps each puzzle costs R2,00would challenge the Art Initiative transformed, or it could be a list painted onto the wall. Customers and the proceeds can go to artto expose them to recognized of artists’ personal dreams. could then interact with the material supplies for localplatforms. painted chairs by pretending they schools. are sitting on them. Customers can then take photos to upload unto the Art Initiative website.
  11. 11. SUGGESTIONS:Apply a simply sign above the allocated art The Art Initiative can use the Creative Block exhibitions Using a mobile APP customers can get more information about an artistsection to inform customers about the to sell their t-shirt range. be scanning the artist’s work. The results will give more informationinitiative. about the artist’s inspiration and profile their existing working. From the results the customer can opt to buy a print version of the artist work at a more affordable price.
  12. 12. INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS:PERI-POST NANDOCA SHISAOnline staff news letter updated on a weekly basis. This post An international Nando’s publication that is released SHISA magazine is explicitly for the Nandosnotifies the staff about the internal brand activities such as fund quarterly. The Nandoca keeps the worldwide family staff members. It is differentiated from all theraising events, brand campaigns, job vacancies, ect. connected. This publication offers a platformlife style other internal communication, like newsletters magazine for the different regions to learn from each. and such as it more of a life style magazine.Local International Local• Profile artists of the month. • Activations where artists paint portraits of people. • Décor guide to framing your artwork.• Segment where artists share their inspiration. • Discussion on how a certain painting is interpreted • Segment where artists share their• Artists can share tips on starting an art hobby. across the world. inspiration.• Artist’s Date- creative a guide directing people to art • Artists can share tips on starting an art hobby. • What the !$&% - What does that painting galleries and events they can visit. • Include a different poster in each publication mean? • Explain an artist net worth (Before they die).
  13. 13. ART INITIATVE WEBSITE Current: Suggestion:• Profile an art workshop with the artists • Create art an interactive library inspired by Google’s art • Use the Nando’s UK website as inspiration• Have a feature on the artists home town as their inspiration project. by including more information about the art• Connect a social networking account discussing what is art. • We could include links to where the arts are have initiative by profiling the art collection, exhibitions. creative block and projects. • Include a feature into an artist’s mind- interview.
  14. 14. CONSUMER TOUCH POINTSNAME DESCRIPTION LOCATION IMAGE SUGGESTIONCoffee POS Point-of-sale to advertise VIDA Coffee station This is Art Campaign asks people coffee in-store (Aprons, Table to share their views about Talkers, cup tags, spider topical artworks on twitter. This banners, promotional menu challenges people to start panels) interpreting and appreciating art. Apply mosaic art work onto theCounter Counters are the place where Entrance space counter. Through a competition customers first interact with different artists will be used to Nandocas, have access to the compliment the décor theme. menu and order their meals, get handed their Chilli Number and Apply the artists’ work onto the then have a seat in the counter and include a message restaurant. about the Art Initiative.Crockery Customers are served food on a Tables Get artists to paint on Nando’s white crockery set with the plates from it’s existence, these Nando’s logo. would be displayed around the restaurant. As a result the artist’s work becomes valuable.Trays Used by runner to carry food Found in at the coordination or Apply a diagram illustrating what and drinks to the tables and to waiter station role the Art Initiative plays. This clear empty plates from tables internal communication will be used to educate staff about the project.