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Communications 2.0 Bootcamp


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Putting web 2.0 and social media to work for foundations. This presentation was part of an interactive workshop at the Conference of SW Foundations in Vail, Colorado on October 1, 2010. Presented by …

Putting web 2.0 and social media to work for foundations. This presentation was part of an interactive workshop at the Conference of SW Foundations in Vail, Colorado on October 1, 2010. Presented by Josie Burke from El Pomar Foundation and Rob Simon from BurstMarketing.

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  • 1. Communications 2.0 Boot Camp
    Putting Web 2.0 & Social Media To Work
    For Foundations
  • 2.
  • 3. 12 Platforms
    And How To Use Them
  • 4. Why Use Social Media
    Great way to tell and share stories
    Now mainstream
    More effective and engaging
    Sustainable & green
    Cost-efficient and scalable
    Starts conversations
    Invites people into your org
    Assists with transparency
    Can become viral
    Trackable, measurable and ROI
  • 5. Why You Should Care
    In 2005, 8% of adults had a social network profile. Today, nearly 40% do.
    Nielsen reports that 142 million Americans use social media, largest in the world
    Usage (time spent) increased 86% over last year
  • 6. “If you are online, you are using social media.”
    Universal McCain
    Comparative Study on Social Media Trends
  • 7. 1. Facebook
    The “standard” for social networking, social media, social content
    500 million users
    500 billion minutes/month
    135 friends average
  • 8. How To Use Facebook
    Build official, branded “fan” page with info on organization, mission
    Find fans to “like” your page
    Post updates and news regularly on you and grantees
    Upload videos and photos
    Promote and publicize events
    Open up your page to allow fans to post, comment & discuss
    Use surveys
  • 9. How To Use (cont.)
  • 10. 2. Twitter
    Real-time micro-blogging using phone, computer, tablet
    106 million+ users
    300,000 new accounts every day
    97% have less than 100 followers, follow less than 100 Twitters
    55 million Tweets per day
    140-character text-messages with short links to photos, videos, URLs, blogs,
  • 11. How to Use Twitter
    Set up an official Twitter feed with custom background and @YourOrganization handle
    Post daily updates, links to interesting articles, grantee information
    Create a TwitterList of @handles for organization’s staff, partners, supporters, grantees
    Use “” to find and connect with top tweeters in your area
    Reply, retweet and join discussions
    Recruit staff, volunteers, supporters, grantees
    Promote an event, campaign, movement, issue
  • 12. How to Use (cont.)
  • 13. 3. Mobile & Smartphone
    A “Swiss army knife” phone that provides Internet access & browsing, GPS & location, email, audio, video, photo, SMS text-messaging, calendars, contacts applications – and oh yes, making telephone calls
    iPhone, Blackberry, Droid (Google)
    Predicted to overtake “regular” phones w. 50% penetration by 2011
    285 million mobile users now (60 million of which were “smart”)
    Becoming the new standard for mobile communications
  • 14. How to Use Mobile
    Make your website “mobile” friendly so it can be easily viewed on mobile devices (no Flash)
    Partner with cause-related apps such as CauseWorld to promote a cause, raise funds
    Integrate usage of your Facebook, Twitter accounts on mobile platforms
    Build an “off-the-shelf” iPhone app that aggregates your content from multiple RSS feeds using AppMkr
    Create a custom app for iPhone, Droid
  • 15. 3. Mobile & Smartphone
  • 16. 4. YouTube & Video Sharing
    Video sharing and hosting website
    2 billion views a day, nearly double primetime audience of all TV networks combined
    24 hours new video uploaded every minute
    Avg person spends 15 minutes a day on YouTube
    More video in 6 months than networks have created in 60 years
  • 17. How to Use YouTube
    Buy Flipcams at nonprofit rate and start making videos of what you & grantees do
    Create 15 second opening with logo, music, brand
    Keep videos short, fun, compelling
    Average YouTube video is 19 seconds!
    Create branded, custom YouTube channel
    Post videos, share on Facebook, Twitter, website, email, newsletter
    Invite supporters to upload video responses, comments
  • 18. How to Use Video (cont.)
    Set up other video platforms
    Vimeo, Blip.TV, Brightcove
    Use TubeMogul to distribute one video to all platforms at once, maximizing content distribution
    Distribute as “podcast” on iTunes and other podcast portals using FeedBurner
    Track views and learn what sticks
  • 19. How to Use YouTube
  • 20. 5. Blog
    A blog is…
    personal diary
    daily pulpit
    collaborative space
    political soapbox
    breaking-news outlet
    collection of links
    memos to the world
    Whatever you want it to be!
    50 million and counting
  • 21. How to Use a Blog
    Real power is a blog’s ability to “push” content out into “blogosphere”
    People can find posts, enter conversations
    Maintain regularly – pick a frequency
    Pick a content approach and strategy
    Identify internal “owners” or collaborative owners
    Find, link and cross-link with other blogs
    Integrate with Website, social media
  • 22. 5. Blog
  • 23. 6. Web 2.0
    Websites that move away from static pages toward dynamic
    Flash, javascript or HTML 5 animation
    Customizable home pages
    RSS feeds to push content
    Searchable databases / custom information
    Media (video, podcasts, audio)
  • 24. How to Use Web 2.0
    Add animated player of photos of grantees
    Add “ShareThis” widget to facilitate social sharing
    Integrate blog into website
    Feature video(s) of grantee
    Subscribe to RSS feeds, podcasts
    Create searchable database of grantees
  • 25. 6. Web 2.0 site
  • 26. 7. Online Annual Report
    A “flip-able” page-turning PDF
    Embedded audio, video
    Interactive with polls, hyperlinks, email, sharing
    Trackable and measurable
    Print-on-demand options
    Scalable and viral at no cost
  • 27. How to Use Online Reports
    Community reports with video stories on grantees
    Annual reports with financials, foundation information
    Animated charts and graphs to bring foundation mission to life
    Self-publish magazines, whitepapers
  • 28.
  • 29. 8. ePR & Community
    Engage with your community online
    Yelp! Community sharing and rating
    Google Places
    Reach out to online local websites and newspapers, i.e. YourHub and MetroMix
    Issue ePress Releases
  • 30. How to Use ePR & Community Sites
    Set up and “claim” your organization on popular local sites
    Google Places
    Yahoo Local
    Build online ePR distribution list
    Websites, newspapers, bloggers
    Free ePR sites
    No excuses: send ‘em!
  • 31. 8. Community Sharing
  • 32. 9. eNewsletter
    Regularly distributed electronic newsletter with current information
    Subscribers (for free)
    eNewsletter/eMail services
    Vertical Response
    Emma Mail
  • 33. How to Use eNewsletter
    Set up a graphic, bold template
    Build subscription base
    Have subscribe button on home page
    Embed multimedia
    Video “play” window but not actual video; won’t go through spam
    KISS (Keep it simple & sincere)
    Honest voice, breezy, newsy
    Allow for unsubscribe
    Don’t overwhelm: monthly or qrtly
    Monitor open-rates and clicks & learn
  • 34. 9. eNewsletter
  • 35. 10. Content Sharing
    You’ve got content – now share it!
    Videos (we’ve talked about)
    Photos on flickr
    Presentations on Slideshare
    Live video webcasts on uStream
    Live radio show on BlogTalkRadio
    Conference calls on Skype, ReadyTalk
  • 36. 10. Content Sharing
  • 37. 11. Listening & Polling
    “Listen” to what people are saying about your organization, grantees and issues
    On blogs, Tweets, discussion boards, forums
    Poll your audience with interactive online surveys
    E.g. SurveyMonkey
    Many free listening and polling tools
    Spy, ViralHeat, FiltrBox
  • 38. 11. Listening & Polling
  • 39. 12. Engagement & Mobilization
    Social networking software and websites that help you to:
    Raise awareness
    Create engagement on an issue or cause
    Spread information and support
    Get votes
    Raise funds
  • 40. How to Engage & Mobilize
    Start a petition drive on Twitter using
    Create events, polls on your Facebook page
    Raise funds for your cause on CauseWorld (website and app)
    Promote an event with EventBrite
    Use SpredFast and SmallAct to reach across multiple social media platforms to engage and mobilize
  • 41. 12. Engagement & Mobilization
  • 42. 13.Other
    Your ideas?
    Other services?
    The next best thing?
  • 43. Social Media Game
    The Social Media Game
    GetSmartNow Foundation
  • 45. GetSmartNowMISSION
    To provide college scholarships to financially disadvantaged students who excel academically.
  • 46. Group Exercise
    Each group given a communications goal
    Each group has 90 points to “spend” to accomplish goal through communications platforms
    “Playing cards” distributed to help guide group decision-making
    Each group will report back to share its communication strategy
  • 47. Additional Resources
  • 48. Twitter – find topics of discussion – petitions on Twitter
    Tweetdeck – organize, manage and publish tweets
    HootSuite – organize, manage and publish tweets or – create shortened URL links
    TwitPic – share photos
    Twitalyzer –monitor Twitter stats, influencers
    Mr. Tweet – find influencers
    Klout – influencer cultivation
    FriendorFollow – influencer cultivation
  • 49. Free Listening & Monitoring
    GoogleAlerts – on any topic
    GoogleReader – RSS reader
    SocialMention – all user-generated content
    Technorati –blogs
    Spy – all user-generated content
    FiltrBox – social media mentions
    vViralHeat – social media mentions
    Backtype –blog comments
    YackTrack – social media comments
    Boardtracker – alerts on discussion boards
    Twilert & Tweetbeep – Twitter mentions
    FriendFeed – social aggregator
    YahooPipes –blog and topic monitor
  • 50. Paid Listening & Management
    Radian6 – comprehensive listening and tracking
    SpredFast – comprehensive social media management
    SmallAct – web software specifically for non-profits to help them raise money, find supporters and maximize social media
  • 51. Fundraising & Engagement
    Crowdrise – fundraising website, community, gaming
    Convio – marketing, fundraising, advocacy for nonprofits
    FirstGiving – fundraising
    FourSquare – cause related iPhone app
    ChipIn – widget used in fundraising w. “donate” button
    GlobalGiving – online marketplace for philanthropy – empowers people to take action
    Givezooks – support a cause in minutes
    YourCause – fundraising through personal web pages
    JustGive – remove barriers to charitable giving – spread a ripple of good
    SocialVibe – micro-fundraising through social media
  • 52. Other
    LinkedIn – professional networking
    EventBrite – event management
    Upcoming – event management
    MobileCommons – SMS text messaging campaigns
    TextMarks – SMS text messaging campaigns
    AppMkr – “off-the-shelf” iPhone apps
    Ning – build your own social network ala Facebook
    Brightkite – geolocation website and app
    Gowalla – geolocation website and app
  • 53. Contact orFollow Me
    Rob Simon, President
    (303) 641-0946
  • 54. Contact orFollow Me
    Josie Burke
    Director of Communications
    (719) 577-5750