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Battleship powerpoint

  1. 1. Battleship is a 2012 American science fiction naval war film based in thechildren’s game.The genre of the film is sci-fi blockbuster. Appealing to a wider mainstreamaudience.The film has synergy as it was developed from the children’s game Battleship byHasbro.The film was released by Universal Pictures which is a media conglomerate.Universal Pictures is a horizontal integration which means it controls all thestages of the film making process. The budget was $200 million. HoweverUniversal is a vertical integration as it is owned by NBC Universal, a MediaEntertainment Company. It is made up of various different media companies.The film stars Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgård, Brooklyn Decker, Rihanna andLiam Neeson. Rihanna is a global star so having her in the film means that the filmwould draw in a large base of people who enjoy her music and want to see her asan actress.The film is a high concept movie, meaning it had a ‘Big Budget’.
  2. 2. The movie was released on the 12th April 2012, this is significant as it is an Easter holidays therefore meaning alot of people could go ad see the movie, as they’d have a lot of free time.It was a saturated release, meaning it had a wide scale release all at the same time. I was shown in 416 UKcinemas.The film was distributed by the media conglomerate Universal International Picture in the UK and by UniversalPictures not in the UK. The film had a $50 Million marketing budget. On it’s opening weekend (13-15th April 2012) in the UK alone itmade £3.7 Million ($5.9 Million).The film has an official website in which when you enter it comes up with a wide range of activities you can do.At the top of the page it has links to ‘Pinterest’ where you can ‘Pin In’. It also has a link where you can tweetsomething about the movie or see what others have tweeted on twitter, it also has a link where you can follow‘Battleship’ on Twitter. (Follow @BattleshipMove). It also includes a link where you may publically recommendon google and ‘check in’ on GetGlue. It also has a link for youtube where you can watch the official trailer on theofficial youtube Battleship site. You can also like the Battleship movie on Facebook. On the Facebook websiteyou can watch the trailer, comment/review what you feel on the wall, play the Battleship facebook game.On the website for the Battleship movie, you can click the country you are from and it will lead you to a newhome screen in which you can choose if you want to watch trailers, know the story, look at images, downloads,play Battleship online, or look at the global site. This shows it is covering a wide range of stuff, not just showingthe movie trailer. It has taken into consideration that people may want to know what the film is about beforethey actually go to see it in cinema, they will also perhaps want to look at images to see what the graphics arelike in the film or who is in it. The ‘downloads’ let you download computer screen backgrounds and even has itthat you can download a twitter background.On the twitter website, you can follow them where you can keep up to date with the movie trailers, thehappenings of the film, when it will be released, look at recent images from the movie, look at who else isfollowing, what others are saying about the movie and what they are saying as well. It also has a background ofthe movie on their page which could be an advertising technique to make people want to watch it, or go on theofficial webpage and download the background for their own twitter, meaning more and more people will seeit.ITunes has it’s own page for the battleship movie which shows more than one trailer, and a ‘look inside’ themovie. It also contains links to twitter, youtube, facebook, show times.The fact it is on websites such as facebook, youtube and it’s own website is shown that the marketingcampaign used Web 2.0 to advertise their product.
  3. 3. You can only view the film through cinemaat the moment, but you can be notified onamazon/love film when it gets released inwhich you can then buy on DVD or Blu-Rayor add to your ‘wishlist’ on Love Film. Whereyou can then watch on your gamesconsoles from online streaming, or fromDVD’s, watch on DVD players, throughiTunes after purchasing the film, onlaptops/computers.