Corporate Development plan


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Corporate Development plan

  1. 1. FunctionalCorporate Development Plan
  2. 2. Functional External GIP Growth Drivers Relevance % of GIP Growth Incomes Initiatives needs KPIs NPS assessment based NPS
  3. 3. Initiatives External Relevance GIP Growth National selling campaign Market segmented product development Aligned Y2B Events Raising campaigns National Project National Corporate Sales TeamProduct development based on Testimonials booklet needs assessment Branding AIESEC Romania in the International Network Buy domain for Google search - international human resources solutions Sharing database(a platform to put all the materials related to CD area) Aligned materials (Product portfolio, GIP portfolio, Partnership evaluation )
  4. 4. GIP Growth Market Segmented Product Development Defining products based on market segments: IT,Description education, marketing, engineering, etcTimeline 01.07.2012 – 30.06.2013 - no of LCs involvedObjectives/KPIs: -no of TNs raised, matched, realized from that segments -no of segments reached -no of products implemented -incomes National Raising Campaigns These campaigns alignes the LCs in AIESEC Romania inDescription raising for GIP I twice a year.Timeline 01.08.2012–30.11.2012 , 01.02.2013–30.06.2013 - no of LCs involved -no of TNs realizedObjectives/KPIs -no of TNs raised -amount of incomes -no of TNs matched
  5. 5. National Corporate Sales Team The NCST is a national sales task force that reports directly to the MC of AIESEC in Romania. The aim of this team is toDescription increase national sales intensity in specific TN markets and support the national focus of diversifying incoming GIP experiences.Timeline 01.07.2012 – 30.11.2012 first round - no of members involvedObjectives/KPIs -no of TNs raised -amount of incomes Testimonials Booklet The aim of this booklet is to gather testimonials from companies that took the GIP product and use it in sales.Description Also it contains testimonials from trainees that are used to promote the qualitative internships.Timeline 01.07.2012 – 30.08.2012 -no of testimonials from companiesObjectives/KPIs -no of testimonials from Eps -Booklet done
  6. 6. External Relevance National Selling Campaign These campaigns alignes the LCs in AIESEC Romania inDescription selling the local products in the same time by being in a friendly competition.Timeline To be established - no of LCs involvedObjectives/KPIs: -incomes (cash& inkinds) Aligned Youth to Business Events By organizing these events in the same time AIESECDescription Romania positions it self on the market as the largest youth organization .Timeline To be established -no of LCs involvedObjectives/KPIs -amount of incomes
  7. 7. National Project Creating a common frame for a national project that can beDescription customized by each LC based on their market.Timeline To be established - no of LCs involvedObjectives/KPIs -no of TNs raised / amount of incomes Product development based on needs assessment Creating a common frame and education on how toDescription develop products based on needs assessment.Timeline 01.07.2012 – 30.08.2012. -No of initiatives based on needs assessmentObjectives/KPIs -No of LCs using the product development tool
  8. 8. GIP Growth & External Relevance Sharing database A platform where to put all the materials related to theDescription Corporate Development Area.Timeline 01.07.2012 – 30.09.2012.Objectives/KPIs: -database Aligned materials Creating aligned materials to be used by the LC (ProductDescription portfolio, GIP portfolio, Partnership evaluation ) in order to have a common message for the corporate environment.Timeline During the year -no of LCs using the materialsObjectives/KPIs -No of materials developed
  9. 9. Way of working Physical meetings Virtual meetings Each quarter Each month if needed Communication about Area Gossip & other (ex: articles) The Whippers on facebook DDLs Urgent – phone callNormal – minimum 3 days in advanced, DDL written in the subject of the e-mail.
  10. 10. Working with MCVPs MCVP Corporate Development MCVP Sales Local Corporate Development/ Sales/Corporate Product Development/ Business When organizing national or Development/ Corporate international conferences that areInternships Development Strategy part of the national or internationalNational Corporate Development Education Cycle StrategyPartnership with Global Partners National partners that want to Approaching a national partner for develop local local partnership projects/events/activities Education through LC visits
  11. 11. Working with NST Market research and trend analysis support (platform and market) Product packagingNational Incoming GIP Available Forms Tracker & DAAL Files usage Manager LC2LC cooperation National Raising Campaigns Matching Mania campaigns Market research and trend analysis support (market)Corporate Engagement Product development Manager National Sales Campaigns ER Principles
  12. 12. Working with NST Support on realizing local area education plan ( CD members) Corporate Education Virtual education delivery Manager Correlating national education area plan with the local one Training materials Aligned materials (Product portfolio, GIP portfolio, Partnership evaluation )Corporate Brand Officer National CRM Sharing database