Useability, accuracy, functionality and currency of websites
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Useability, accuracy, functionality and currency of websites






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Useability, accuracy, functionality and currency of websites Useability, accuracy, functionality and currency of websites Presentation Transcript

  • Website Useability
  • What is Useability?• This refers to how easy it is for the userof a website to find information they needon the website.• Its about making the website as userfriendly as possible.
  • Tools for Useability• There are some basic tools that can be used toaid in useability on a website. These are;1. Simple and traditional navigation. There isnothing more frustrating than trying to findinformation in a website, when it should beclear to find using the navigation menu.2. Content search options on the website. This isusually found in the top right hand side of thewebpage and allows the user to search for keyterms that might help them find the informationthey require.
  • 1. Site Map This is a page which allows foran organised list of all the pages on thesite.2. Strong contrast colours to aid reading.3. Print options on pages allows for someusers who find it difficult to readcomputer screens to print pages whichcontain large amounts of text.4. Site logo link to home page. Most peoplewill look to click on a logo to get back tothe home page.
  • How is Useability tested?• The best way to do this is to have samplegroups of your target audience given tasks tocomplete on the website.• The main objective would be to capture datareferring to how long it took for the individuals toachieve tasks on the site and the errors anddifficulties they had in achieving the tasks.• Allowing for a feedback section of the websitealso provides an avenue for users to leavesuggestions to improve useability on thewebsite.
  • Currency and Accuracy of awebsite• It is important to make sure your websitehas the most up to date information on it.Users will leave the page if the site doesn’tlook like it has been updated regularly.
  • Making your site current• Ensure it has been updated with currentinformation.• Make sure it has a ‘last updated’ referenceon the page.• Include Live Feeds on the home page.This could be in the form of blog entries,Twitter Feeds, RSS links to industry news.