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How Do You Hold Yours?
Slides from the BULLIONROCK breakfast seminar held on 5 December.
Robin Newbould, MD of BULLIONROCK

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2013-12-05 BULLIONROCK

  1. 1. How Do You Hold Yours? 5 December 2013 Breakfast Seminar in Guernsey
  2. 2. HOW DO YOU HOLD YOURS?  Investors have greater choice  Four main ways of investing into precious metals  Do they know? Should they know?  Do they care? Should they care?
  3. 3. PHYSICAL BULLION FROM REFINERY  What is investment gold? (from HMRC) Investment gold is: gold of a purity not less than 995 thousandths that is in the form of a bar, or a wafer, of a weight accepted by the bullion markets; a gold coin minted after 1800 that: - is of a purity of not less than 900 thousandths; - is, or has been, legal tender in its country of origin; and - is a coin that is normally sold at a price that does not exceed 180% - of the open market value of the gold contained in the coin
  4. 4. INVESTMENT GRADE BULLION  Why is this important? Investment gold is exempt from VAT, subject to an option to tax.  How will I know? It’s written on the bars! More importantly, it is all we sell.
  5. 5. THE GOLD BRITANNIA COIN  1oz Gold Britannia made from 999.9 fine gold  UK government assurance of weight and purity  Exempt from UK Capital Gains Tax (‘CGT’)  Exempt from Value Added Tax (‘VAT’) as an investment gold coin  UK legal tender (£100 face value)  Unlimited mintage
  6. 6. UNALLOCATED OUNCES  When you buy unallocated precious metals through our nominee you will become a creditor of Metalor - they will owe you the precious metal that you have paid for. However, you must be aware that you will not own the asset whilst it remains in Metalor's Metal Account. Metalor remains the owner of the actual precious metal and is free to use your money, whilst also adding your unallocated metal holding to its own reserves.  The underlying metal might be physically stored in an audited vault but this is not guaranteed.  Furthermore, in the extremely unlikely event that Metalor became insolvent, then you might, as a creditor, receive back only, at best, a proportionate share of whatever was raised from the sale of Metalor's assets.
  7. 7. FRACTIONAL OWNERSHIP  Fractional ownership schemes offer exposure to precious metals held, on a collective basis, for the clients of the scheme  Investors should ensure that the scheme is backed, in full, by physical bullion of investment grade standard and that the bullion is independently audited  Headline purchase, sale and storage costs may look attractive but investors should be aware that should they wish to withdraw physical bullion from the scheme, costs can be nothing short of exorbitant  7.5% for a 1kg gold bar or 10% for silver in the small print of one of the world’s leading .com scheme providers
  8. 8. EXCHANGE-TRADED  The regular, physically-backed, Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs) are designed to be simple and transparent open-ended securities that trade on the well-regulated London Stock Exchange.  These ETCs have been designed to enable you to gain exposure to the commodities in question without your having to trade in futures or take physical delivery of the underlying.  They are secured, undated, limited recourse debt securities that are designed to track underlying commodity price movements.
  9. 9. THE BULLIONROCK GOLD FUND  Will allow investors, in a manner familiar to them, access to physical precious metals in the form of CGT-exempt and VAT-exempt gold bullion coins  Will offer weekly liquidity with transparent fees, pricing and charging  Will offer a physical redemption process that will allow underlying investors to collect the bullion coins * * investors will be required to have an active account open with BULLIONROCK Invest in order to redeem in this way
  10. 10. CONTACT  info@bullionrock.com  01481 706767  www.bullionrock.com  #ExcellenceInPreciousMetals