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Bullx HPC eXtreme computing technology


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"Bull has emerged as a significant provider of midrange to supercomputing scale HPC systems, building a base first in its native France before expanding in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Leveraging …

"Bull has emerged as a significant provider of midrange to supercomputing scale HPC systems, building a base first in its native France before expanding in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Leveraging its own in-house expertise in R&D, Bull has unveiled a full range of HPC products."

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  • 1. Nov 18th 2013 on Readers’ Choice: GENCI CURIE for DEUS (Dark Energy Universe Simulation) project
  • 2. Nov 18th 2013 Readers’ Choice best server product or technology: Intel Xeon Processor Editors’ Choice best server product or technology: Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor Readers’ Choice top product or technology to watch: Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor
  • 3. Nov 18th 2013 Bull Extreme Factory Remote Visualizer 3D Streaming Technology
  • 4. Bull: from Supercomputers to Cloud Computing Expertise & services Software Servers Infrastructure • • • • • HPC Systems Architecture Applications & Performance Energy Efficiency Data Management HPC Cloud • • • • Open, scalable, reliable SW Development Environment Linux, OpenMPI, Lustre, Slurm Administration & monitoring • Full range development from ASICs to boards, blades, racks • Support for accelerators • Data Center design • Mobile Data Center • Water-Cooling bullx supercomputer suite
  • 5. Energy Optimization Paths towards Exascale Computing Environment  PUE Middleware  resource utilization Microlectronics optimization  PicoWatts/operation Application  new Paradigms Supercomputer power efficiency
  • 6. DLC blade system
  • 7. DLC blade system Brings (warm) water to the heart of the computing power - All the benefits of bullx blades - PUE close to 1 - Standard servicing
  • 8. DLC B710 blade • Double blade hosting 2 nodes • 2 x 2 Intel® Xeon® processors E5 Family • InfiniBand FDR – ready for EDR • Standard CPUs, memory, disks • As easy to maintain as an aircooled blade
  • 9. DLC B710 blade
  • 10. DLC B715 blade Cold plate Liquid Cooling InfiniBand FDR 2x Intel Xeon CPUs 2x Accelerators (Intel® Xeon Phi™ or NVIDIA® Tesla™)
  • 11. DLC blade system Cooperative Power Chassis - Standard connection by the top of the rack  physical separation of water and high voltage Hydraulic chassis Temperature of water in customer loop - Rack inlet temperature : 35°C max - Rack outlet temperature depends on rack consumption - Typically for 5 chassis : 42°C Water flow needed per rack - Controlled according to rack consumption - Maximum : 4.5 m3/h (75 l/min)
  • 12. blade chassis (B500 series)
  • 13. blade chassis (B500 series)
  • 14. blade chassis (B500 series) Chassis Management Board Hot- swappable PSU x 4 Ethernet Switch Board
  • 15. B510 compute blade ConnectX3 FDR HDD/SSD 2.5" DDR III (x8) 2 x Intel Xeon processors E5-2600 (v2-ready) 2 compute nodes 2x Fans
  • 16. B515 accelerator blade • Double-width blade • 2 x NVIDIA K20/K20X GPUs (Kepler) OR • 2 x Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors • 2 x Intel Xeon E5-24xx (ready for future generation) • Dedicated PCI-e3 16x connection for each accelerator • 2 InfiniBand FDR ports connected to 1st-level switch, so that each accelerator has access to full FDR bandwidth
  • 17. supercomputer suite Application Management Extended Offer Data Management Extended Offer LSF, PBS Pro, DDT, Totalview... GPFS Supercomputer Management Development Execution Environment Environment bullx BM Management Center Data Management bullx MC Application Management Parallel File System Software Manager Monitoring & Control Manager bullx PFS (Lustre) (Batch Management) bullx DE Network File System bullx MPI 1 1 SIR NFS (Message Passing Interface) Local File System Infrastructure Manager 1. Supercomputer Information Repository Operating System bullx Linux - Red Hat Entreprise Linux (RHEL) - SUSE Linux Entreprise Server (SLES)
  • 18. mobull, the plug and boot data center • Up to 2 Petaflops per container • Fast field deployment • All-weather operation -30⁰ to +50⁰ • Secure • Cost effective • Hardware agnostic • High density - innovative cooling system • Pay As You Grow - Opex financed The container solution from Bull
  • 19. computer simulation in the age of cloud computing  Perform pay-per-use HPC on bullx solutions  No requirement for heavy investment  Set up and operated by Bull HPC experts  High level of service with total security  Web portal access for full HPC workflow      Data management Job management Licensing management Remote 3D visualization Accounting
  • 20. HPC & Viz Portal « Appliance » • Front-end for HPC private cloud • Sold as a product • Integrated solution (hardware + software) • Customers in production in many countries • Graphics customization framework • Modular (HPC, VIZ, HPC+VIZ) • Supports various job schedulers • Supports various remote streamers
  • 21. XRV is Bull’s client-server 3D streaming technology • Sold as a product • Standalone or integrated with XCS • Supports Windows and Linux clients • Several sessions mapped on a single GPU • Groundbreaking performance: Video compression based on advanced algorithms, requiring little bandwidth (3Mbit/s for comfortable work at 1280x1024)
  • 22. European Exascale computing approach, based on embedded power-efficient technology The objective of the Mont-Blanc project: to design a new type of computer architecture capable of setting future global HPC standards that will deliver Exascale performance while using 30 times less energy. This project is coordinated by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) and is partly funded by the European Commission.
  • 23. European Technology Platform for High Performance Computing An industry-led forum founded by stakeholders of HPC technology supply and research HPC System Architecture System Software and Management Programming environment HPC Stack Elements including support for extreme parallelism Usability Affordability (cost, energy) ISV support End-user support SME focus Horizon 2020 ERA Education & training HPC Usage Expansion including: Energy efficiency System resiliency Extreme Scale Requirements New HPC Deployments HPC services, including: Improve system and environment characteristics Balance compute subsystem, I/O and storage performance Calls For Proposals HPC usage models Including: Big data, HPC in clouds Strategic Research Agenda European HPC Ecosystem Vitality