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Tumkur presentation

  1. 1. The Word Tumkur possibly originated from Tumbe uuru (due to theabundance of a kind of flower called Tumbe huuvu)
  2. 2. Another Theory of Tumkur Tamate Uuru (referring to a folk musical percussioninstrument Tamate that was probably used here).
  3. 3. Tumkur was Founded by Kante Arasu of Mysore Royal Family
  4. 4. • Tumkur History goes long back to the 10th century• Geographically Tumkur is located at 13.34°N 77.1°E• Tumkur is Situated 70 Kms away From Bangalore• 1 .5 hour Drive from the Metropolitan City• Tumkur is a District head quarters with 10 taluks• Tumkur Occupies a area of 10,598 km²
  5. 5. Two National Highways NH-4 and NH-206 passes through Tumkur city
  6. 6. • Population of Tumkur is 2,584,711• Males constitute 52% of the population• Females constitute 48% of the Population• Tumkur has an average literacy rate of 75%, higher than the national average of 59.5%• male literacy is 79%, and female literacy is 70%.• About 11% of the population is under 6 years of age.
  7. 7. Tumkur is prettily situated on the north-western base of theDevarayanadurga group of hills on anelevated ground near the water-weir of a large tank
  8. 8. • Tumkur district has a population of 2,681,449, roughly equal to the nation of Kuwait or the US state of Nevada. This gives it a ranking of 149th in India (out of a total of 640). The district has a population density of 253 inhabitants per square kilometre (660 /sq mi)
  9. 9. Taluks of Tumkur• Koratagere• Gubbi• Chikkanayakana Halli• Tumkur• Pavagada• Sira• Turuvekere• Kunigal• Madhugiri• Tiptur
  10. 10. • Tumakur is a good study center from primary education to higher education. It has its own university. Within this town, there are four technology institutions and one medical institution.
  11. 11. Educational institutions in Tumkur• Shridevi Group Of Educational Institutions• Siddaganga Group Of Educational Institutions• Sri Siddharatha Group Of Educational Institutions• H.M.S Group Of Educational Institutions• CIT Group Of Educational Institutions• Akshaya Group of Educational Institutions• Sacred Heart Group Of Educational Institutions
  12. 12. Educational institutions in Tumkur• DAT Public School• Sarvodaya Group Of Educational Institutions• St.Josephs Group Of Educational Institutions• sri Sapthagiri Education Trust• Sri Maruthi Education Trust• Vidyaniketan Group of Educational Institutions• Vidyodaya Foundation (R)• Kautilya Academy of Management
  13. 13. Banks At Tumkur• All Nationalised Banks have their Branch Offices in Tumkur• ICICI Bank has its Commercial Banking Branch in tumkur City• HDFC has its Branch in Tumkur• Axis Bank has a couple of branches Across the city
  14. 14. The Famous Sculptor AmarashilpiJakanachari who Shaped the Belur Temple town was born in Kaidala near Tumkur
  15. 15. Member Of parliament• Mr Gs BasavarajuResidential Address :# 10, 1st main Road,Gandhinagar, Near the Office of the CircleInspector of PoliceTumkurMobile : 9448079192
  16. 16. Member of legislative Assembly• Mr S Shivanna• Residential address• Ratna Mahal, NH4• Ranganathapura• Tumkur-06• Mobile: 9448372736
  17. 17. Member of Legislative Council (MLC) - Dr Hulinaykar
  18. 18. Country club at Tumkur
  19. 19. Places
  20. 20. Places to Visit in Tumkur• Turuvekere - The temple town.• Devarayana Durga is a beautiful hill station just 15 km from Tumkur.• Kydala just 5 km from Tumkur has beautiful temple with God carved from stone.• Siddaganga about 7 km from Tumkur where Siddaganga Swamiji resides.• Shivaganga is about 25 km from Tumkur.• Gulur where during Navaratri 10 foot high God Ganesh made out of clay will be on display.
  21. 21. Places of visit in Tumkur• Yediyur is about 60 km from Tumkur where God Siddalingeswara Temple is situated.• Gubbi is 20 km from where God Channabasaveswara Temple is situated.• Goravana halli Lakshmi Temple is about 25 km near Kortagere.• Siddara betta• Kunigal Farm: The oldest stud farm is found here.
  22. 22. Places of visit in tumkur• Pavagada Fort: The Hill Fort built in 1405 by a Vijayanagar chieftain was the scene of fierce battle between the English and Tipu Sultan. It is famous for groundnuts.• Madhugiri: This prosperous town is known for its pomegranates and has one of the finest Hill Forts built by the Vijayanagar Kings.Also to be seen are Jain Basadis and temples. Madhugiri hill, the biggest monolith in Asia, is great for climbers also found here.• Marconahalli :Has a reservoir built across Shimsha river. Boating is available here.
  23. 23. Pavagada fort- dates back to Tipu sulthan `s era
  24. 24. Places of visit in Tumkur• Pattanayakanahalli: Jagadguru Sri Gurugunda Brahmendraswami mata is there.• Nidagallu betta: It is in Pavagada taluk. Its height is above 3000 feets. At the peak of the hill, a Nandi(Basavanna) is there. Down the hill there is a Rameswara temple. It is worth to visit this place once.• Vaddagere VeeraNagamma temple is 5 km from koratgere.
  25. 25. Train connectivity- Below Picture of Tumkur Railway Station
  26. 26. • All The Up trains Towards North india Stop At Tumkur City• Around 17 Trains move Up and Down Towards Bangalore from the city• Fare in The Trains are – Rs 11/- From Majestic in Shuttle Trains• Rs 25/- In Express Trains
  27. 27. Travel Time in Express train is Max 1Hour and shuttle trains, Max 100 Min to Bangalore
  28. 28. Bus Connectivity to Tumkur
  29. 29. Bus Connectivity• Tumkur is the Main Junction for all the KSRTC buses• Buses Plying From 24 Districts of Karnataka Towards Bangalore Stop At Tumkur• For every 5 Min You will Get aBus To Bangalore• Apart From This Buses Plying to Mumbai, Goa add more Numbers to the Bus Traffic
  30. 30. • Shuttle Service of KSRTC Buses within the town limits of a Radius of 10 km is Introduced Recently• Connectivity to all The Major areas, Lanes and by lanes of Tumkur
  31. 31. Industries at Tumkur – Wipro Cosmetic Factory in Pic At tumkur
  32. 32. Reliance Gas Pipeline Passes Through the District
  33. 33. Layout in The lap of the nature – Lush Greenery
  34. 34. Residential Layout Situated Beside the Tumkur- Mangalore State Highway
  35. 35. Tumkur- mangalore Road is Proposed to become a Four lane Road
  36. 36. The Natural beauty of the Tumkur remainsunspoilt amid Rapid Globalization , You canStill Hear the Melodious Songs of the Birds
  37. 37. Best Place To spend your weekends at least for the Next 10 years
  38. 38. 100 % Greenery around – and Just 1.5Km Drive From Bangalore, This place is Truly a Stress buster for the entire family
  39. 39. Gated Community Layout for only 12 Families- Layout Approved by DTCP Call 9845017139
  40. 40. Layout Situated 10 Km away from Mini vidhan Soudha
  41. 41. Layout Situated 7 kms away from Siddhartha Engineering college
  42. 42. Layout Is Located just 1 Km From Varin International School
  43. 43. We Will Not Disturb the nature Butconstruct The Tar Roads in the layout Call 9845017139
  44. 44. Strom Water Drains Across the layout
  45. 45. Exclusive Children Play area