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IBM Techies in association with safabaitulmaal created the Health and hygienic awareness camp in Saraipalya

IBM Techies in association with safabaitulmaal created the Health and hygienic awareness camp in Saraipalya

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  • 2. Sarai Palya the area located just behind the manyatha tech parksaw an un usual activity today, Men and women in their thirtiesclad with Jeans and modern outfits were seen with Brooms andother waste collection tools, a unbelievable scene to the localpopulationSarai playa the slum area, home for the poorest of the poor, themost downtrodden, and Poverty Ridden Locality in Bangalore,being inhabitated by the Poor labors and Masons from NorthKarnataka, the area is always a neglected zone and have facedapathy from the Government sector, none of the Residentsremember seeing their elected representatives , they don’t comeeven during elections as the existing Population have retainedtheir Voting Rights in their native villagesIBM India under its Corporate social responsibility program(CSR) Selected this distress locality to Spread the awareness ofhealth and hygiene along with Safabaitulmaal, an Active SocialNGO group which provides various forms of Relief in thedistress areas of BangaloreWith great enthusiasm, the techies got to work at 11 am selfmotivated they started sweeping the 16th Main Road which is abottle neck to almost 400 houses in the locality , the spirit ofSocial responsibility towards the nation and its society neverdeter them from the scorching sun which otherwise theseexecutives spend most of their life inside the A/c cooled cabins,
  • 3. A Different experience altogether said Mr Suman who was thePart of the 50 member strong team who has earlier Visited anoldage home, along with his team members he dedicates around96 working hours in a year towards the social service ,Inspired by our past president Mr APJ Abdul Kalam , Sumanand his team want to give back their bit to the society in futurethey want to Spend their Valuable time in the orphanages withthe orphans who have lost their parents in the tender age andsome might not have seen their beloved onesThe IBM techies were successful in Involving the localPopulation in their Health and hygienic Program at first sightpeople began to smile at us – an unusual smile, when weProceeded towards the work they joined hands with us, now ourMission clean is completed and people are still smiling but nowit is a different smile altogether explains Mr Hariharan who wasthe core member of the groupThis is absolutely a different experience, a Hard labor work andat the end of the day we don`t expect anything from thebeneficiaries gives me a sense of Fulfillment of my socialResponsibilities towards my Society and Nation Says MrRajkumar who cancelled his Holiday and postponed his Travelto the home town Hosur to be the Part of the group that made adifferenceSafabaitulmaal the NGO which was very supportive from thebeginning of the day made an announcement in the local
  • 4. Mosques of the locality soon after the Friday congregation tolend in their helping hand to the enthusiastic techies of IBMMaulana Abdul Hafeez Rashadi saab the Key member of theNGO made Health and hygiene as the Key chapter throughoutthe Friday sermon here is a glance of his today SpeechThe first thing in the religion brought by the ProphetMuhammad (PBUH) is the concern for cleanliness. Islam placesgreat emphasis on cleanliness, in both physical and spiritualaspects. While people generally consider cleanliness a desirableattribute, Islam insists on it, making it an indispensablefundamental of the faith. A Muslim is required to be puremorally and spiritually as well as physically, though the Quranand Sunnah Islam requires the sincere believer to sanitize andpurify his entire way of life.Our responsibility is not only to ourselves but also to bring ourfamily to practice a healthy, clean and pure life and for us be themodel for others.Health and cleanliness is built from a clean body, heart andmind. It is crucially important for us to watch what we eat,wear, think and feel. Every part of ourselves, visible or not, isrelated to other part.For every Muslim ensuring and maintaining cleanliness isrewarded. In the Quran Allah commends those who areaccustomed to cleanliness:
  • 5. “Allah loves those who turn to Him constantly and He loveswho keep themselves pure and clean” (Al- Quran)“Truly, God loves those who turn unto Him in repentance andloves those who purify themselves.” (Quran 2:222)Speaking to Our Correspondent Maulana Abdul hafeez Rashadiappreciated the Social work and Thanked the Work of theTechies and said he also learnt a lesson of the day that weshould not always be dependent on the government Authoritiesrather than wasting our time by Playing the Blame game we canalways take the initiative in our own hand to see India adeveloped nation, a nation can become strong only when eachand every single Individual feel the Responsibility of the Publicas his ownMaulana along with his group of volunteers and social Workerswas seen helping the techies in setting right their brooms,Giving guidance and direction in carrying out their work,arranging for drinking water , and at one Point of time he wasseen actively removing the hurdles of the clogged drainMosque committee members also took the part in the Initiativethe Honorable secretary Mr Haji Zabiulla was instrumental inCalling the BBMP tractor to collect the Gathered debris andwaste
  • 6. A Similar initiative is organized by Safabaitulmal in associationwith the Largest software conglomerate in the Forthcomingweek on the health issue, he has requested the common peopleto join their hands and also appealed to other MNC`s to take thehelp of their NGO in Future