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Mark and grandma

Mark and grandma



A story on TB for students

A story on TB for students



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    Mark and grandma Mark and grandma Presentation Transcript

    • Mark’s Grandma By: Bulie Jathan
      • It was Monday morning and Mark had just woken to go to school. He glanced at his clock and saw that he was late. He didn’t get much sleep because his grandma was coughing all night and had a high fever.
      • He took a quick bath and got ready for school. He went to say goodbye to his grandma but as he entered her room he could hear her coughing up a storm. “What’s wrong with you grandma?” said Mark. “Nothing son, I just have the Flu”. Replied his grandma.
      • Mark hugged his grandma then went off to school. While Mark was at school he was very worried about his grandma. He wasn’t paying attention in class and his teacher kept calling to him to stay focused.
      • As soon as Mark heard the dismissal bell he packed his bag, hopped on his bike and rode quickly home. As he turned the corner he saw red lights flashing. There was an ambulance in his yard.
      • When he reached in the yard he dropped his bike and bag and ran straight to his grandma’s room. He could see the paramedics putting her on a stretcher and they were wearing masks over their noses.
      • Mark’s dad quickly snatched him up and took him out of the room. Mark started to cry. “What’s wrong with grandma dad?” he asked. “Well son, grandma is very ill. She is coughing up blood, she has pain in her chest when she coughs and she also has a very high fever. But we don’t know exactly what is causing her to be sick so she will be taken to the hospital”.
      • The next day Mark and his Parents went to visit grandma at the hospital. Because Mark was under 18 years old he was not allowed to see his grandma. So, his mother waited with him in the sitting room until his dad came back with news about his grandma.
      • About 30 minutes later Mark saw his dad walking towards them with tears in his eyes. He hugged Mark and told him that grandma was in a room by herself away from other patients. Mark asked, “why?” Then his dad told him to sit so they could talk.
      • Mark’s dad explained to him that grandma contracted a contagious disease called Tuberculosis. He also told Mark that when his grandma coughs or sneezes the bacteria goes into the air and therefore other people can catch the disease. So that was the reason she had to be in a room by herself.
      • “ Is grandma going to die?” asked Mark. “No,” replied his dad; “she is going to be just fine, she just has to take a combination of medicines for a period of six months until the TB (Tuberculosis) goes away.” His dad then told him that all three of them would have to be tested for tuberculosis because they were at home with grandma when she got sick.
      • Mark was relieved to know that his grandma was going to be ok. Mark also noticed that whenever they went to look for grandma his mom and dad wore masks over their nose and mouth and they always washed their hands after they left the room. His dad told him it was because they didn’t want to spread the disease any further.
      • Mark and his family did the test for tuberculosis and the result was negative. After six months his grandma was home and well. The entire family was happy once more.
      • THE END