A2 Music video Evaluation Question 1


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A2 Music video Evaluation Question 1

  1. 1.  The music video was created to target mainly young females aged thirteen to twenty one. The songs lyrics are very different to the usual songs we would here as it isn't about the typical topics of love, sex or drugs. The song is about a young girl being happy as who she is. The song ignores the conventional idea of a ‘happy’ ‘perfect’ girl and gives the message that you don’t need to be a conventional beauty and dress like everyone else to fit in. This message is explicitly shown through the lyrics. We used this idea and portrayed the lyrics in our music video. The artist was dressed simply in a casual dress and her converses which is her star image. She wasn’t dressed in a style which objectifies women or she doesn’t try to ‘sell’ herself through voyeurism to attract male audiences. She does the opposite and just be’s who she is which attracts female audiences and inspires them to be confident with who they are which isn’t a message which is spread a lot in today’s society and music. Her style and music attracts the age groups of 13-21 year olds as this tends to be the age when most young females feel insecure about them selves and songs and influential people like April Jones are ideal for them to listen to and follow in order to feel more confident about them selves. So our song and music video goes against the typical conventions of a female artist.
  2. 2.  We did great research into music video genres and found out the codes and conventions of our genre. We looked at many examples and watched many music videos from pop, alternative rock artists. We then used these conventions and knowledge we found to create our music video. We created a very fun, childish video with a basic narrative. For example Mcfly which is also from the same genre recently created a music video of similar style called Love is on the radio. We have the same style of camera shots, angles, editing with a playful narrative which supports the lyrics and there is a clear link between the music, tempo and visuals. Our music video really supports the conventions of a pop, alternative rock music video as artists such as Katy Perry, One Direction, Queen and All american rejects have all created videos similar to ours with a playful simple narrative.
  3. 3. Both music videos include the artist singing. Both have scenes of entertainment and fun with a playful happy vibe being shown. In both music videos close ups are used to emphasize certain lines and words. In both videos the visuals represent the lyrics’ literal meanings. In both videos there are a wide range of bright colours, yet a plain background which is used throughout the video. Both use a variety of jump cuts and have a similar style of editing. Overall the music video used and supported the conventions of its genre a great deal.
  4. 4.  During my research i found how different other music videos are and how different genres have different conventions and trying to use certain conventions of one genre in another genre would look really odd and challenge the genre. For example if I included shirtless back up dancers in my music video, although it would look perfectly normal for a Pop RnB video, it would look displaced in our video and just wouldn't fit in. That is why we were very careful that we made sure not to challenge any of the conventions of the genre for both our artist image and music video. Researching artists like Nina Nesbitt, Ed Sheeran and Mcfly as well as may others really helped me when creating both the video and other products as i was able to broaden my knowledge of existing products and styles, compare my ideas, develop them and create my final idea. For example as well as the lyrics of our song, Mcfly and Nina Nesbitt really influenced me and gave me great ideas in both editing and filming. Mcfly gave me ideas on the mise en scene and editing and looking specifically at bands from the same genre helped understand the conventions more. However i also researched other genres too so I broadened my knowledge and could compare the conventions and see what things I shouldn't do as they could challenge my genres conventions.