Hanh vi khach hang dinh huong tiep thi truc tuyen 2012 bai trinh bay tns vietnam


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  • This chart shows the number of people writing about brands, and how it compares with Internet Penetration. More developed digital markets are less likely to talk about brands online…
  • …however they are still more likely to read comments online – any conversations about brands online will have huge reach
  • …and each writer has a great deal of influence – and so it’s vitally important that these people are saying the right things about your category & brand.
  • Consumer Reviews are even more important than TV ads in generating awareness, helping research products & purchase locations– so even in high involvement categories, this shows the importance of Customer Reviews, and how keeping a track of these online conversations can be very important.
  • Hanh vi khach hang dinh huong tiep thi truc tuyen 2012 bai trinh bay tns vietnam

    1. 1. © TNS 2011 1
    2. 2. Hành vi khách hàng trên Internet Digital LifeDiễn giả: Mr. Glyn EvansGiám đốc nghiên cứu-Công ty TNS Việt Nam© TNS 2011 2
    3. 3. 3
    4. 4. Digital media environments are interactiveand game changing“In the analogue era, marketing was about getting people to think things so they might do things. Digital media are interactive, so now it’s the other way round. Marketing is now about getting people to do things” Simon Silvester, ‘How to Think Digital’, WPP Atticus Award Winner 4 Digital Life © TNS 2011
    5. 5. Consumers are getting louder; 4 milliontimes louder than in 2007 Tweets per day in 2007 : 5,000 Tweets per day in 2009: 2,500,000 Tweets per day as of June 2011: 200,000,000 5 Digital Life © TNS 2011
    6. 6. The path to purchase used to be simple Digital Life © TNS 2011
    7. 7. Until along came the InternetFragmented pathways between buyers, behavioursand brands Digital Life © TNS 2011
    8. 8. Yet digital creates more than one ‘longtail’; marketers need advocacy to reachcritical mass to drive successful campaignsImpact Campaigns that successfully ‘go- viral’, driven by consumer advocacy Most digital marketing campaigns fail to impress Campaigns 8 Digital Life © TNS 2011
    9. 9. TNS introduces Digital Life... Digital Life © TNS 2011
    10. 10. The most comprehensive view of consumerattitudes and behaviour online Digital Life © TNS 2011
    11. 11. Working out what barriers exist in tryingto engage Consumers% actively looking for brands 60 42 37 30 27 20 16 10 13 9 13 17 21 20 23 21% who find brandsintrusive 11 Source: Digital Life 2010 Digital Life © TNS 2011
    12. 12. …and what will motivate them to connectwith brandsTalk to me or sell to me – where should your focusbe across markets? Social Net. - Good place to learn about brands (%) Social Net. - Are/would be a good place to buy products 73 69 60 62 53 50 48 45 45 34 31 24 25 11 11 15 12 Source: Digital Life, Global Data Digital Life © TNS 2011
    13. 13. The developing digital markets have lowernumbers talking about brands online % writing about brands 13 Digital Life © TNS 2011
    14. 14. Yet they are as likely to read comments;brand conversations have massive reach inthese markets % reading about brands 14 Digital Life © TNS 2011
    15. 15. With a large audience, and fewer competing conversations, those who do write wield incredible influence % reading about brands – Vietnam % writing about brands – Vietnam % reading (size ofaudience, size of influence) % writing (number of potential advocates) 15 Digital Life © TNS 2011
    16. 16. Markets mapped by looking at the size of the online population (Internet penetration) and the size of the opportunity within that population (Digital Growth Index) High InternetHigh Penetration High Penetration PenetrationLow Index High Index FranceLow Growth High Growth Index Index Vietnam Low InternetLow Penetration Low Penetration PenetrationLow Index High Index Source: Digital Growth Index; Internet World Stats Base: All respondents; 2004, 2361 Digital Life 16 © TNS 2011
    17. 17. Defining the role of advocacy acrosscategories in Vietnam High impact, low quantity – Most read Most advocated – engage the influencers about Join the conversation Mobile CosmeticsLeast written Most written about about Motor Cycle Pet food Low online chatter – Lots of noise, little interest – drive engagement through Least read Track & respond to key creative execution about messagesQuestion: [I5 (1 & 2)]; [Categories written/read about online] Digital Life 17 © TNS 2011
    18. 18. Global Webcast Digital Life © TNS 2011© TNS 2011 18
    19. 19. Messages are not in the control of brandsEven a stranger on the other side of the world istrusted more… Disagree Agree“What other people say about brandscan be trusted more than what thebrand says themselves” 13 57“I trust the comments my friendswrite about brands” 11 54“I trust the comments peopleI don’t know write about brands” 21 41 Digital Life © TNS 2011
    20. 20. The consumer brand voiceI write about brands to Praise & Criticize% agreeing 64 64 61 60 56 53 51 46 40Share Offer Praise Ask Share Criticize Share cool Customer Paid/ rewardedexperiences advice a brand advice answers/ a brand stuff from service for doing so opinions brands Digital Life © TNS 2011
    21. 21. Negative comments resonate stronglyAnd can be a very real threat to sales...% agreeing“Even a single negative review can have an effect on how I feel about a brand” Global 52 Brazil 43 USA 50 Vietnam 64 Digital Life © TNS 2011
    22. 22. What influences Customers at each stage ofthe path to purchase?Information sources – ‘New cars’Online consumerreviewsImportanceat each stage New product Explore and Purchase Customer Keep in touch awareness select location service w/ brandSales repin personImportanceat each stage Source: Digital Life, Global Data Digital Life 22 © TNS 2011
    23. 23. How can you target these people? Consumers claimto spend most of their time researching on brand websites& forums – important to optimise these sitesWhere most written aboutCleaning/house % New car % Pet Food % Music (CDs or %hold products downloads)In forums/blogs 100 On websites, blogs, 47 On retailer/online 52 On my social network 29 forums provided by shopping sites the brand/companyOn review sites 100 itself In forums/blogs 48 On review sites 26 On review sites 43On my own 0 On other types of site 48 In forums/blogs 23website/blog In forums/blogs 34 Where most read about Music (CDs or % Movies (DVDs % Food (other % Clothes & % downloads) or downloads) than Pet or Shoes On other types of 25 On review sites 18 Baby food) On other types of 23 sites On other types of sites 27 sites On review sites 20 On other types of sites 17 On retailer/online 17 On retailer/online 11 shopping sites In forums/blogs 13 shopping sites In forums/blogs 18 On my social network 16 On websites, blogs, 9 forums provided by the brand/company itself Question: [I7/I10]; [Where people write about categories/Where people read about categories] Base: [All Readers/All Writers];114,825 Digital Life 23 © TNS 2011
    24. 24. Digital Life offers data that can be cut bytarget group… Global Local Target Group Main grocery Main financial Automobile Technology purchaser within decision-maker ownership ownership household within household Gender Age Region Income / SEC Number ofEmployment status Marital status Age of children children Digital Life 24 © TNS 2011
    25. 25. And insights on up to 34 categories Writing / Reading Research behaviour Purchase behaviour brand comments Confectionary, snacks, Skin care Motorcycle Computer peripherals treats Hair care Alcoholic Beverages Credit cards Mobile phones Personal hygiene Non Alcoholic beverages Insurance Mobile gadget Oral Care Pet Food Banking products Camera (still and video) Cleaning/household Tobacco/ cigarettes Music TV White goods and home Baby care Clothes & Shoes Movies appliances Over-the-counter Internet or Phone Holiday/travel PC / Laptop / Tablet medicines Services Cosmetics / facial care Prescription Medicines New car Food products Second hand car Software Digital Life 25 © TNS 2011
    26. 26. Global Webcast Digital Life © TNS 2011© TNS 2011 26
    27. 27. How to drive growth in Vietnam?Digital in Vietnam is typified by… Heavy usage but low reach. Consumers are very open to brands hence digital strategies must be based on high engagement tactics.Behaviours are… Heavily social, building big networks quickly, users are very active in creating and sharing content. Vietnamese also participate in multiple brand conversations offering high potential for campaigns to go viral. Brands remain highly aspirational and have created a desire to display and share brand connections with peers. Target social networks and offer opportunities to co-create content.The Consumer Journey is… Mixed, with various sources used. TV and offline retains strong influence, but brand conversations are increasingly providing a supplementary source of information. Deliver across online and offline touchpoints.Digitally enable your consumer by… Offering engaging content that delivers on your brand promise. Make it easy for users to shout about their affinity with your brand whilst the experience of being online and interacting is still fresh and exciting. Digital Life © TNS 2011
    28. 28. From integrated marketing to integratedbusiness planningFrom campaign integration to business integration:Working together with a common goal… Marketing and Consumer Insights teams Web, apps and software development teams CRM and Blogger Outreach teams Channel management and Retail teams Digital Life © TNS 2011
    29. 29. Digital Life© TNS 2011
    30. 30. Thank You Glyn Evans Research Director TNS Vietnam 4th Floor, 58 Vo Van Tan St., Dist. 3 | HCM City Vietnam t: +84-8 3 930 6631 - ext: 459 f: +84-8 3 930 6632 e: glyn.evans@tnsglobal.com w: www.tnsglobal.com Digital Life © TNS 2011
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    32. 32. Thông tin chi tiết về “Hội nghị Định hướng tiếp thị trực tuyến2012”, vui lòng liên hệ: Ms. Bùi Hằng Mobi: 0989 084 995 Email: hangbt@novaads.com http://novaads.com Digital Life © TNS 2011