World war one
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World war one






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World war one World war one Presentation Transcript

  • WORLD WAR ONE Unit 5, Katie Grant, Period 5 1914-1939
  • The Powder Keg of Europe World War one began in the Balkans The Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who was going to be the leader of Austria, was killed by Gavrilo Princip who was from Serbia. Austria-Hungary and Serbia were the first countries in the war.
  • The Allies VS. The Central PowersCentral Powers Allies RussiaAustria-Hungary Great BritainGermany FranceOttoman Empire *ItalyBulgaria Serbia Romania
  • The Schlieffen Plan Created by General Count Alfred von Schlieffen The plan was to fight2 front war, it lasted 6weeks, and eventually they would take outthe west(France) then focus on the East(Russia)
  • Total War Total War: When a country is at war and needs to gain Allies Stalemate: Started in 1915 on the western front, it was a period of time when littlemovement where nobody was winning in the west, this wasthe time when Trench Warfare was going on. Trench Warfare: Where you fight from a trench.
  • Key Battles of World War One
  • Key Battles of World War One
  • Key Battles of World War One
  • Bolshevik RevolutionThe Bolshevik Revolution was the overthrow of the Russian Government in 1917. The Bolshevik was a group of democrats that put the Russian Government in a hole, shot them, This revolution forced Russia to sign a and set them on treaty with Germany. This allowed fire. Germany to send more troops to France and Belgium.
  • US entry into war? This happened under president Woodrow Wilson Why did they join? - Americans felt an obligation to help their European Allies against the Germans, they used Us joined propaganda. GreatBritain’s side - Zimmerman Telegram (Mexico territory) in 1917. - Lusitania Sunk by the Germans in peaceful waters
  • The war began in BalkansTriple Alliance/Central Powers Triple Entente/Allies Austria-Hungary Serbia Kills Heir to the throne, Gavrillo Princip Archduke Franz Ferdinand Russia sides with Serbia Declare war on Serbia Great Britain Germany then France declares war on Serbia 1917 USA Italy was originally on Austria side, but switched half way Italy