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Georgia Mosquito Control Association

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  1. 1. Georgia Mosquito Control Association "Providing Support for the Mosquito Control Profession in Georgia"
  2. 2. The Georgia Mosquito Control Association is a non-profit, professional organization founded in 1977. The membership consists primarily of local and state government officials, industry, and research/academic members from the state.
  3. 3. Association Purposes ■ promote mosquito control in Georgia ■ maintain public interest in mosquito control ■ stay updated on the most recent developments in mosquito control products and techniques ■ disseminate information concerning mosquitoes to the membership and the general public through publications and meetings ■ unite and coordinate common interest and efforts in controlling mosquitoes throughout the state of Georgia
  4. 4. Objectives: ■ to exchange ideas and procedures to enable mosquito workers to better perform their duties; ■ to protect the health and welfare of the people and their environment; ■ to keep abreast of the latest and best methods for control of mosquitoes and other pests so the citizens will be served; ■ to encourage proper mosquito control, wherever feasible, and to help maintain a positive public interest in areas where mosquito and other public health pest control is operative; ■ to keep the general public better informed of the benefits of mosquito and other public health pest control.
  5. 5. Board Members (2009-2010) President: Candace Royals Vice-President: Bobby Moulis Secretary-Treasurer: Robert Seamans Members 1-year: Ben Brewer 2-year: Shawn Taylor 3-year: Fred Koehle Sustaining Member Rep: David Sykes Extension Rep: Elmer Gray Public Health Rep: Rosmarie Kelly
  6. 6. Active Membership All persons who are professionally engaged in any branch of mosquito and related pest control work, and persons interested in the cause of mosquito and related pest control who desire affiliation with this association, shall be eligible for active membership. For those that wish to become members, the membership fee is $20.
  7. 7. Sustaining Membership Any person or firm interested in the promotion of the purposes of GMCA, upon payment of dues herein provided, may become a Sustaining Member.
  8. 8. Sustaining Members ADAPCO, Inc. Clarke Mosquito Control Products, Inc. Trey English, 229-300-0091 Michael Leahy, 770-329-1326 AllPro Vector Control Group Curtis Dyna-Fog, Ltd David Sykes, 850-673-8034 Matt Tandy, 317-908-4229 AMVAC Environmental Products Electronic Data Solutions Peter Connelly, 772-563-0606 Mike Swan, 214-998-4887 (c) B & G Chemical and Equipment Co., Inc. Southern Helicopter Leasing Emmitt Bewley, 940-367-8039 John McHann, 901-490-5454 Bayer Environmental Science Joe Barile, (508) 339-2792 UNIVAR USA, Inc. Central Life Sciences Joe Andrews, 252-342-4651 Charlie Pate, 706-338-4734 Valent BioSciences Candace Royals, 813-805-2321
  9. 9. THE OSCAR T. FULTZ FELLOWSHIP AWARD This award is the highest award given by the GMCA next to that of the immediate past president of the association. The criteria for this award are exceptional life-time contributions to the association and to the control and study of mosquitoes.
  10. 10. Annual Meeting The Georgia Mosquito Control Association (GMCA) holds an educational conference in the fall of each year as a benefit to its membership and any other interested individuals. The conference is an opportunity for members to interact with colleagues, obtain the latest information concerning all aspects of mosquito control and to earn Continuing Education credits required to maintain the State of Georgia Pesticide Applicator's License.
  11. 11. Any Questions?